Everyone once used push-button phones, and someone still uses them. For example, my work phone is Nokia 1100 and I honestly admit that there is already a Chinese battery. But after falling from a height of 4-5 floors, he remained working, and therefore I trust him. I propose a small post of nostalgia: classic push-button phones that are still sold on Aliexpress. Many are refurbished or used versions with body replacements.

Nokia 3310

The cult phone has been in the hands of many and left only good emotions with its high-quality assembly and good signal reception. The keyboard layout is Russian, as is the localization, so calls and SMS are supported in our networks. Complete set including charger and box. Despite the lack of impact and moisture resistance, the model received the unspoken nickname of an indestructible phone. Crash test videos are still circulating on the net. Snake, poisonous green screen and monophonic ringtones included.

Motorola E398

Again one of the phones that I had. How was he different from others? The presence of a powerful speaker with booming, but still loud music. Most of the company’s phones stood out among the other mass of gadgets precisely with audio chips. Russian keyboard, 1.9″ TFT color screen and a capacious battery for several days. Judging by the stickers assembly in Singapore. Any information can be written to the built-in 64 MB.

Nokia N70

Quite a successful version on the confused Symbian operating system. A model that was almost without the shortcomings of other generations, but embodied only high-quality good sound, a powerful processor (TI OMAP 1710 at 220 MHz) at that time, an excellent camera. Subsequently, more interesting models were created with the capabilities of mini computers. 2.1″ TFT screen with 256k colors.

Sony Ericsson W810

One of the push-button phones of the entire line of Sony Ericsson Walkman. This device is the only one from the line that supports EDGE connection. The phone was positioned as a Walkman player, while the functions of the phone were limited and completely devoted to all music with an extension of battery life. Audio codecs MP3 and AAC + widely used video formats are already supported. On a two-megapixel camera, you can get quite tolerable high-quality photos at the time the model was released.

Motorola RAZR V3

Iconic clamshell in a stylish case. At the time of its appearance, it became one of several “clamshells” of the manufacturer’s flagship line available on the market. Evaluate the characteristics yourself: 0.3 megapixel camera, support for wireless communication and GPRS. I fell in love with the model for a thin case of 14 mm and an unusual case and backlight. The model at the moment is still in demand for its unusualness.

Motorola SLVR L7

Continuation of the RAZR line, but in monoblock format. At the time of the model’s release, it received massive sales and was a success thanks to a very thin body of 11.5 mm, which is even smaller than the V3. SLVR L7 supported iTunes and had at that time just a huge amount of built-in memory of 64 MB. For the sake of a thin body, the SLVR L7 received problems with the screen and a camera with a VGA sensor. But still, the model turned out to be very interesting and had its fans.

Nokia N90

One of the best camera phones in 2005 with a two-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a very large swivel color screen. A convenient format for obtaining high-quality images and simultaneous viewing on a large screen. At the same time, thanks to the rotation of the screen and a comfortable grip, the quality of images and retention remained at a high level.

Sony Ericsson K800

Sony Ericsson K800, like the K790, was the manufacturer’s flagship in the field of camera phones. I had a k790i model with amazing photos on a 3.2 megapixel camera. This model also has a 0.3 megapixel front camera for video calls and selfies. The phone began to take on the features of a modern phone by equipping cameras. The downside was the additional M2 installable memory, which was expensive at the time.

Nokia 1100

The mobile phone that I currently use. Purchased back in 2005. The model was equipped with a monochrome screen with a greenish backlight, including the keyboard. The phone received a variety of body colors a little later, when it became known all over the world. Nokia 1100 is the most recognizable and best-selling phone model, and to this day it has not been possible to overtake in sales. The first phone model to have a built-in LED flashlight.

I hope my nostalgia post showed that feature phones are still in use and can be used. Especially legendary and indestructible phones of famous brands.

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