I’ve been writing knife reviews for a long time. Mostly about Chinese knives. I think that I understand this, and I have the right to write author’s selections. Over the past six months, a lot of interesting knives have appeared, and I want to share this information with you.

Folding knife Petrified Fish PFP01 Beluga

Trademark Petrified Fish has become quite often pleased with interesting designs. The design of this knife was created by the Russian-speaking blogger NasHorn. I watched a video about the updated version on his channel and really liked the knife. I know from experience that knives with a wide blade and a thin blade cut very well. Blade length 93 mm. Steel K110. Liner lock. The blade runs on bearings with a bronze cage and ceramic balls. If desired, can be replaced with washers (included). On the handle lining of G-10 or micarta.

Folding knife NETTLE F Arkona

Another Chinese knife with the author’s design. This time the author is Ivan Braginets.

Blade length 89 mm. Subtle summary. BOHLER K110 steel. The blade moves on bearings with ceramic balls in a plastic holder. Excellent mechanics, Castle liner lock. Micarta handles. Clip for deep pocket fit.

Folding knife SRM 9201/9202

For those who are not in the know, the manufacturer of quality budget knives recently changed its name from Sanrenmu to SRM. This model, in my opinion, turned out just gorgeous. Blade length 90 mm. Steel D2. The blade has a thin convergence, and therefore cuts the knife very well. Models 9201 and 9202 are distinguished by the presence of a «hump» on the butt. Axis lock. The blade can be opened by the hole. Overlays from G-10. The knife weighs only 96 g. An excellent option for EDC.

Folding knife SANRENMU SRM 1005

Clumsy knives with such wide blades at SANRENMU cut just fine. Therefore, when I saw that they also made a fold, I was delighted. Blade length 90 mm.

Good budget steel 9Cr14Mov. Lock liner lock. 3D finished G-10 grips. The handle is plump, it is especially convenient for long work. For example, planing wood. The hand does not get tired. But carrying such a bulky knife in your pocket is less convenient than a flat one. Clip-on for deep landing. There is also a similar model 1006 with steel 14C28N.

Folding knife Harnds CK9503 Maverick

Another spatula, this time from Harnds. In black, this «regiment» looks gorgeous. Blade length 80 mm. Steel D2. The blade moves on ceramic bearings. The mechanics are great. Lock liner lock. G-10 grips. Clip-on for deep landing.

Folding knife TWOSUN TS162

This model has a very interesting design. The blade length is already 99 mm. Steel D2, with a declared hardness of 59HRC. Subtle summary. The blade runs on KVT ceramic bearings. Linen Micarta grips. The knife weighs 130 g, which is not much for its size.

Folding knife TWOSUN TS159

Again a long blade 99 mm. Steel 14C28N. The blade runs on KVT ceramic bearings. Lock liner lock. Linen Micarta grips. Weight is only 118 g. It turns out that this is a large but light knife. Good for cutting food.

Folding knife CH 3541

CH Knives is one of my favorite brands in terms of price / quality ratio. But in terms of design, they have recently little of anything interesting appears. Against the background of purely practical contours of the blades, I was attracted by this model with a dagger silhouette and a Japanese hilt style. Blade length 90 mm. Steel D2. The blade moves on bearings. Lock liner lock. G-10 grips. Knife weight 100 g.

Folding knife Ganzo Firebird FH922

Ganzo hasn’t released many new products lately. Model FH922 looks very practical, something in the style of RAT1. Blade length 86 mm. Real steel D2, hardness +-60HRC. Lock liner lock. G-10 grips. This model uses a wire clip, quite rare for this brand. Great knife for EDC.

Folding knife Finca NKVD

And finally, a little «game». The Chinese, as always, fulfill «any whim with your money.» And judging by the number of lots on Ali, our people like this knife.

Blade length 96 mm. Steel 440C. Back lock. Resin handle. Includes leather or nylon sheath.

This time I did not pick up knives from different price categories. Almost all knives in the selection are in the range of $30-40. Not so little, if you remember that 3-4 years ago Ganzo cost around $15-20. But then, almost every knife I received, I found, albeit small, but joints. And now the quality of the same Ganzo Firebird in the FH series has noticeably improved. The 440C has been replaced with D2 and holds a sharp edge very well. For a knife that will please you for a long time, you can pay $30 once. And if you still feel sorry for the money: old models are still sold for $20. But I don’t want to play this lottery anymore…


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