Sometimes a compact ratchet and ratchet tool comes in handy, especially in hard-to-reach places and difficult mounting/dismantling situations. A simple screwdriver with the ability to activate the rotary (ratchet) mechanism and select the direction of rotation greatly facilitates the work of assembling, for example, drawers and furniture shelves. A short ratchet will be convenient for complex car repairs. Combination tools such as HEX 1/4″ shank ratchets or swivel open-end wrenches can do things that normal tools can’t.

Mini ratchets with square and HEX 1/4 inch

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One of the most popular tools is short ratchets for working in hard-to-reach places and in complex structures. Fits in the palm of your hand, allows you to install sockets under the square 1/4″, as well as equipment (bits) with a shank HEX 1/4″ (depending on the type). It is very convenient to have a similar one at hand, along with a set of bits / heads.

Micro ratchet ratchet

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A pair of unusual ratchets that fit in the palm of your hand. Such a tool allows you to install both bits (with a HEX 1/4 ″ shank and socket heads and will help you install / fix / unscrew hard-to-reach fasteners in places where there is simply no place for the usual ring wrenches or standard ratchets. Such a ratchet does not provide a forceful breakdown of fasteners or tightening with large moments, but in the «struggle» with small fasteners, it is simply irreplaceable.

Ratchet screwdrivers

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Another extremely useful tool option is ratchet screwdrivers. Allows the installation of bits with HEX 1/4″ shank, including various extensions and holders. On the links, a short version (fits in the palm of your hand) and a screwdriver version with a swivel joint, which makes it possible to get to the most complex fasteners.

Combination ratchet wrenches

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Ratchet combination wrenches are exactly the option I mentioned in my socket set review. And when the kit contains all the necessary sizes of keys, as well as a set of socket heads — and nothing is impossible when servicing a car and urgent repairs. Open-end wrenches with a hinged head will be convenient for forceful dismantling in confined spaces, combined wrenches with a split mechanism will help with the dismantling and installation of pipes, including brake pipes. These are quality CrV key sets in a soft carrying case. I recommend — analogues offline are many times more expensive.

Ever since I bought these combination tools, I stopped using the regular tool. A small ratchet and ratchet screwdriver with a set of commonly used bits and sockets is always in the small bag, and combination ratchet and swivel head wrenches are always with you in the car. It is these tools that allow you to perform complex work in a limited space. This is a great option as a gift, especially if you don’t know what to choose, and the cost of such a tool is more than symbolic. Save this collection for yourself, recommend to your friends! You can find other tests and reviews of smart gadgets and technology, as well as selections at the links below and in my profile.


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