The best inexpensive laptops, top 10 ranking of the best laptops

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Modern digital technology, in particular laptops, can differ greatly from each other in a huge number of parameters. Modern laptops in terms of performance are almost as good as personal computers. With their help, you can not only work in text editors and visit various kinds of virtual resources on the Internet, but also play quite demanding games, work with graphic objects, perform video editing and photo editing.

Unfortunately, such equipment is quite expensive — not every person has the right amount for such a serious purchase. Therefore, we decided to rank inexpensive but good laptops in 2020. It includes the most affordable models, and their performance and functionality are not much inferior to leading devices that cost about 100 thousand rubles. In addition to a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the devices included in this review, we will also tell you about the parameters that you should pay attention to when purchasing such equipment.

How to choose the right inexpensive but good laptop?

First of all, you should decide for what purposes this device will be used. If it is designed for working with text, surfing the Internet and watching movies, then excessive physical capabilities are not required. A standard video card, an average amount of RAM and a not too fast processor are quite enough. It is much more important in this case to choose a more capacious battery so that the laptop can work offline for a long time. For a gaming laptop or products that will be used to work with graphics, it is better to select higher technical parameters — this way it will be much more convenient to work with equipment: it will not slow down, will support multitasking processes, and so on.

Be sure to pay attention to the diagonal of the laptop. The optimal figure for most users is 15 inches. Such machines are distinguished by their small overall dimensions and weight, they are convenient to carry around with you all the time. A smaller diagonal negatively affects vision, and a larger diagonal affects the size of the device. An important parameter is the resolution and refresh rate of the display. The optimal resolution today is 1920×1080 pixels, which corresponds to the FullHD format. It allows you to get the clearest picture and not overpay for unnecessary options. The standard refresh rate is 60 Hz, you can find models with a similar parameter of 144 Hz, but a similar rate is required either by avid gamers or people who are constantly working with graphics or video processing.

How to choose a good laptop

Preference should be given to devices equipped with an IPS matrix. It is characterized by an acceptable cost, wide viewing angles, natural color reproduction. On sale you can also find laptops with a TN matrix. It has a shorter response time, but the picture quality leaves much to be desired. Ideally, the display should have a matte anti-reflective coating — it will not tire your eyes.

When we chose models for our review of inexpensive but good laptops, we were mainly guided by all the factors discussed above. The ratio of price and quality of products, as well as user reviews, were also taken into account. We have tried to collect as much information as possible for each model, so that each of our readers can choose the best option for solving their problems.

Top 10 Inexpensive But Good Laptops

10. Irbis NB211B

Irbis NB211B photo

This device is ideal for both work and entertainment. The products are equipped with a high-quality IPS matrix, due to which the reproduction of colors is as close as possible to natural. The image retains its original clarity and color gamut regardless of the viewing angle. Thanks to this solution, it is very comfortable to watch movies, edit documents, play games on such a laptop. The device is characterized by low weight and thin body, so it can be easily carried even in a backpack or a small bag. This laptop will become a reliable assistant on long trips, largely thanks to a high-quality and durable lithium-ion battery that can work offline up to 11 hours.

The unit supports absolutely all office applications, instant messengers, browsers, players for playing video and audio files. The world-famous Intel products are used as a processor, high-speed RAM, and the latest generation eMMC hard drive is installed. The device is equipped with everything necessary for high-quality video communication — a webcam with FullHD resolution, stereo speakers and a microphone with active noise reduction. There are USB and HDMI ports that can be easily combined with external monitors, capable of working with portable drives of any capacity and other computer peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and so on. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless adapters are available, making it much easier to connect to the network and synchronize with tablets and smartphones.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Wide-angle martica;
  • Long battery life;
  • There is everything you need to work with office applications.


  • The performance is not enough for modern games with high hardware requirements.

Irbis NB211B

9. KREZ N1303

KREZ N1303 photo

The laptop offers superior functionality and long battery life to help you keep up with the fast pace of modern life. The device weighs only 1.36 kg, so it is easy to keep it with you at all times. The lid of the laptop is hinged, through which you can turn this unit into a console or tablet. The display diagonal is 13.3 inches, it is made on the basis of an IPS matrix. This product is ideal for all kinds of presentations. The screen is touch-sensitive, for this reason it is very easy to manage the entire functional side of the gadget.

A 32 GB SSD is installed here — it helps to maintain the performance of the device at the highest level. The laptop is equipped with an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor running on four cores. The clock frequency is 1.44 GHz, but in automatic mode it can be increased up to 1.92 GHz. The amount of DDR3L RAM is 2 GB. It is unlikely that it will be possible to play modern games with realistic graphics, however, this device will support all the main office programs. The graphics processor is an integrated Intel HD graphics card, whose capabilities will be quite enough to perform work and other everyday tasks. Access to the Internet is provided by the Wi-Fi module, a wireless high-speed Bluetooth 4.2 module is provided. The laptop is equipped with a high-capacity battery — 10,000 mAh. It is enough for about 10 hours of continuous operation.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • For its price it works very quickly;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • The accumulator really maintains 10 business hours;
  • Touch wide-angle display.


  • Not very comfortable keyboard;
  • It often reboots on its own.

KREZ N1303

8. Prestigio SmartBook 141C

Prestigio SmartBook 141C photo

Another fairly light and compact model. Its weight is only 1.4 kg. You can take such a laptop with you on a business trip or on a trip, putting it in a backpack or an ordinary travel bag. It is ideal for surfing the Internet, watching movies, and is able to play many games. The device is characterized by excellent functional and technical capabilities, runs on the Windows 10 operating system. It is equipped with a liquid cooling system, thanks to which this device operates almost silently, dust does not accumulate under its case. The battery capacity is about 5,000 mAh, the battery charge is consumed very economically, so it will last for about 8 hours.

The configuration of this machine is based on the Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core CPU, the maximum clock frequency of which is 2.24 GHz. Responsible for the speed of 3 GB DDR3 RAM with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. The graphics controller is integrated here — Intel HD Graphics 500. Cloud storage and a built-in high-speed solid-state drive with a capacity of 32 GB are provided for data storage. These features will be enough to work with most office programs. If necessary, the laptop can be connected to a monitor or a large TV via the HDMI port. The display diagonal is 14 inches, it works on the basis of an IPS matrix, thanks to which it is possible to provide viewing angles of 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally. The image is bright and juicy, regardless of the lighting conditions, the eyes will not get tired for a long time.


  • Absolutely silently works;
  • Decent physical characteristics;
  • Wide viewing angles;
  • Excellent color rendering.


  • The battery takes a long time to charge;
  • The charger cable is very short.

Prestigio SmartBook 141C

7. Haier U156

Haier U156 photo

The device will be very useful for people who, due to the nature of their work, are forced to spend most of their working time outside their home or office. The laptop features rather thin bezels framing the display, and it also has an original keyboard design. Due to these design features, it can be carried in ordinary bags and backpacks, where there is a compartment for storing similar devices with a 14-inch display diagonal. It is quite natural that the device is equipped with an IPS matrix, the resolution of which corresponds to the FullHD format. All this makes videos and feature films truly realistic. The picture is very clear, the colors are bright and saturated, the contrast is high. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery can work up to 8 hours in document editing mode and about 6 hours when surfing the Internet.

The laptop is equipped with a dual-core processor Intel Celeron N3350, whose frequency is 1.1 GHz. It’s hardly enough for gaming, but more than enough for office work. The amount of RAM is 4 GB — the performance is obvious. The hard disk capacity is 256 GB. This amount is enough to install all the necessary programs and store documents. The mass of the device is a little over 2 kg, so you can carry it with you all day without fear that your hands will start to get tired.


  • High image quality;
  • Silent operation;
  • Long time can work from the battery;
  • Convenient charging.


  • Supplied without operating system;
  • The clock frequency of the processor could be made more.

Haier U156

6. ASUS VivoBook 15 X540

ASUS VivoBook 15 X540 photo

The unit is placed in a very stylish case, made of very high quality plastic with a matte finish. It features compact dimensions and reliable assembly. No backlashes were found during testing and operation, no extraneous squeaks were heard when pressed. The laptop is optimal for most everyday tasks, such as work. The performance is excellent, the battery capacity is enough for the device to be able to work for about five hours without being connected to the mains.

The screen diagonal of this device is as much as 15.6 inches. The brightness is excellent, there is an anti-reflective coating — even in direct sunlight, the picture will remain unchanged. The display is suitable for both work and entertainment. The resolution is quite high — 1366×768 pixels. It is a little short of FullHD in terms of the number of points, but visually it is practically not noticeable, but it helps to save battery power to a large extent and extend the battery life of the device. The picture is of high quality, it has a fairly natural color rendition. The display is made using Asus Eye Care technology, which provides blue light filtering, preventing eye strain and fatigue. Performance at a high level — the user can run several fairly demanding applications at once, without fear that the computer will slow down or freeze at all. The device has a high-quality and fully balanced audio system with support for a wide dynamic range.


  • Very stylish appearance;
  • Sophisticated battery saving system;
  • Silent operation;
  • The highest build quality;
  • Long period of operation.


  • The top cover does not have a gentle lowering system — you need to close the laptop very carefully.

laptop ASUS VivoBook 15 X540

5. Acer ASPIRE 1 (A114-32)

Acer ASPIRE 1 (A114-32) photo

The perfect laptop for both work and play. Its performance level is quite sufficient to work with a wide range of programs, and the 14-inch diagonal of the display is ideal for watching movies and not too demanding games. The clock speed of the dual-core processor is 1.1 GHz, which, together with 4 GB of RAM, ensures excellent performance of the gadget and stable operation of many applications. In particular, absolutely all office programs will work like clockwork. The video card is integrated here, and a high-speed eMMS solid-state data drive is installed in the device, which will respond to user actions much faster compared to a traditional HDD.

Although the diagonal of the device is quite decent, it is not too large in size, largely due to the original shape of the keyboard and narrow screen bezels. This allows you to carry a laptop in a standard backpack or in a large women’s bag. The battery life is enough for about 9 hours of intensive use. The owner of the device does not have to worry about the fact that the laptop is discharged at the most inopportune moment.


  • Compact dimensions — easy to take with you everywhere;
  • The battery provides long battery life;
  • Quality components are used;
  • Suitable for all office programs.


  • You will not be able to work with graphic editors such as Photoshop.

Acer ASPIRE 1 (A114-32)

4. Acer Extensa 15 EX215-21

Acer Extensa 15 EX215-21 photo

It was developed specifically for business people and office workers — with its help, you can quickly and efficiently solve various everyday tasks, even quite complex ones. The weight of the laptop is less than 2 kg, the body thickness is about 2 cm, which allows you to carry this gadget with you all the time. The display diagonal of the device is 15.6 inches, which at a resolution of 1366×768 allows you to get a clear and very high-quality picture. The colors of the image are as close to natural as possible. The device is perfect for working with text editors, developing presentations, watching videos, full-length filters. The display is made on the basis of ComfyView technology, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of glare — the eyes will practically not get tired.

The laptop is equipped with a high-speed Wi-Fi module, which also supports MU-MIMO technology. The latter helps to achieve the most stable connection to the Internet. There is a high-quality webcam with HD resolution, which, together with stereo speakers and a microphone with active noise reduction, allows you to comfortably video chat. If necessary, you can connect a monitor, USB flash drive, printer, scanner, and a number of other peripheral devices to the laptop — for this, there are USB and HDMI connectors that support data transfer at fairly high speeds.


  • Long battery life;
  • Great for work, entertainment and communication;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Good performance;
  • All necessary connectors available.


  • The charger cable seems short to some users.

Acer Extensa 15 EX215-21

3. ASUS X540MA

ASUS X540MA photo

In third place in our review of good, but not too expensive laptops is another model from a world famous manufacturer, which was designed specifically for use by people who are often on the road. The technical parameters here are relatively modest — of course, this device is far from full-fledged gaming laptops, but for performing various kinds of elementary tasks, for example, editing documents, listening to music and watching movies, the laptop’s capabilities are enough. The battery is built-in, you can not remove it yourself. His resource is enough to work in a text editor for 5 hours. This is a very thoughtful model, largely due to the fact that it is equipped with a full-size keyboard — typing on it is very easy.

All ventilation openings are located in such a way that not a single panel of the gadget heats up during operation. The display diagonal is 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The picture is clear, contrasting and very bright. Image parameters can be quickly adjusted using Splendid’s proprietary technology. The device is characterized by the presence of a pair of powerful speakers with realistic sound reproduction, the quality and accent of which can also be adjusted depending on your own preferences. There is a complete set of contact and wireless communication modules with various devices and the Internet.


  • Equipped with a full-size keyboard with an additional numeric keypad;
  • Stable operation of all systems;
  • High quality image and sound;
  • There is everything you need for comfortable work.


  • The battery life lasts for 5 hours — some users think that this is not enough.

Notebook ASUS X540MA

2. HP 15-ra003ur

HP 15-ra003ur photo

This is another classic laptop model, equipped with a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad. The laptop is designed not only for work, but also for leisure. The manufacturer turned out to be a compact, reliable and at the same time quite productive model for a very reasonable price, which made this device quite popular among both ordinary users and office workers. The display diagonal here is 15.6 inches, the resolution is 1366×768 pixels — it does not reach the FullHD format, but the HD quality is quite consistent. It uses a TN matrix, which is characterized by significant speed. The picture quality is very decent — the user will get real pleasure when watching movies or photos. The display has a special coating that reliably protects against glare — the sun will not interfere with leisure or work.

The device is characterized by decent performance, which is ensured by the dual-core Intel Pentium 3825U processor and high-quality RAM, whose volume is 2 GB. All these details, together with the integrated Intel HD graphics card, help to achieve maximum comfort during work and get a fast response to any user actions. The hard disk capacity is 500 GB — enough to store a significant amount of data, regardless of their format.


  • The processor has excellent performance;
  • The laptop is assembled very reliably — no backlashes or creaks were found;
  • Long battery life.


  • A small amount of RAM, but this parameter can be improved;
  • The display is still somewhat worse than with an IPS matrix.

HP 15-ra003ur

1. Acer ASPIRE 3 (A315-22-686C)

Acer ASPIRE 3 (A315-22-686C)

This gadget is based on the dual-core AMD A9 processor, which perfectly copes with the basic functions assigned to it. With it, you can achieve smooth work in text editors, as well as prevent your computer from freezing while surfing the web. The device has 4 GB of RAM, which can be increased up to 12 GB if necessary. Such a factor will also have a positive effect on the performance of the device — all applications will work more stable and faster. This laptop has a 128 GB solid state drive capacity, due to which you can speed up the loading of both the system itself and individual programs.

The screen diagonal here is 15.6 inches, and the resolution of the display is 1366×768 pixels. This part is based on a TFT matrix — the screen consumes much less energy, which allows the laptop to work longer offline. The Linux operating system is installed here — it is largely different from the more familiar Windows, but in terms of functionality it is much better. This is due to the fact that it is less demanding on resources, does not need an antivirus, and many programs created for Windows can run under it. The interface is intuitive. The mass of the device is less than 2 kg, there are all the necessary connectors for comfortable work with external equipment.


  • Very convenient in work;
  • Long battery life;
  • Fast response hard drive;
  • Stylish appearance.


  • People who are accustomed to working with Windows will have to get used to this operating system for some time.

Acer ASPIRE 3 (A315-22-686C)

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, we have finished our review of inexpensive but good laptops. As you can see, almost none of them is suitable for fans of computer games — all these devices are intended mainly for working in various editors and for leisure time on the Internet or for watching movies. If you have already used portable devices with similar parameters, then you can share your experience with other readers in the comments to this article.


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