On AliExpress you can find a large number of different designers, for every taste and budget. They will be of interest to those who value self-development and like to put not only their hands, but also their heads to things in order to figure out how it works. In the selection I have collected a variety of options for electronic designers that will be of interest to all boys under 40 and older. Everything is only the most popular, unusual and interesting!

Prefabricated Christmas tree on LEDs

I’ll start the selection with the symbol of the New Year — the Christmas tree. An inexpensive electronic kit will allow you to assemble its miniature version of two curly boards and LED lights (16 pieces). On the product page, two sets of performance are presented: tri-color — red, yellow and green LEDs or RGB, that is, each LED can change color. The Christmas tree is mounted on a block for three batteries, which gives it additional stability. The height of the baby is 136mm. We are learning accurate soldering and rejoice at the result.

shimmering heart

Another, similar to the previous one, very inexpensive electronic designer, which is perfect for learning to solder electronic components. This option is already for romantic natures. From the kit you can assemble a flickering heart for 24 LEDs. There are 4 lighting options to choose from. A trimming resistor will be located on the board assembled by oneself, with which you can change the flicker frequency. The power supply is 4-6V, so a regular 5 volt USB charger will do.

Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit

The basics have been mastered, now you can proceed to more serious, and most importantly very interesting experiments. For this, the starter kit, built on the basis of the mega-popular Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller of the latest version, is the best fit. The kit includes everything you need: a microcontroller, a breadboard, connecting wires, all kinds of sensors and gauges, buttons, LEDs and other electronic components. The manual in Russian presents 32 projects, however, the controller’s capabilities are huge. The manufacturer has its own website, which is important for support. The kit is perfect for those who would like to master the principles of circuitry and programming. In a simple and easy-to-learn form in the form of examples of diagrams and small blocks of program code, you can collect interesting and even useful homemade products. I advise you to take this kit.

Tracked crawler with motion programming

Buildable tracked vehicle with as many as 572 Lego-like parts, including electronic control units, engine, remote control and more. The assembled car can be controlled not only from the complete remote control, but also its movement can be programmed from a PC or smartphone using the simplest block programming language Scratch 3.0, which is easy to master for the younger generation. A large number of positive reviews. Can serve as a great gift option.

Tesla coil model

An inexpensive option for self-assembly of an unusual instance of an electronic device. From the elements of this kit, you can make a working mini-Tesla coil (the so-called resonant transformer) and conduct visual experiments on wireless power transmission. For example, you can light the neon light bulb that comes with the kit, of course, observing all the precautions 🙂

Electronic designer ZNATOK — 999 schemes

An excellent developing designer, with a large number of various electronic circuits for assembly (999 options are declared). Allows you to understand the physical principles of the operation of electronic components and components. Available practical classes in three sections of the physics course: electrical engineering, electricity, electronics. Blocks for assembly are large with visual drawings of the electronic components that are included in each of them. Everything is simple and interesting.

3d light cube

The coolest 3D light cube that can display up to 36 spatial animation options. However, to collect it you need to put enough effort and time, but it’s worth it. The kit comes with 512 LEDs of different colors, which must be assembled into a three-dimensional matrix on sheets of transparent acrylic. All electronic components included, 5V power supply. The seller provides instructions and video tutorials. For those who are friends with Arduino, it is possible to connect the cube to the microcontroller to program their own lighting effects.

Electronic spinner with light effects

A kit for self-assembly of a finger spinner, but what a spinner! The design uses an electronic circuit to drive a large number of LEDs. When the spinner unwinds and rotates, they begin to glow in such a way that light patterns that are interesting and diverse in their geometry are formed.

FM radio assembly kit with speaker

In ancient times, every self-respecting magazine for young and old considered it their duty to regularly publish radio-electronic circuits for assembling radio receivers. For those who are tormented by nostalgia or want to introduce the younger generation to this topic, you can purchase an FM radio kit for self-assembly (87 MHz-108 MHz) with a built-in speaker. The kit comes with everything you need, including a display to display the frequency. Power supply 5V.

Portable Tetris

An interesting and not very difficult to assemble constructor for inquisitive minds, which allows you to assemble a portable Tetris game, the vintage style of which will wipe the nose of all PSP and XBOX-s 🙂 The kit contains all the electronic stuffing, as well as an acrylic case and buttons. The display is an 8×16 LED matrix. In addition to Tetris, on a device assembled by yourself, you can play 4 games, including the well-known «snake».

I hope the selection of electronic kits was interesting, and maybe useful 🙂 Other popular collections of household goods, tools and just unusual things, as well as reviews of interesting things, you can find a little lower in the author’s profile.


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