Many modern fashionistas are gradually beginning to refuse the services of manicure masters and make such decor on their own, first mastering the basics, and then more complex techniques. However, to get a durable coating without the use of additional equipment, in particular a special lamp for manicure. It helps to dry the applied varnish, to give it additional strength.

Often, girls do not attach much importance to such a tool and acquire the first one that comes across, however, this approach is fundamentally wrong, since the lamps can differ significantly in their performance. Many of them are really suitable not only for work in salon conditions, but also for home use.

Today we want to talk about the best nail lamps. The rating below includes the most popular and effective devices that help ensure a high quality finish, gently affect the nail itself, and hold the decor for a long time. In addition, we decided to give some useful tips in terms of selecting such products, so that every lover of an attractive look can choose the best products for herself.

How to choose the right lamp for nails?

The lamp provides high-quality polymerization of gel polish, transferring it from a liquid state to a solid one and forming a strong film over the entire surface. Such a solution allows you to reliably protect the coating from the occurrence of chips and cracks, increase resistance to wear. It is worth noting that on sale you can find lamps that can even be used for nail extensions.

These devices are ultraviolet, LED, luminescent, and there are also hybrid devices, the operation of which is based on lighting elements of various types. The speed and overall quality of varnish polarization directly depend not only on the type of lighting, but also on its power. If the lamp works on the basis of ultraviolet, then this figure should ideally be 36 W, for LEDs the parameter is less — about 9 W. If the power is weaker, then the hardening time of the varnish will increase many times.

Like any other technique, lamps can wear out, so it is advisable to give preference to models that can last quite a long time. Pay attention to the material of the body. It is desirable that it be metal or made of high-quality plastic, the assembly must be reliable — without backlash, serious gaps, squeaks, and so on. An attractive appearance of the device will not be superfluous.

When we selected products to be included in our rating, we mainly took into account the factors discussed above. However, not only they were taken into account, but also the value for money and user reviews. We tried to include not the most expensive models with the review, so that they were within the means of each of our readers.

UV Models

3. Runail GL-515

Runail GL-515 photo

This model is best suited for girls who do manicures at home on their own. The products are characterized by quite acceptable cost, and this is a domestic-made device. The device has universal capabilities, that is, it can be used to fix absolutely any type of coating — gel polish, color polish, shellac, and so on. With its help, acrylic building is often carried out. The device has a decent power — 36 W, so it is suitable for completely drying 5 nails at once in just a couple of minutes.

The design is collapsible — the bottom can be removed. This is very convenient if there is a need to clean the device or replace a burnt out lamp. The removable bottom is also useful when you need to do a pedicure. Inside there are mirror plates that increase the temperature and reduce the drying time, there is also a timer.


  • Quite simple, but at the same time, reliable equipment;
  • Made from high quality materials;
  • Removable bottom;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Can work with various materials;
  • The lamps have a long service life.


  • Over time, the drying rate for some reason decreases.

Runail GL-515

2. Planet Nails Tunnel Econom

Planet Nails Tunnel Econom photo

The products are designed by German specialists, but are manufactured in Chinese factories. This device is optimally suited for both professional manicure masters and amateurs, including beginners. Using such a device is quite simple — on the top side there are all the necessary buttons, as well as a timer for 2 minutes. The overall dimensions of the device are such that you can completely put the brush in there and not touch the case with your nails.

This solution is very convenient, since often the nails on the thumbs have to be dried separately. There is also a retractable reflector that makes using the UV lamp even more convenient. Even less than two minutes is enough to dry and fix the varnish. At the same time, the manufacturer offers customers devices designed in various colors.


  • Quite comfortable overall dimensions;
  • The reflector extends if necessary;
  • There is a lot of room for fingers inside;
  • Suitable for both manicure and pedicure;
  • Nails dry within seconds;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • A timer is provided.


  • The power cord is short — you have to work with the device in the immediate vicinity of the outlet.

Planet Nails Tunnel Economy

1. TNL Professional 36BT

TNL Professional 36 BT photo

Products of the world-famous South Korean brand, which has been producing high-quality products for nail care, eyelashes, and so on for more than a decade. Here is a reliable lamp, which is sold at a very reasonable cost. Users in their reviews note that it has a long period of operation, it is very convenient and easy to use.

Even a novice manicure and pedicure master will be able to figure out the functionality of this model within a few seconds. The varnish dries quickly enough, and the result is a reliable and durable coating. The device is universal, as it can be used for any type of gel polish. The power of the device is optimally selected — 36 watts. The lamp can work in one of two modes — constant lighting or a limit of one and a half minutes.


  • The lower part of the reflector can be extended;
  • There are two modes of operation;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Dries gel polish fairly quickly;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Body color varies.


  • Was not found.

TNL Professional 36BT

LED models

2. Solomeya LED 60S micro 3W

Solomeya LED 60S micro 3W photo

Despite the fact that absolutely all LED lamps are characterized by very compact overall dimensions, this model has become a real leader in terms of its size, since it does not exceed a matchbox. This allows you to use this device on long trips or on vacation, when there is no way to go to your master, and you need to update your manicure. The device is connected to the network via a USB cable, so it can even be connected to a laptop or a standard smartphone charger.

It will take about one minute to dry thin layers of varnish; to work with a fixative, the time will need to be increased to about two minutes. Due to the small size, only one nail can be dried, but some girls adapt to stick two fingers into this lamp at once.


  • Pretty good functionality;
  • Quickly dries any kind of varnishes;
  • Long service life;
  • Can be connected to a computer or laptop;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • The body plastic is rather flimsy;
  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case, so it’s not very convenient to carry it with you.

Solomeya LED 60S micro 3W

1. Kodi LED 9W

Kodi LED 9W photo

This model is characterized by minimal electricity consumption, has compact overall dimensions and low weight. This device is used for the polymerization of not only gel polishes, but gels made on the basis of natural and artificial rubber. According to the manufacturer, this is the best LED device of the latest generation among all similar devices on the market. During its development, all consumer requests were taken into account.

The model is made of reliable and durable materials, it is characterized by low weight and dimensions of 20x11x8 cm, and it will be possible to dry four fingers at once. The consumption of electricity when working with this device is minimal, there are no traces of sunburn after use.


  • High quality production and assembly;
  • There is a three-mode timer;
  • Gel polish dries in less than two minutes for a long-wearing finish.


  • Not enough power for high-quality nail extension.

Kodi LED 9W

Hybrid devices

5. TNL Professional CCFL-LED L36

TNL Professional CCFL-LED L36 photo

It will be very interesting to look in the interior of a beauty salon due to its very original appearance. On the desktop, this device looks like a real gem due to the original configuration and interesting colors. The functionality here is quite decent: the power of the device is 36 W, so gel polish, biogel and other similar compounds will dry out in just a few seconds.

The device is universal, since it can dry five nails at once, regardless of the length of the fingers, the thickness and width of the palm. A similar approach to the manufacture of the device allows you to use it even if a limited amount of time is allotted for a manicure. The power cable has a length of as much as 2 meters, which is very convenient when working.


  • Very interesting and attractive appearance;
  • Long service life;
  • Can be used to create a manicure in time pressure mode;
  • It dries any coatings qualitatively.


  • In the event of a breakdown, finding components is a whole problem;
  • The life of the LEDs is 35,000 hours, they cannot be replaced, so after this time has elapsed, the device will have to be thrown away.

TNL Professional CCFL-LED L36

4. Solomeya UF/LED mini SUN 6W

Solomeya UF/LED mini SUN 6W photo

An excellent choice for home use. First of all, this device is able to work both from the network and by connecting to a personal computer or laptop. This British made product is of excellent quality and long service life. Despite the fact that this model is a hybrid, it is characterized by quite compact overall dimensions — it does not exceed an ordinary matchbox in size, so this device, if necessary, can be easily taken with you on a trip or a business trip.

Although the appearance is not too serious, the device has excellent performance, in particular, it is possible to dry a gel-based coating in just 30 seconds. The device is equipped with a convenient timer for 1 minute, but it can be turned off even earlier.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Already very compact overall dimensions;
  • Attractive and stylish appearance;
  • Convenient to carry with you all the time;
  • Qualitatively dries varnish;
  • Long service life.


  • Only one nail will fit;
  • Weak power.

Solomeya UF/LED mini SUN 6W

3. Professional Nail 48 W CCFL + LED with sensor

Professional Nail 48 W CCFL + LED with photo sensor

In addition to 15 LEDs for drying nails, there is a spiral ultraviolet lamp operating on the basis of a cold cathode. Such a constructive solution allows not only to significantly save electricity, but also to reduce the time for drying any materials, including gel polishes of increased density and density, biogels, various multilayer compositions used for the so-called aquarium building. When drying the manicure, no burning sensation is felt.

These lamps are completely mercury-free, so they do not need special disposal conditions. The manufacturer advises changing the lamps at least once a year, but many users continue to use them until they reach their full life, especially since each of the lamps is designed for approximately 50,000 hours of operation.


  • Decent functionality of the device;
  • Well thought out color schemes;
  • Device configuration is convenient not only for the client, but also for the master;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • It is unlikely that you will be able to repair the device yourself if it suddenly fails.

Professional Nail 48 W CCFL + LED with sensor


SUNUV LED-UV SUN 5, 48 BT photo

The device works on the basis of hybrid lamps of the highest quality. The products of the manufacturing company have been on the market since 2012, initially the company focused exclusively on the manufacture of ultraviolet lamps, sterilizers, and then retrained to create devices for manicure and pedicure. This device is designed for use by experienced craftsmen in a salon or apartment. The device is capable of operating in two power modes — 24 and 48 watts, respectively.

It polymerizes any kind of artificial turf in a short time. The working life of the lamps is 50,000 hours, the product has all the necessary quality and safety certificates. The bottom of the device is removable, there is a motion sensor and a timer — the device turns on when a palm is placed in it.


  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • There is an accurate timer showing how much time is left before the end of the drying of the coating;
  • A motion sensor is provided;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Easy to enjoy.


  • Pretty high cost.


1. Sun 9S UV/LED 24W

Sun 9S UV/LED 24W photo

Differs in compact overall dimensions, small power consumption. The design is concise, and the functionality is advanced. The case is made on the basis of the highest quality plastic — it withstands shock loads well. The lamp is placed in an arched body, so that the device can be used not only for manicure, but also for pedicure. There is a motion sensor, and the timer is designed for 99 seconds.

The device can work with any materials, the working life of the lamps is 50 thousand hours. At the same time, it is rechargeable — you can charge it via the laptop’s USB connector or from the mains using the included adapter, the product also copes well with nail extensions.


  • Original, but very convenient form of the device;
  • A significant supply of working resource;
  • It can also be used for nail extensions;
  • A reliable battery is provided;
  • There is a display, a timer and a motion sensor.


  • Not detected.

Sun 9S UV/LED 24W

In conclusion, a useful video

Finally, we have finished getting acquainted with the most popular nail lamps. I would like to believe that after studying this rating, you will be able to choose the best products for yourself. If for some model you did not have enough information, write about it to us in the comments, we will tell you about it in more detail.


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