Tired of a slow smart TV or an old TV without modern features? Today we will consider the TOP 5 Android TV boxes, which in my opinion are the best in their price category. We choose cheap options for serene viewing of IPTV and youtube or serious models for playing games and watching heavy torrent files in 4K Dolby Vision. The choice, as always, is yours!

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Buy Nvidia Shield Pro Junior

The leader of today’s rating Nvidia Shield TV Pro will satisfy the most demanding user. The presented TV box is rightfully considered the leader among smart set-top boxes. The TV box has been certified by Google and Netflix, allowing you to watch streaming services in 4K resolution. If the native resolution of the movie is lower, then the set-top box algorithms will automatically improve the image quality. There is support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and DTS X. The TV box allows you to fully spend time playing games with cool graphics through the Geforce Now service.

Android tv box UgoosAM6B plus

Buy Ugoos AM6

TV box Ugoos AM6b plus is considered to be the best Android TV box from China! One of the most productive processors is installed here. It allows you to comfortably watch Dolby Vision torrents online in high definition. You can play tanks with a good frame rate and with all this, the set-top box does not reduce power due to processor heating. For a stable Internet speed, a gigabit lan port and a dual-band module with WIFI6 support are used. A huge number of firmware settings won the hearts of the buyers of this TV box. Some feel sorry for the money and buy other set-top boxes to which you can copy the Ugoos firmware. What is this if not recognition? I advise you to read the review.

Best tv box under 100$

Smart TV box X88 King

We are moving in the direction of reducing the budget and the logical third place for the X88 King. Who will suit? Anyone who wants to watch heavy torrent files in 4K resolution under 100GB and play games like tanks with high fps, but is not ready to spend money on Ugoos Am6 or Beelink GT King Pro. What do they have in common with our hero? Powerful Amlogic S922X Processor! Of the minuses of the android tv box X88 King, I will note the disgusting native firmware, so it will be necessary to flash it on a custom one, and you can even choose from several! Plus, for cooling under the bottom, install a fan like in a PC, but you won’t hear from normal noise. I consider it the best TV box under $100, even with shortcomings that are easily fixed. If you are interested, I can review all the firmware for X88 King, because I use it at home.

Popular Android TV box TOX1

Buy android tv box TOX1

In the category up to $45, I consider TOX1 to be the best option. Suitable for those who like to get stuck in the evening in a TV series or look through IPTV channels. Iron is not the most productive, but it works without brakes and copes with its tasks. The most interesting thing is a huge number of settings in the firmware. If you wish, you can flash firmware on Android TV, which is more tailored for watching movies: you can display the viewing history and new series on the main screen.

To the grandmother’s village Tanix TX9s

Buy tv box Tanix TX9s

For the elderly or for just watching IPTV channels, I advise you to take the classic Tanix TX9s. He does his job very well. Yes, wi-fi is only old 2.4 Hz and 2 GB of RAM, but this is enough for watching TV through the roof. The firmware has been honed over the years, so you don’t have to worry about stability. The best adequate option under $30

In my opinion, the above list will satisfy any user who does not need an HDD in a TV box. The list could be increased to 10 models, but in my opinion the 5 presented in their price categories are the best options. Now I have Ugoos AM7 on hand and it is very raw and definitely not the top for my money. Therefore, before choosing a new Android TV box from a previously well-known manufacturer, it is not always worth trusting authority.

Disagree with my top? Share your options in the comments. More selections and reviews of Android tv boxes can be found in my profile and in my telegram channel s3mkiwhere I share great products, Aliexpress coupons and impressions of new things.

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