Men’s perfume has been very popular since ancient times. Cosmetic stores offer a wide range of such products. It is very easy to get confused in it, so the selection of perfumes should be approached carefully and very carefully. The fact is that there are different kinds of fragrances designed for a certain lifestyle or clothing. In particular, some scents will perform best in the cold season, while others are ideal for summer. A bright and memorable fragrance for active sports will not be appropriate for a romantic evening, when a gentle and muted tone will ideally manifest itself, and so on.

We decided to dedicate our today’s review to men’s perfumes, however, before we start describing various kinds of fragrances, we first give the basic rules that should be followed when choosing such products. This is where you should start.

What do you pay attention to when buying men’s perfume?

First of all, you should decide for what season the smell is chosen. In summer, the fragrance will be perceived most strongly. At this time, it is best to give preference to perfume with citrus notes. It will mask the smell of sweat well, its wearer will have a feeling of freshness, and so on. In the winter months, preference is given to woody scents, which are considered the most tart and heavy among perfumers.

Choosing a good masculine fragrance

You will also have to take into account the conditions in which you plan to use the perfume. For example, a fragrance intended for a nightclub would, to put it mildly, not be appropriate in the office or at school. In the latter case, smells with a short train will be the most suitable — they are felt only at the closest distance. This parameter directly depends on the perfume formula, and not on the amount applied. For work, it is best to give preference to extracts or perfumes, which not only have a short train, but are also considered the most persistent.

There are a number of subtleties that need to be considered when buying perfume products. Before visiting the cosmetic store, you should not use your perfume, as they will interrupt or confuse the scent you like. When choosing a scent, do not splash it on your clothes. There are special test strips for this. It must be remembered that any perfume has three stages: concentrated (the most striking components of the smell are revealed in it), the second begins to open after a few minutes, and the third is the most persistent — you can feel it for several hours after use.

When compiling our ranking of the best men’s perfumes of 2020, we took into account all these points, however, we mainly relied on user reviews. Our review includes products with a good price-quality ratio, so you will not find too expensive perfumes here. We have tried to collect as much information as possible on each rating position so that you can choose the most suitable scent for yourself. So let’s get started.

The Best Fragrances for Dates

3. Clive Christian No. 1 for Men

Clive Christian №1 for Men photo

This fragrance was developed a long time ago — in 2001, but it is still quite common today. Perfumers classify these perfumes as oriental and woody. In other words, this product is perfect for the cold season. The most noticeable notes in this smell are the aromas of mandarin, lime, cardamom. They are most pronounced at the initial stage. In the future, the smells of rose, lily of the valley and jasmine are revealed. For the longest time, you will be able to feel Virginia cedar, vanilla, amber and musk. The persistence of these perfumes is not very long — it is about 3-4 hours — this will be quite enough for a regular date. The train is small, slightly muffled, so this perfume can be used indoors.

Perfumers note that this scent is best suited for young people, as well as for men of middle and even elegant age. Spirits show themselves perfectly in the morning hours or after dark. They come in a caramel-colored glass bottle with a crown-shaped cap that has golden hues. This product is produced in a limited format — only about a thousand bottles are produced per year. As users note in their reviews, the smell of perfume can be called very strong and uncompromising. These perfumes are perfect for any holiday or party.


  • Produced on the basis of unique and rare components;
  • Sufficiently original packaging;
  • Unusual pyramid of smells;
  • High quality workmanship.


  • Must be ordered directly from the manufacturer;
  • High cost of production.

Clive Christian №1 for Men

2. Hermes Terre d’Hermes

Hermes Terre d'Hermes photo

This French brand first appeared on the market in the middle of the nineteenth century. Today it is one of the most famous luxury brands, on the same line with such well-known perfume companies as Dior or Chanel. When creating this fragrance, perfumers were guided by the idea of ​​the need to show the closest connection of male nature with the outside world — the smells of wood, resins, citrus fruits and the like. The products turned out to be quite interesting, they literally instantly gained great popularity, which has been preserved until today. Several tens of thousands of bottles of these perfumes are sold annually. The first thing you feel when you inhale this fragrance is the tart fruity notes of grapefruit and orange.

It is from them that the smell of the living forest begins to unfold. In the future, the aroma undergoes some changes — more spicy notes begin to be felt, in the center of which are black pepper and pelargonium. They are quite sharp and sharp, which is not quite usual after the smell of sweet citrus fruits. The base notes here are white cedar and vetiver, softened a bit by patchouli. The core of the fragrance is quite tart, which gives it the excellent rigidity that men’s perfumes are famous for. The combination of all these notes is not very common, but they are all well and long remembered. Perfume is sold in an interesting bottle made of transparent thick glass with a slight sandy tint. Its form can be called standard. The cap is painted black, there is a strong atomizer that allows you to minimize the consumption of perfume.


  • Excellent durability;
  • It is sold in bottles of different volumes;
  • Has a fairly wide distribution;
  • Beautiful and memorable scent.


  • The bottle design is somewhat generic.

Hermes Terre d’Hermes

1. Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum

Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum photo

The company begins its history in 1946, and its development was very fast. Today, this enterprise occupies a large part of the perfumery market, not only in France itself, but also far beyond its borders. This fragrance is considered a classic, especially since it was developed back in 1966, but up to our time it has not lost its relevance, and its popularity is only growing. The only thing is that the advertising of such perfumes was somewhat updated, but about 10 years have passed since that moment. Woody and spicy notes come to the fore in this fragrance — perfect for the colder months. As users note in their reviews, the smell at first may seem rather tart and even somewhat heavy.

However, it will gradually open up, showing the nobility and depth hidden in it. The top notes are an interesting combination of bergamot and spicy Chinese pepper. The emphasis here was on a very bright astringency. Even at these pores, you can feel a slight roughness of the aroma. A pronounced smell in the middle notes is ambroxan, which is a spicy musky color, and in the background there is a light woody undertone. They open rather slowly, but you can smell them for a long time. The base is represented by cedar and cypress. The sillage is rather weak and not too harsh. Perfume is sold in bottles made in the form of a cylinder and closed with a black and blue lid.


  • A very interesting brutal fragrance;
  • Notes are revealed for quite a long time;
  • Excellent durability;
  • Nice looking bottle.


Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum

The best classic perfume

3. Versace Versace L’Homme

Versace Versace L'Homme photo

This fragrance is characterized by many users as light and sensual. With it, you can further emphasize your individuality. It is gradually replacing the generation of harsh and heavy male perfumes. Literally right after its appearance, this product became a real hit. At the same time, according to statistics, most often this perfumery is purchased by girls as a gift to their boyfriends or husbands, it is noted that sometimes they themselves use them. The smell is perfect for men who feel comfortable in the dynamic rhythm of the metropolis. The fragrance is quite light, reminiscent of pleasant summer days and the breath of the sea.

The bottle is placed in a package stylized as crocodile skin. He himself is made of transparent glass with turquoise hues. Perfumes are distinguished by excellent durability and brightness, but perfumers do not recommend using them daily, as they are most suitable for special occasions. The composition contains unique ingredients, including vanilla, basil, cinnamon, jasmine, tonka beans and so on.


  • The highest quality products;
  • An original combination of ingredients that makes the fragrance memorable for a long time;
  • The smell is firm and strong, lasts all day;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • It is not recommended to use daily;
  • Not suitable for young people.

Versace Versace L’Homme

2. Chanel Egoiste

Chanel Egoiste photo

The perfume company has been on the market for a very long time — it is known for products for both men and the beautiful half of humanity. This fragrance was developed back in 1990. A whole group of perfumers worked on its creation. They managed to end up with a masculine and rather daring composition, which contains almost incompatible elements — amber, vanilla, sandalwood, coriander, rose, lavender and tangerine. They open with very interesting spicy notes, in which echoes of flowers and fruits are heard.

At first, it smells of rosemary, lavender and neroli, but the base consists exclusively of male fragrances — sage, jasmine and geranium. This perfume has excellent durability: it can be felt throughout the day. According to many users, perfumes are distinguished by excellent style. Men say that she is unobtrusive. Such products are perfect for the accomplished representatives of the stronger sex, who are distinguished by self-confidence.


  • Includes a set of unique components;
  • Absolutely all notes of smells are well revealed;
  • Can also be used daily
  • Excellent train;
  • The smell lasts throughout the day.


  • Suitable only for adult men.

Chanel Egoiste

1. Christian Dior Fahrenheit

Christian Dior Fahrenheit photo

The best in the ranking of classic men’s perfumes is another French product that was developed about 30 years ago. Literally after the first appearance on the market, these perfumes gained immense popularity, which has survived until today. The success of the product is truly unique. Even the bottle here is unlike any other – initially it was conceived in amber colors, but later the developers abandoned this traditional approach and released it in scarlet and burgundy shades. If you look at it, you can see how the colors shimmer, all its shapes and lines are smooth and streamlined.

The fragrance of the perfume is contrasting and very dynamic, in which the sensations of a warm summer night and the light freshness of dawn are closely intertwined. First of all, a person feels bright notes of bergamot and noble cedar, generously seasoned with the smell of mandarin. All this gives the smell even more passion. Perfumers decided not to stop there and went even further, adding notes of honeysuckle — this is the first time this fragrance has been used in men’s perfumery. Together with the tartness of nutmeg and cloves, they make the scent incredibly fresh and original. In general, these perfumes completely crossed out all the stereotypes about men’s smells.


  • It combines components that, at first glance, may seem mutually exclusive;
  • The composition is bright, made from natural ingredients;
  • The aroma is original and very persistent;
  • One bottle is enough for a long time;
  • The loop is special.


  • Best for men over the age of 35.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit

The best spirits of a sports kind

3. Givenchy Play Sport

Givenchy Play Sport photo

These perfumes are distinguished by a carefully thought-out composition that is perfect for sports and energetic people. This aroma makes you constantly move forward towards your goals. Its central part is occupied by a citrus-fougère composition, which simply radiates energy, pushing for new records and achievements. This perfume is quite new — it was created specifically for the 2012 Summer Olympics. You can fully feel this aroma on a summer day, and it gives additional freshness.

Each note in the composition of this perfume is literally saturated with the lust for life and the will to win. Spirits literally from the very morning charge a person with an excellent mood for the whole next day. A light musky accord is used as the base, which leaves behind a long and very pleasant trail. This composition is perfect for young people who want to live life to the fullest. The pyramid of smells here is not entirely unambiguous, which gives the smell originality. The packaging is quite stylish: the bottle is made of high-strength frosted glass, it has bright energetic accents.


  • Can be used regardless of the season;
  • Very persistent aroma — it can stay on clothes for up to several days;
  • The combination of components is original, they are well matched;
  • There are very pleasant citrus notes.


  • It won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Givenchy Play Sport

2 LaCoste Essential Sport

LaCoste Essential Sport photo

This fragrance was developed by a French company that has been on the perfume market for about 100 years. It was released way back in 2010. The composition contains real frosty freshness, which covers the body of a man literally from head to toe, which gives him additional self-confidence and adds strength. It has the best notes of citrus, amber and musk. At the very top you can feel the smells of grapefruit, ginger and bergamot. In addition, the composition contains juniper and nutmeg. Perfume leaves behind a long trail with the smell of musk, patchouli and vetiver. Such a set is able to give every man excellent romance and freshness.

If a person at least once tries such spirits, then he will immediately be amazed by the stream of boundless freedom and vast expanse that has fallen upon him. This perfume is reminiscent of the coolness of sea water, the flow of frosty mountain wind. It is perfect for men who lead an active lifestyle — go in for some kind of sport, move a lot and so on. Such a fragrance will give it visibility and express its character. The bottle is made in the unsurpassed corporate style of the company, so it will be almost impossible to confuse it with something else.


  • A very convenient and tight atomizer provides an economical consumption of perfume;
  • Unique bottle design;
  • Excellent value for money products;
  • Good odor resistance — it will be felt throughout the day;
  • The scent is fresh and invigorating.


  • Not detected.

LaCoste Essential Sport

1. Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport photo

For the first time in perfume shops, this fragrance appeared in 2012. He immediately found many fans and earned the title of one of the most stylish perfumes for men. This is the first such product from the Italian fashion house. This perfume has a fresh and very clean scent with energetic top notes. In them you can unmistakably recognize the smells of the Mediterranean coast — rosemary and the indescribable freshness of salty sea water. It also has woody notes that are meant to add energy and self-confidence.

The smell is universal — it will suit both middle-aged or elegant men, and quite young people who lead an active lifestyle. Gradually, the top aquatic notes will be replaced by pleasant coniferous aromas of sequoia, combined with the smell of cardamom. Finished with musk and patchouli. Perfume is ideal for a person who is completely self-confident. They are distinguished by good durability even during active sports.


  • The highest indicators of firmness;
  • Can be used daily;
  • The aroma is light and unobtrusive;
  • Ideal value for money;
  • There are refreshing notes.


  • Not detected.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport

At the end of the thematic video

This concludes our roundup of the best men’s perfumes of 2020. We really hope that after studying it you have managed to choose the most suitable fragrance for yourself. If you want to share your impressions of using any brand of perfume, ask a question about our review or make a comment, welcome to comment on this article. We will try to respond quickly to each of your messages.


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