The top sensor can sometimes be found not only in branded mice, sometimes it is used by unfamiliar firms, which can also order a device from the same factory, or even order one where there will be a form from one popular mouse, mikriki from another and a sensor from the third. The selection contains mice exclusively with Ali, both little-known and more or less well-known.

Machenike M7: dual-mode mouse with PMW3325 sensor

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A fresh incarnation of the M7 mouse that can work both wired and wirelessly. The design has been slightly changed, but still aggressive, but the mouse has become more comfortable and takes less time to get used to. Based on the PMW3325 sensor, it is a time-tested and often used in wireless gaming mice, because is energy efficient. Not forgotten, and software in which you can configure basic settings such as DPI, backlight and macros. I had a review of the mouse.

Deluxe M625

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This mouse has an optical sensor of the already higher level PixelArt PWM3360, which has a resolution of 12000 DPI. The reading speed is 250 isp, and the acceleration is 50 G. The polling frequency is set in the range from 125 to 1000 Hz. The mouse is comfortable, the color is black, and, of course, there is an RGB backlight, without which, it seems, no gaming mouse can do. The gadget has seven buttons that you can customize yourself. This mouse can be ordered not only from China, but also from a local warehouse in Russia.

Machenike M810: updated wired mouse with low weight

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Again, a fresh version of the mouse — M810. I had the previous version, this one put a more advanced PMW3360 sensor, and also left the honeycomb design and at the same time reduced the weight to 68 grams. 50G acceleration.


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Enough budget mouse, from the Chinese brand ZUOYA. The manipulator has 7 buttons, flexible backlight settings, as well as a convenient and ergonomic design. The mouse sensitivity is adjustable from 400 to 3200 DPI, with a polling rate of 500 Hz and a response time of 2 ms.

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720Lite

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The mouse has pretty good features: seven keys, some of which can be programmed, backlight, aggressive design, sensor resolutions up to 7200 dpi, 32-bit processor running at 48 MHz, Omron switches.


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This wired mouse is also in the budget segment. It has a more relaxed design and nice lighting. You may have noticed that many iMice gaming mice are inexpensive but of good quality. The RGB backlight can work in one of six flicker modes or display the sensor’s operating mode. The mouse is light and small. Delivery is fast even though the product is shipped from China. Be careful when choosing a mouse, because there are two different versions on the seller’s page. Therefore, when ordering, it is best to contact the seller in advance.

Hongsund HS-A89

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This mouse belongs to the budget segment. But she has, for example, an optical sensor, the maximum resolution of which is 3200 DPI. The mouse is black laconic color with small strips of illumination. It sits comfortably in the hand and has a medium size. The mouse has six buttons.

As you can see, mice can be picked up for every taste and from China. The world has not converged on Razer and Logitech, so it’s worth looking, especially since sometimes the shape is more important so that the mouse fits comfortably in your hand.


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