Keyboards are sometimes chosen simply — «I want this one.» Although in a good way you need to come to the store and click on the models of interest. However, there are one keyboard under several brands, which means there is a chance to get the same device from Ali, just by studying the offers. But for those who are not afraid of experiments, they can look into the selection, maybe they will find something for themselves.

Machenike K500: mechanics on red/brown switches and hotswap

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Machenike K500 is a compact mechanics with a number pad, but without some service keys, namely: Ins, Home, PgUp, Del, End, PgDn. Some kind of compromise between a full keyboard and TKL format. For the rest. The material of the caps is PBT, which means they are almost eternal. There are two types of switches to choose from: linear red and tactile brown. The latter are closer to membrane keyboards, i.e. they have a noticeable click, but no click, as is the case with blue switches. They are also most often recommended to try after membranes. The backlight hasn’t gone anywhere. There is no Cyrillic. I had a review of the K600 version.


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The mechanical keyboard is made in the style of good old typewriters. She looks really unusual. The keys are round, which you quickly get used to. They work with a loud click, the trigger point is well felt. The layout is standard. The main panel contains 104 keys. Keycaps are removable. The backlight is customizable and has several lighting modes. The connection to the computer is made using the USB interface. There is also a more familiar version of the keyboard.

Machenike KT68: compact 68-key keyboard with interesting design

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The last number is the Machenike KT68 keyboard, which appeared recently. This curious manipulator contains 68 keys, which makes it very compact, besides it has an unusual design. The small size hints at being used essentially anywhere, and this is facilitated by the connection in three ways: wired mode, wireless and Bluetooth. It is based on red switches that support hot swapping, which further expands the possibilities of the keyboard.

Zuoya TKL

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Peripherals from the company Zuoya often flash in the issuance of Ali and she managed to gain some popularity. Mice, keyboards and carpets are often offered at low prices. The TKL (Ten Key Less) format means that there is no number pad, which allows you to save a little space, which is sometimes necessary so as not to beat the mouse on the keyboard in the heat of the game session. Jixian switches are used.

Motospeed K87S

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Motospeed K87S is probably a copy of the previous keyboard, but it is available in white, which is sometimes hunted by fans of white peripherals and components. It is also offered on blue switches, which click very loudly, which some users like and others do not like. Like most mechanical keyboards, there is Anti-Ghosting.

Thunderbot KG3089

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Thunderobot needs no introduction, and neither does Machenike. The KG3089 keyboard is based on red switches, which are of the linear type. In addition, this is a popular TKL format, without a digital block. Someone will certainly be attracted by the illumination not only of the keys, but also on the side.

The main thing in the search for new devices is not to be afraid of experiments. Moreover, you can always focus on retail devices that you can touch live, and which, in turn, can be a complete copy of those from Ali, because. made in the same factory. The main thing is not to rush into the search and study the offers.


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