Every woman dreams of smooth and beautiful skin. These dreams can be realized with the help of a special cosmetic wax sold in cassettes or jars, but first it will need to be melted in a special device — a wax melter. With its help, it is possible to ensure the absolute safety of the depilation process, as it heats the wax to the required temperature, bringing it to the desired consistency, and also maintains it throughout the procedure.

It cannot be said that a wax melter is a very common cosmetic equipment in everyday life and it is found in every lover of looking attractive. However, in recent years, the device has become increasingly popular. Noticing this trend, we decided to tell you more about it in our ranking of the best wax melters of the year. Here we will consider all the useful qualities of devices and analyze the useful characteristics of the most popular devices among fashionistas.

How to choose the right wax?

Voskoplav, by and large, is an ordinary wax warmer, which is used before and during depilation. Its design includes a heating element, a wax tank, control keys and a power cable. In general, on sale you can find three varieties of such devices — canned, cartridge and combined. On average, it takes about 30-40 minutes to warm up the wax, and the subsequent operation of the device is aimed at maintaining the material in a molten state and at a certain temperature — this will maintain its working consistency.

The jar wax melter includes a wax container and a thermostat. It heats the consumable to about 50-60 degrees. Similar models are suitable for working with granular wax, they can also be used for materials made in the form of discs. The total volume of the container here is about 800 ml. On sale you can find models where you can change the level of heating, which allows you to work with any brand of wax. These devices are mainly used for hot epilation, which removes hair from the bikini area. As a rule, these devices are in beauty salons — they are rarely bought home.

For domestic use, cassette wax makers are used — they are more compact and more convenient to use. Here you will need to use wax, produced in the form of cartridges, the volume of which is usually 100 ml. The body of the device usually has a window that allows you to control the amount of wax remaining. The principle of operation is similar, however, the wax is heated to a higher temperature, since the material is applied as if by a roller.

When we chose products to include in our review of the best wax melters, we relied primarily on the points discussed above, and also took into account price-quality ratio and user reviews. We tried, if possible, to include not too expensive models in the rating, so that our wonderful readers could choose a device suitable for both price and functionality.

can models

5. Pro-Wax100

Pro-Wax100 photo

The device is suitable for both salon and domestic use, it works exclusively from the network. Differs in universality because it can be applied to the wax which is issued in jars, tablets, disks or granules. The set includes a special container for paraffin or granulated wax. The model is equipped with a thermostat, which allows you to change the heating temperature in the range from 35 to 100 degrees. The device has a mode that will maintain a certain temperature until the end of the epilation process.

The model is characterized by compact size and attractive appearance. The case is made of non-staining plastic, on which dust and fingerprints will not be noticeable. At one time here you can prepare a decent amount of wax.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Versatility — you can work not only with wax, but also with paraffin;
  • A thermostat is provided;
  • A significant volume of wax containers.


  • The power cord is short — you need to use either in the immediate vicinity of the outlet, or take an extension cord.


4. Voskoplav Depiltouch

Voskoplav Depiltouch photo

Lightweight, well thought out ergonomics and excellent reliability. The device was originally designed to work in beauty salons, but due to its compact overall dimensions and attractive appearance, many women began to buy it for their homes. The case has an LED digital display, as well as a rotary control designed to change the wax heating temperature. It is smooth, allows you to change this parameter with an accuracy of one degree, preventing burns.

It is worth noting the decent power of the heating element — with its help, the wax is heated to the operating temperature in the shortest possible time, in just 20 minutes. The temperature of the material can vary from 30 to 135 degrees. To make the process go faster, the wax tank can be closed with the lid that comes with the kit.


  • Wide temperature range;
  • The presence of a digital display allows you to set the required temperature with high accuracy;
  • Brings wax to working condition in a few minutes.


  • Not too high-quality assembly of the case — gaps are visible between the elements.

Voskoplav Depiltouch

3. Voskoplav Luazon LVPL-01

Voskoplav Luazon LVPL-01 photo

A versatile product that is perfect for working with wax and paraffin. It will be the best choice for fashionistas who carry out similar cosmetic procedures with enviable regularity. The temperature range here varies from 35 to 90 degrees, the degree of heating is changed using a smooth type rotary knob. For greater convenience, there are two modes of operation — heating and waiting. The kit includes a capacious glass, the volume of which is 800 ml: this indicator will be quite enough so as not to interrupt the procedure for adding wax.

The device is equipped with LED indication informing the user about the state of the device. Products are made on the basis of high-quality plastic with excellent thermal insulation — it will not heat up even with prolonged use. There is also a convenient carrying handle on the case.


  • Good production quality;
  • Reliable thermal insulation;
  • Optimal temperature range;
  • Compact overall dimensions.


  • The color of the cord does not match the style in which the device is designed.

Voskoplav Luazon LVPL-01

2. Voskoplav Compact Wax

Voskoplav Compact Wax photo

This machine is equipped with a ceramic heating element, due to which the heat will be evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the wax tank, and not just supplied through its bottom. The material will begin to heat up at the optimum rate, it will not start to overheat. Users have long noted the ease of use of this device. The wax heating temperature switch here is also rotary, but stepped in steps of 10 degrees. It allows you to change the temperature in the range from 45 to 105 degrees and prevent burns during the depilation process.

The case is made of plastic, but there are also metal parts. In order for the wax to heat up even faster, the tank can be closed with a lid. Voskoplav stands on anti-slip feet, so it will not start to ride even on a polished surface.


  • Nice appearance;
  • Ceramic heating element;
  • Long service life;
  • Good tank capacity.


  • Adjustment of degree of heating here step.

Voskoplav Compact Wax

1. Ashley Wax P065-01-01

Voskoplav Ashley P065-01-01 photo

But this model was developed specifically for home use. Its main distinguishing feature compared to other similar devices is its compactness. In particular, a very small reservoir is installed in it, the capacity of which is only 120 ml — this amount is enough to treat one zone, that is, for one procedure. This type of wax melter is easy to use, it can work with any kind of wax, it also has the function of maintaining the set temperature in automatic mode.

Despite its compact dimensions, the product has quite serious power — it can heat up the wax in about 20-25 minutes if you do it under the lid. The case is made of very durable plastic, which will not heat up at all during operation.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Made from quality materials;
  • Wax comes into working condition very quickly;
  • It can maintain the set temperature for an arbitrarily long time.


  • Not found, except perhaps a small volume of the wax tank.

Voskoplav Ashley P065-01-01

Cartridge (they are also cassette) wax makers

5. Voskoplav Kapous Professional 617

Kapous Professional 617 photo

Pretty good choice for cassette systems equipped with low temperature wax. With the help of this device, it will be possible to heat the material to the operating temperature (usually it is in the range from 40 to 50 degrees) in the shortest possible time — in about 15-25 minutes. The design has a thermostat, which is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the wax during the entire depilation process. There is a plastic transparent cover, thanks to which it becomes even more convenient to use this design.

The use of the device is facilitated by the LED indicator, the power cable is connected to the device through a special connector. After finishing work, it can be removed and hidden in a special tank, which provides additional convenience for storage and travel. Wax through the applicator is applied easily, does not burn and does not cause discomfort.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Heats wax quickly
  • Very easy to use;
  • There is a compartment for the power cord;
  • Holds the set temperature well.


  • It will take some time to get used to working with such a device.

Voskoplav Kapous Professional 617

4. Voskoplav Runail 1968

Runail 1968 photo

One of the key distinguishing points associated with this household wax melter is its compact size, so the device is not only very convenient to use at home, but you can also take it with you on trips, business trips, trips to nature and so on. The low temperature wax is operational in approximately 15 minutes. Another important feature of this model is the presence of the original base, where you can place the heater between uses. This is quite convenient, since each time you do not have to look for where to place the device so as not to spoil the surface.

As many girls note, this device is the best choice when working with standard cartridges. During the entire depilation process, the temperature is maintained at 65 degrees. The device melts wax well, stands steadily regardless of the surface, its power is 12 W, due to which the energy consumption is minimal.


  • Stylish appearance;
  • Thoughtful ergonomics;
  • Quickly brings wax into working condition;
  • There is a base for installing the device;
  • Can be taken with you on trips
  • Minor electricity consumption.


  • The base has plastic legs — glides on polished surfaces.

Voskoplav Runail 1968

3. Voskoplav TNL

Voskoplav TNL photo

This is the only wax in our entire review, which is designed for the simultaneous use of two cartridges at once. The manufacturer decided this: due to the fact that one cassette is designed for a wax mass of 110 grams, just one cartridge is not enough. To avoid interruptions during the procedure, you can remove the spare cartridge from the base and continue waxing. This helps to save a lot of time, rather than waiting for the next batch of wax to be ready.

In addition, heating is performed when the applicator is on the base — this helps to get rid of all the extra wires that create some discomfort during depilation. The device heats the wax to a temperature of approximately 39-45 degrees and maintains it for a long time until all unwanted hair is removed. At the same time, you can use this device both at home and in a beauty salon.


  • Designed for the simultaneous installation of two cassettes of 110 g each;
  • The wax is heated through the base;
  • After being disconnected from the network, it keeps the operating temperature for a long time;
  • The power is only 13 watts.


  • The warranty period is only three months.

Voskoplav TNL

2. Voskoplav Igrobeauty

Igrobeauty photo

Many users claim that this unit is a very convenient product that is very easy to use. The product is placed in a plastic case with a matte finish, which will not leave traces of dust or fingerprints. Engineers have well thought out the ergonomics of the device — it is comfortable to hold it in your hands for a long time, fingers, wrists and palms will not get tired. A small transparent oblong window is provided on the side, so the user, even during the procedure, will always see how much consumable material is left

There is also an LED indicator on the surface of the case. It will light up when the temperature of the wax becomes optimal. Voskoplav is compact in size, can work with cartridges weighing up to 100 grams, it is easy to take it with you on vacation. The power cable is quite long, but the base is not provided in the kit, so some users do not like that the cord gets in the way during operation.


  • Power of 40 W allows you to quickly heat up the wax;
  • The warranty is 12 months;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Side viewing window;
  • LED indication.


  • The device is designed for 1 cassette;
  • The wire gets in the way from time to time.

Voskoplav Igrobeauty

1. Voskoplav IRISK

Voskoplav IRISK photo

Here is finally the leader of this section of the review of the best wax melters of this year. This model is in no way inferior, and even surpasses many similar devices in a number of factors. First of all, I would like to note that the products are equipped with power buttons on each of the two cassettes included in the kit. It turns out that the cartridges can be heated both individually and together — depending on the need. Each cassette has a window for viewing the remaining amount of wax. The kit also comes with a base stand.

Even after disconnecting from the mains, the device will maintain the temperature of the wax for a long time at about 39-40 degrees. Users say that the device is universal — suitable for both a beauty salon and home.


  • Power is 80W;
  • The base is equipped with a lock with reliable fixation;
  • Each cassette has a viewing window and a power button;
  • Maintains operating temperature even after being disconnected from the mains.


  • It is quite expensive.

Voskoplav IRISK

In conclusion, a useful video

The review is coming to its logical conclusion. Before saying goodbye, I would like to express the hope that now your knowledge of wax melters has become much greater, and you will be able to choose the most suitable model for yourself, which will help you be attractive for a long time. If you already have experience with such equipment, share it with other readers in the comments to this article.


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