It was truckers who first began using portable radios. Even today, in the age of widespread cellular communication, they prefer this particular equipment. This is due to the fact that the mobile phone catches the network far from everywhere, which is not surprising in traffic conditions on the highway. A walkie-talkie in this regard is much more preferable, since it keeps the necessary channel stable for both the listener and the interlocutor transmitting information. Yes, and using it while driving is also quite convenient — all the necessary information will be received by people connected to this channel and even at a considerable distance.

If you have a need to purchase such a device, then this article will be very useful to you. In it, we will not only consider the useful characteristics of the best walkie-talkies for truckers, but also give advice on the selection and use of such products. Let’s start with this.

How to choose a walkie-talkie for a trucker?

In general, walkie-talkies are very widespread among motorists — they are used by taxi drivers, couriers and even ordinary drivers. Similar products operate in the so-called civilian CB band, which has an international distribution, so it will work stably even outside our country. One of the main advantages of such a radio station is that it does not need to be registered (however, there is an important limitation here — it is allowed to use an omnidirectional antenna, and the transmitter power should not exceed 10 W). If at least one of the conditions is not met, then the radio will have to be registered accordingly.

Going for a walkie-talkie to the appropriate store, you should remember that its main characteristics are the range of operation and the maximum range. The remaining functions are secondary — their presence is determined by the preferences of the driver himself, as well as his financial capabilities. A typical walkie-talkie is capable of operating within a radius of about 7 km, more expensive products equipped with an external antenna have a higher indicator, which can reach 20 km. It is quite natural that this quality will directly depend on the power of the radio itself. Standard products with a power not exceeding 10 W allow for a range of no more than 12 km.

Choosing the best walkie-talkie model for a trucker

Drivers usually communicate with each other at a frequency of 27 130 MHz, absolutely any walkie-talkie designed for use by truckers can work with it. However, the device may be equipped with multiple channels. This is useful when you need to provide confidential information that you do not want other people to hear. The antenna greatly affects the final quality of communication, and there are many models on sale with which it comes bundled. Some users prefer an antenna purchased separately — their choice is very large: they are short, long, magnetically attached to the car body or placed directly in the cab.

When choosing models to include in our review, we were guided, first of all, by the key parameters of the walkie-talkies. However, they did not bypass a number of important points — this is the ratio of price and quality, as well as user reviews. We tried to include models of not the highest cost in the rating, so that most of our readers would be able to afford them.

The best models of walkie-talkies for truckers — top 10

10. Alan 48 Excel

Alan 48 Excel photo

The front panel of this radio station is made in a classic form, the body has a fairly decent overall dimensions. The device is equipped with a digital display with a bright orange LED backlight. The data is displayed in large black font, so the driver will just have to glance at the radio to get all the necessary information — there is no need to peer at the screen and be distracted from the traffic situation. The case is made of fairly rigid metal, its elements are tightly fitted to each other, no gaps or backlashes are observed. It is powder-coated with a matte finish, so that it will not be noticeable on any kind of pollution, including dust. The front panel is made of soft plastic, it should be handled with the utmost care, as there is a high probability of damage, scratches and other defects.

An S-meter is provided to monitor even slight changes in the input power and output power of the station itself. On the left side is the handle responsible for changing channels, under which there is a headset jack. The function control buttons are made of rubber, they are marked with the corresponding icons, there is also a volume knob and a noise reduction key. The headset has a small size and ergonomic shape — it fits in the hand quite easily. The station is equipped with 10 grids from A to L, which in total give about 400 channels. In this case, the channels can be stored in the device’s memory, which is very convenient.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Sufficiently wide functionality;
  • The ergonomics of both the front panel and the headset itself have been carefully thought out;
  • Good build quality.


  • The front panel should be handled with the utmost care, as there is a possibility of damage to it.

Alan 48 Excel

9 Optim Voyager

Optim Voyager photo

It is made in a traditional form factor — the case is an ordinary monoblock made of cast aluminum, which gives the structure additional strength and rigidity. The shape of the front panel is not quite familiar. There is a slight elevation above the display and buttons, which can create some difficulties in the process of installing the device, especially if the radio is planned to be installed in any compact niche. In general, the manufacturer developed the design taking into account that it will be mounted in the cab using a special bracket that comes with this product. The control here is programmable, so each user can adjust it directly for themselves. One of the key advantages of this equipment is a full-color liquid crystal display with a high level of information content. It is read perfectly regardless of the viewing angle. Its brightness can be adjusted so that it does not distract the driver while driving.

Information on the display is arranged very tightly, there is a clock. When the radio is turned off, the date and time are displayed on the screen, it is worth noting that it turns off in case of inactivity. The product has a built-in SWR meter, which is displayed during signal transmission, thanks to which it is possible to monitor the status of the antenna in real time. The headset can be omitted if you only want to receive a signal. The intercom itself is quite compact, fits comfortably in the hand. There are quite a lot of functions here, there is even a fine-tuning of the radio signal reception, which allows for the most clear audibility.


  • original appearance;
  • Very informative liquid crystal display;
  • Ability to use without connecting a headset;
  • Reliability and structural strength.


  • When installing in a niche, some difficulties may arise.

Optim Voyager

8. MegaJet MJ-3031

MegaJet MJ-3031 photo

A fairly popular radio station, both among truckers and ordinary motorists. The product design is quite stylish, the control is simple and convenient — you don’t have to dig into the settings for a long time to ensure clear signal reception and transmission. The display has a blue LED backlight that will not catch your eye either at night or during daylight hours. The radio does not have a threshold noise suppressor, but there is a spectral one, which allows you to reliably cope even with fairly strong interference that occurs on the air due to various reasons. The model has a maximum permissible power of 10 W, due to which the range of the device is about 10 km. A superheterodyne is used as a receiver, which provides double frequency conversion in digital format. The received signal is transformed into digital and in this form it passes through the spectral noise suppressor and amplifier — this allows you to achieve a decent volume of the device.

The station is capable of working with 240 channels — a very decent indicator, and ranges from A to F are available to it. The display here is a Black Matrix LCD format, it has the function of storing the operating mode. During scanning, you can return to the previous channel. The memory of the radio is designed for 4 channels. Overall dimensions are not large — 159x138x48 mm with a weight of 850 grams. It is worth noting that the display has an additional backlight, which greatly increases the sharpness and clarity of the image when the radio is in direct sunlight.


  • Compact overall dimensions and low weight;
  • Digital signal processing;
  • High power and long working range;
  • Good build.


  • There is no noise suppressor.

MegaJet MJ-3031

7. Midland Alan M-ZERO PLUS

Midland Alan M-ZERO PLUS photo

One of the most budget walkie-talkies in our entire review. However, this did not prevent the device from combining a very user-friendly and functional interface, advanced applications and decent manufacturing quality. The station is perfect for truckers, as it has intuitive controls — it will be easy to use even for a beginner radio amateur. The case is light and compact, made of high-quality plastic with a matte coating, painted black, all inscriptions and pictograms are applied with white paint, which will not be erased during operation. There are three rotary knobs — power and volume, input signal adjustment and noise reduction. Like all models in our review, the radio has a clear LCD display, it is also equipped with a white backlight.

On the back there is a socket for connecting an external antenna of any type. The power cable is connected to the cigarette lighter — the user does not have the need that the radio will have to be built into the vehicle’s on-board electrical network. The number of channels is not too large — this station has only 40 of them, but all the main ones are present. The transmitter power is not very high: it is only 4 W, but this is enough to broadcast on the air at a distance of about 8-9 km. The radio is capable of operating in the temperature range from -10 to +50 degrees.


  • Compact and lightweight design;
  • Very clear control — perfect for beginners;
  • Good functionality;
  • Readable display.


  • 40 channels may seem insufficient to someone.

Midland Alan M-ZERO PLUS

6.Optim 270

Optim 270 photo

This is the third generation of this station, which appeared on the market about three years ago. The radio is designed to operate in the 27 MHz band. The device can be used both in a car and in a stationary place: for this it has two power cables — one for connecting to the on-board network through the cigarette lighter socket, the second with a unit for working with household electricity. This model has the ability to change the frequency of the transmitter, due to which the signal transmission range is greatly increased. The display shows quite a lot of information — channel number, signal level, frequency grid, transmission power, and so on. On the front panel there are several rotary controls responsible for changing the volume, sensitivity of the operation, rubber buttons are provided for switching between channels. The case is a single metal block, painted black, the front panel is also black.

A special heatsink is provided on the rear side, which ensures high efficiency of heat dissipation generated by the output stage, there are also two sockets — one for installing an external speaker, the other for connecting an external antenna that comes with the radio. The headset has medium overall dimensions, it lies comfortably in the hands, the transmitter control key is large, it also has three buttons that allow you to select the desired channel, activate the intelligent automatic noise suppressor. The controls are simple — you can figure them out in about a couple of minutes.


  • Fixed all the shortcomings of previous versions;
  • Decent range;
  • Can be used both stationary and in the car;
  • Efficient operation of the cooling radiator;
  • Intelligent noise reduction system.


  • The buttons on the intercom sometimes get in the way under the fingers.

Optim 270

5. MegaJet MJ-50

MegaJet MJ-50 photo

One of the most compact radios in our entire ranking. It was developed by Korean engineers specifically for use in a car during long trips. With its miniature dimensions, this radio has decent functionality — its size is 99x24x83 mm. The body of the block is made of metal plastics, the front panel is plastic — the material is quite hard, withstands physical impact well, does not scratch or wear off during operation. The top cover is ribbed, the ventilation system openings are located on the back side. There are also jacks for an external speaker, an additional antenna and a plug for connecting a detachable power cable. The latter is equipped with a fuse, so you can not be afraid that the radio will burn out due to a power surge. The front panel contains the main controls — volume control, buttons for working with channels and a noise reduction system.

The display has several options for LED backlighting — white, red, yellow, cyan, indigo and purple. Information is well read regardless of the viewing angle. The radio works stably both in the Russian and in the European broadcasting network.


  • Minimum overall dimensions;
  • Reliable operation with the input on-air signal;
  • Multiple display backlight options with wide viewing angles.


  • The case is prefabricated, not cast.

MegaJet MJ-50

4. Alan 100 plus

Alan 100 plus photo

It is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. The controls here are located according to the classical scheme, so it will be quite easy to work with such a walkie-talkie. The station is able to work with 40 channels, which function stably both in urban conditions and on the highway. The case, like the previous model, is prefabricated, the upper and lower faces are fixed with screws. On the front side there is a connector for connecting an intercom or PTT, which, depending on the type of model, can be 4 or 5-pin. The headset has medium overall dimensions, there is only a key that turns on the transmission. The microphone is quite sensitive, it has an active noise suppression system, so the recipient will hear only the speaker’s voice, all extraneous sounds are removed.

The station itself has a threshold noise suppressor. Emergency channel frequencies are built into the device’s memory by default. Green LED backlight, the display shows information regarding the number of the working channel, in the immediate vicinity of the screen there is an indication of red and green: the first informs about the ongoing signal transmission, the second about the reception. The output power is 4W. It seems to be not too much, but this indicator is quite enough to transmit a signal over a distance of about 7-8 km. The walkie-talkie can be installed in a niche on the car panel or placed in the cabin, fixed on a special bracket.


  • A good option in terms of price-quality;
  • There is not a single extra button on the intercom;
  • Emergency frequencies are built into the design memory;
  • There is an indication of reception and transmission.


  • Prefabricated building;
  • There are 40 channels in total.

Alan 100 plus

3Midland M-Mini

Midland M-Mini photo

The top three is opened by the latest generation multi-standard walkie-talkie, which was developed specifically for daily use by motorists. Judging by the reviews, its merits were appreciated by both novice radio amateurs and already very experienced users. The design is modern, the control is elementary, automatic and manual mode of noise suppression is provided. There is also a power level adjustment. The body of the device is one-piece, the power cable is integrated. All internal details are reliably protected from influence of any external factors. The shape of the case is carefully thought out, heat is removed due to this quite efficiently — the radio will not overheat even due to prolonged operation. The regular speaker is located at the bottom of the block, it is powerful, allows you to clearly hear the content of voice messages. The front panel contains only the most necessary controls — volume control, a few buttons, a display and a headset jack. The following information is displayed on the screen of the device: channel number, modulation type, scale, noise reduction level, and so on.

The overall dimensions of the product are not too large, so installation problems should not arise. The front panel has a soft-touch coating, which gives the device additional style, and also protects against various contaminants. If necessary, the walkie-talkie can be hung by a special bracket.


  • Noises are suppressed automatically or by manual adjustment;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Soft-touch coating of the front panel;
  • Power 4 or 8 W;
  • Ease of installation.


Midland M Mini



This radio is designed and manufactured by the world’s best manufacturer of such products. It can be used both in a stationary mode and installed in a car. The design fully meets the existing safety requirements, so it can be used not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. The functionality of the product is quite wide: in particular, there are two types of modulation — frequency and amplitude, several frequency grids, noise suppression can be automatic or manual. The walkie-talkie is equipped with a front-mounted microphone, which makes it even more convenient to use, it has several rather tight control buttons, so you can not be afraid of accidentally pressing them and knocking down some important settings.

Almost the entire front panel is occupied by a liquid crystal display, where there is a segmented signal strength meter. The indicator is characterized by a high level of contrast and wide viewing angles. The case is assembled on the basis of a metal frame, which looks very stylish. It is closed with black covers, so even when installed remotely on a bracket, it does not lose its attractiveness at all. In addition, the covers act as an additional screen that protects the radio from external interference. An external speaker can be connected via a standard 3.5mm jack. The walkie-talkie has 80 frequency channels, there are several memory slots for storing those that you plan to use most often.


  • Decent speaker power;
  • Noise is suppressed gently, the useful signal is not cut off;
  • Small but effective cooling radiator;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Multicolor screen;
  • Two types of external signal modulation.


  • High price.


1. Yaesu FT-2980R

Yaesu FT-2980R photo

We are in a hurry to present you the leader among the best walkie-talkies for truckers — products from another world-famous company. Depending on the modification, the product can be equipped with a transceiver with a power of 5-10, 30 or 80 W, and this parameter can be adjusted. The station operates in the frequency range of 144 MHz. Performance is at a very high level. Ergonomics are carefully thought out, thanks to which it will be absolutely safe to use this walkie-talkie directly while driving. The model is equipped with an efficient passive cooling system. The assembly and components are so reliable that the device fully complies with the professional military standard for protection against various kinds of external influences — MIL-STD-810, the display has four backlight modes.

On the front panel there is a keyboard that allows you to manually enter the desired frequency. The receiver is equipped with excellent protection against various kinds of intermodulation distortion. More than 200 memory cells. A very wide range of settings, including fine ones, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the optimal sensitivity of both the receiver and the signal transmitter. Also, the radio is able to operate in an extended temperature range — from -20 to +60 degrees.


  • Good protection against physical influences;
  • Adjustable power;
  • Quite a large amount of device memory;
  • Increased temperature range;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Attractive and stylish appearance;
  • Excellent build quality and component parts.


  • Except for the high cost has not been identified.

Yaesu FT-2980R

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best walkie-talkies for truckers is over. We tried to analyze each model included in it in as much detail as possible. If, after studying the rating and all the characteristics of the walkie-talkies, you still have some questions, then ask us in the comments to this article. We will promptly respond to them and provide you with additional information on the station you are interested in.



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