Traditional incandescent lamps are gradually becoming a thing of the past — they are being replaced by LED devices, which are more durable, have durable glass, and increased safety. In addition, LED light bulbs consume ten times less electricity, which makes them quite economical during operation. For example, a light bulb that consumes about 12-15 watts is capable of delivering the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent lamp.

On sale you can find a huge selection of LED products, in which it is quite easy to get confused. To make it easier for you to purchase the most suitable light bulb model, we decided to start our review with the main characteristics of such designs.

How to choose LED bulbs?

If we consider such a product from the point of view of an external structural device, then it will not differ too much from structures of another type — fluorescent and incandescent lamps: it includes a base and a glass bulb. However, the internal content has undergone major changes. Instead of a classic tungsten coil or a bulb filled with neon that glows under voltage, there is an LED-light emitting diode. In order for it to start emitting light, a not too high voltage is required, so you can also find a so-called driver in the light bulb, which will convert the incoming voltage to a suitable one for the LED.

LED lamps for home how to choose

The luminous element itself is a construction produced on the basis of materials with different levels of electrical conductivity. One of the semiconductors contains a significant number of electrons (they are negatively charged particles), and the other has a significant positive charge. When an electric current flows through them, a transition occurs, where the charged elements are sent. When they collide with each other, energy begins to be released, which is a stream of light. In the future, it will be scattered through the glass of the light bulb.

There are quite a few varieties of LED lamps today. One of the most popular types are standard models. They consume from 5 to 12 W of energy, they are durable (their average service life is within three years). During operation, they practically do not heat up, which makes them absolutely safe even if combustible or fusible materials are nearby.

Other types are also very popular, besides they are characterized by high originality, which makes it possible to give an attractive look even to a nondescript interior. These include RGB lamps and light bulbs with a control panel. Another interesting type is the battery design, and there are those that operate on mains, and the battery is used only in the event of a power outage, and capable of operating in a completely autonomous mode.

When compiling our ranking of the best LED lamps, we turned not only to their cost, but also to the ratio of price and quality, and also closely followed the reviews of users and specialists. We hope that our rating will be useful and informative for you, due to which you will be able to buy high-quality and durable products that will fully satisfy the needs of the consumer. So let’s start our review.

Top 10 LED Bulb Models

10. ERA LED T8 9W 4000K G13

ERA LED T8 9W 4000K G13 photo

This is one of the cheapest models included in our ranking of the best LED lamps of the year, but this fact does not mean that its quality leaves much to be desired. It, like more expensive designs, can last for a long time. Its average service life is 30 thousand hours when it is on, so if you do not keep it burning constantly, then it can work much longer than 3 years. This design is absolutely safe from an environmental point of view, after operation it must be disposed of together with household waste.

The degree of electricity consumption is minimal — it is only 9 watts. Another important quality is that this product is able to withstand significant voltage drops, in particular, it will function stably in the range from 190 to 250 V. The operating temperature range is also quite wide — from -25 to +50 degrees. The light bulb features a completely waterproof housing, so it can be used even in high humidity conditions and even outdoors. It does not weigh too much — only 167 grams.


  • Very long service life;
  • Standard base size — will fit most cartridges;
  • Long warranty of 2 years;
  • Slight heating of the device;
  • Possibility to use in outdoor conditions due to the presence of a waterproof case.


  • Due to the tubular shape, it can be problematic to use it in chandeliers.

ERA LED T8 9W 4000K G13

9. V-Tac VT-1853 E27 10W 806lm

V-Tac VT-1853 E27 10W 806lm photo

This is a fairly well-known model, largely due to the fact that it is a standard design. Its color temperature is between classic incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. In terms of the degree of illumination, this model fully corresponds to products with a power consumption of 60 W. Great for indoor use, not recommended for outdoor use. Brightness is not adjustable. It is allowed to install it in rooms with a low temperature, for example, on stairwells.

The model is intended for connection to a standard electrical network with a voltage of 220 to 240 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. The light bulb fully complies with all available electrical safety standards developed for household appliances. Consumes only 10 W of energy, it has a standard SMD brand LED inside. The illumination angle is extended — 200 degrees. The model is durable — it is able to work for about 20 thousand hours, it is not sensitive to voltage drops.


  • Very long service life;
  • A plastic flask with a matte finish will not break even when dropped from a considerable height;
  • The shape of the lamp is close to the classic incandescent lamp, so it can be easily installed in chandeliers and other lighting fixtures.


  • There is no way to adjust the brightness of the lighting.

V-Tac VT-1853 E27 10W 806lm

8. Osram LED Superstar Classic A 75 Dimmable E27 10W 1055lm

Osram LED Superstar Classic A 75 Dimmable E27 10W 1055lm photo

This is a rather expensive model, which is of very good workmanship and has an extended light incidence angle — it reaches 260 degrees, so that the light bulb can be used even without a ceiling and adding reflective elements. It gives out a rather soft light with a yellowish tint, which allows you to give the room additional comfort. The design is placed in a white case that does not absorb light rays, so almost all of them face the room.

The flask has a matte finish, due to which the light is scattered fairly evenly. The dimensions of the product are small — quite comparable with a classic 40-watt incandescent light bulb. The base diameter is standard, it fits most cartridges. The relatively high price is due to the rather long service life of the product — the manufacturer claims 25 thousand hours of operation, however, according to the results of experiments, it was determined that this figure is greatly underestimated. Subject to the basic operating conditions, it can be increased by 10-12 thousand hours.


  • Long period of operation;
  • Scattering matte bulb, which allows for soft and bright lighting of the room.


Osram LED Superstar Classic A 75 Dimmable E27 10W 1055lm

7. IKEA RYET LED E27 13 1000lm

IKEA RYET LED E27 13 1000lm photo

The main distinguishing quality of this product is to provide the room with soft daylight, which is not too bright. Even one such lamp will be quite enough to provide fairly good lighting for a large room. The luminous flux is very decent — 1000 Lumens, but this has practically no effect on the power of the light bulb, which does not exceed 13 W, due to which it can be attributed to the A + energy class. Another important point is the instant inclusion — there is no time delay, unlike a neon or light-saving light bulb.

The bulb has a matte finish, due to which the light is perfectly scattered, reaching even the farthest corners of the room. The dimensions of the lamp are average, the base is standard. When using this lamp, the eyes will not get tired even with fairly fine work, for example, when embroidering or knitting, respectively, while writing or working on a computer, they will be even more comfortable. The manufacturer declares not only the number of working hours of the product (25 thousand), but also introduces such an important parameter as the value of switching cycles (in other words, on / off), which is also 25 thousand. If necessary, through a special rheostat, you can organize a lighting control system. The driver for this model is made on the basis of a controller from Marwell, which makes it possible to make the life of the light bulb even longer.


  • Excellent economy;
  • Withstands severe voltage fluctuations;
  • Gives off pretty good lighting.


  • It will cost quite a lot, however, if you recalculate the consumption of traditional incandescent lamps, then the price will be quite acceptable.

IKEA RYET LED E27 13 1000lm

6. Tagan TG-E2701 E27 10W 800lm

Tagan TG-E2701 E27 10W 800lm photo

This lamp fully corresponds to the classic design with a 60 W tungsten filament, but itself consumes about 10.5 W. Accordingly, the operating efficiency is about 6 times. The color temperature is quite mild — it is in the range between daylight and yellow light, with a slight tendency to yellowness. The angle of distribution of light is quite large — over 237 degrees. At the same time, the overall dimensions are not too large — the model is 118 mm long, and together with the base. The diameter is also quite acceptable — 60 mm: it does not exceed the size of an ordinary light bulb. If necessary, the design can be built into a dimmable system.

The base is ceramic, not sensitive to strong heat, which may occur due to loose fit of the cartridge to the base. It is worth noting that this design does not contain heavy elements such as lead or mercury, so it is absolutely environmentally friendly, so it can be mounted even in children’s rooms, schools or kindergartens. According to the manufacturer, the average service life of this model is within 25 thousand hours.


  • Good brightness;
  • Pleasant light;
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • Long service life.


  • In some cases, the base may not fit too tightly to the cartridge, due to which the lamp begins to heat up.

Tagan TG-E2701 E27 10W 800lm

5. Philips Dimmable LED E27 8.5W 806lm

Philips Dimmable LED E27 8.5W 806lm photo

This is a rather original model, in terms of design, not a single product included in our rating of the best LED light bulbs can be compared with it. However, it also has some features. First of all, the flask is made of rather thin glass, therefore, during installation and subsequent operation, you should be as careful as possible so as not to accidentally damage it. The light bulb is characterized by reduced power consumption — only 7.5 W, and even with this consumption, it will correspond to a 40-watt lamp. For a small room, one of them will be enough.

If the room is of a decent size, then it is quite acceptable to install several of these bulbs at once. The manufacturing country immediately speaks of the high quality of the product, since it is produced in the Netherlands, not a single such original Chinese-made light bulb can be found. If this comes across on the market, then this is a definite fake.


  • Original appearance, similar to a classic light bulb;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Reduced electricity consumption.


  • There are many fakes on the market, it is problematic to find original products.

Philips Dimmable LED E27 8.5W 806lm

4. Philips A60 LED E27 7W 806lm

Philips A60 LED E27 7W 806lm photo

This is one of the more expensive models that are presented in our rating, but this design has a bright enough light, in terms of which it is equivalent to a traditional 85W incandescent lamp, although it itself consumes only 11W. The claimed service life is not too long — only 15 thousand hours, which, in principle, is not too surprising, since this model will wear out faster than weaker models due to high brightness. Such a light bulb is well suited for small rooms due to a small light beam that diverges by only 130 degrees. However, this problem is easily solved by installing a light bulb in a reflective cover.

The current supplied to the lamp is only 95 mA, which is far below the minimum dangerous dose for human health. In addition, the lamp is produced without elements that can cause illness. The light output is warm white.


  • Low energy consumption;
  • Pleasant stream of light;
  • Quality manufacturing.


Philips A60 LED E27 7W 806lm

3. Philips SceneSwitch A60 E27 8W 806lm

Philips SceneSwitch A60 E27 8W 806 lm photo

This is a fairly economical LED lamp, which is characterized by reduced consumption even compared to other similar products. In terms of luminous flux, this model is equivalent to a 60W incandescent lamp, given that it itself consumes only 7.9W. Unfortunately, this product does not have a very high level of radiation — only 154.7 degrees. The most optimal for a spacious room would be to install several similar light bulbs in a chandelier with reflective elements.

The base is standard here, fits snugly to the cartridge, which eliminates the possibility of excessive heating. The shape is pear-shaped, the flask is made of heat-resistant plastic, which has a matte finish that provides good dispersion of the light flux.


  • High-quality production, excluding the heating of the base during operation;
  • acceptable service life.


  • Small angle of light scattering.

Philips SceneSwitch A60 E27 8W 806lm

2. Megaman LED E27 7.4W 810lm

Megaman LED E27 7.4W 810lm photo

This model is not in vain in the second place of our review of the best LED light bulbs — we placed it here not only due to the high ratio of price and quality, but also due to the increased level of energy savings. The fact is that the consumption class was defined as A ++, and this was done not only by the manufacturer, but also by specialists. This product is equivalent to a 60 W incandescent lamp, and it has a fairly wide viewing angle of 273 degrees. The pear-shaped shape allows this design to fit well into the shades of classic and modern chandeliers.

Unfortunately, the ability to adjust the brightness is not provided here, especially since the lamp copes well with serious voltage drops. In addition, the degree of electricity consumption is 7.3 W, which allows you to save a lot on electricity bills.


  • Low level of electricity consumption;
  • Convenient form;
  • High level of light scattering.


  • Lack of brightness adjustment.

Megaman LED E27 7.4W 810lm

1. IKEA LEDARE LED E27 13W 1000lm

IKEA LEDARE LED E27 13W 1000lm

This is a recognized leader among all LED lamps currently on sale. The model is quite powerful, besides, it is quite affordable. Outwardly, it practically does not differ from a standard incandescent lamp, at least if we keep in mind the shape of the product. Despite the fact that these products are made in China, they are of very high quality, the entire manufacturing process is under the direct control of the specialists of the manufacturing company, so the release in China does not affect the service life at all.

There is no cooling radiator on the case, but with this design it is not needed, at least with such a low power. Such a light bulb is well suited for dry rooms, regardless of temperature indicators, in any case, it is able to maintain all its performance at temperatures from -25 to +40 degrees.


  • Acceptable price;
  • Good manufacturing and assembly quality;
  • Bright light, one bulb is enough for a room of about 18-20 square meters.


  • The release in China may alert someone, but otherwise there are no shortcomings.

IKEA LEDARE LED E27 13W 1000lm

In conclusion, an interesting video

As you can see, our review is only the tip of the iceberg, because there are much more models of LED lamps on the market. We hope that our rating has helped you make your choice. If, as you read, you have questions about a particular model, then comments are at your disposal — we will not leave any of them without attention.


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