The South Korean series The Squid Game, which was recently introduced by Netflix, has become a real sensation. Views are in the tens of millions. Even those who have not yet seen the film have at least heard about it. In this connection, goods related to this “game” have become very popular: overseer costumes, participant costumes, masks, business cards, backpacks, stationery, clothes, key rings, smartphone cases, bracelets, mugs, and more. In general, I offer a selection of what is being sold these days on Aliexpress based on the sensational series.

Suit and plastic mask included


As the numbers show, this costume is very popular. Ordered to try on. The seller offers overalls in sizes from S to 3XL, the size chart is attached in the description. The kit also includes a mask made of plastic, as well as an elastic strap. The seller promises delivery in mid-December.

Body shirts with various thematic prints


If you or those to whom you are going to present such a gift are ready to discuss the film for the hundredth time, then put on a body shirt with a print of your favorite series. For sure, someone will focus on the print on your body shirt. 11 colors, including white, size range up to 160 cm, the size chart is on the seller’s page.

T-shirts with different prints


If you are not scared yet, I will continue to fill my collection. The range of T-shirts in the style of «Playing Squid» is huge. Figure logos, «456» by the number of people who agreed to the game, the image of the main character, «people in masks», pictograms describing all the trials that the heroes had to endure, etc. Prints are applied on black and white T-shirts, size range from XS up to XXL.

Keychain with carabiner and silicone strap


Keyrings are perhaps the most harmless and inexpensive souvenir for a fan of the series. Hand sized figurine. On the ring, in addition to the figure, there is a carbine and a large silicone strap. The seller offers 3 options: a figurine of an employer, a guard or a worker.

Antistress for any fear


Do you collect a collection of anti-stress? And you definitely don’t have one. A novelty of pimples for those who are not creepy. As you can see, the seller offers a variety of options in shape and color: these can be classic square bags or even handbags with the logo of the series. The most dimensional antistress with a size of 25 * 16 cm.

Smartphone case


Statistics say that on average a person takes a smartphone as many as 100 times a day. This only means that if you decide to see one of the main characters of the series or you just like this set of triangle, circle and square figures, now recognizable all over the world, then the best option for you is to admire this horror, each time raising your smartphone. Added covers for various iphone models to the selection.

Hat knitted with print


How do you like the offer — right «on the forehead»? If you want to impress and show that you are a fan of the series or you are a fighter for your rights, then a knitted hat with the emblem of the «games» will come in handy, plus everything — winter is just around the corner. The seller on my link offers a hat in black, unisex, in one size: 21 * 20 cm, cuff height 8 cm, the fabric stretches. But the prints are very different.

Backpack with a combination lock and a pencil case included. Various prints


The range of accessories on request: «playing squid» is great. Here are the backpacks. This is not just a fabric backpack with one pocket. This is an interesting multifunctional urban-type backpack, in a solid case, with many pockets, and most importantly, with a thoughtful design for storing and recharging your devices and gadgets on the go. Plus, the main compartment is protected by a combination lock. Please note that the kit comes with a pencil case with the same print as you choose.

Heat sensitive chameleon mug


If you want to present an original gift, then a chameleon mug is a good option that will delight when it turns from an ordinary black mug into a vivid reminder of the “squid game”. Fill it with boiling water, a bright pattern will appear on the walls. Large selection of colors with images of your favorite characters and on different color backgrounds. The mug is large — 400 ml, the most it is for the office.

Handle with firuk-pendant


And finally, a souvenir for yourself or someone who begins to collect figures from the «squid game». This is an inexpensive purchase in the form of a pen with a pendant in the form of a figurine with a symbol designation — a guard, an observer or a worker. The man is small, about 3 cm.

I hope my selection surprised you — how soon thematic goods become bestsellers on the success of a thriller. However, if you didn’t find what you planned, don’t be discouraged, Aliexpress has everything on this topic, don’t be too lazy to search.


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