Today in the selection I have collected the best (in my opinion) options
boots, which can only be purchased on the open spaces of Aliexpress. depending
depending on the climatic features of your region, they are suitable for winter or spring / autumn.

When ordering shoes from Aliexpress, you need to consider that it
comes without the possibility of fitting — so carefully measure the size of your
stop (live, not on the insole!), use the size matching table (available in the description of each model) and avoid narrowed options. And be sure to read the reviews!

By following these simple guidelines, you will not only be able to
save money on shoes, but also be satisfied with the purchased shoes.

Also, most options can be ordered not only from
China, but also from the Russian Federation, which will significantly reduce the delivery time.

RAX boots for men and women

These are stylish and high-quality boots from the Xiaomi sub-brand with a size range of 39-47.

The link leads to the official store, where there are models of different colors, both insulated with plush inside and without it. The number of orders is impressive, the rating is excellent.

The upper of the shoe is made of suede with water protection. Sole — rubber, embossed, specially shaped to reduce the load and absorb shocks and support the foot.

These are great boots for both the city and for hiking or hiking for men and women.
To find other shoes from this manufacturer, click on the name of the store (Rax Official Store) above and choose the model you like.

BONA leather boots

Another option with almost 5 thousand orders and excellent reviews, moreover, more affordable.

The size range here is 41-46, the color options are black, navy blue and brown, all with plush inside. If you are looking for a demi-season model without insulation, go to the store itself and choose the one you need.

The shoes are massive, with a leather waterproof top and a pronounced embossed sole. It is comfortable, does not slip and does not get wet in the slush.

Before buying, click on «coupons from the seller» for an additional discount.

Boots with fur EOGC

Here the size range is from 36 to 48, there are female and male options.

By the way, this seller also has high boots in a similar style.

The top of the shoe is made of polyurethane with protection against water penetration, inside it is insulated with soft and pleasant plush for the foot.

The outsole is rubber with a good grip. The peculiarity of the boots is in an unusual Velcro fastener. Here you don’t have to spend time lacing and watching how the boots do not come undone.

Inexpensive interesting shoes for winter or cold spring/autumn.

Autumn-winter boots HIKEUP

Although this model is warm, there is no plush inside, so in winter it is better to wear shoes with warm socks.

Size range 41-45, color palette — black, brown and gray.

The upper of the shoe is made of leather with breathable inserts, in front there is a rubberized toe to protect the fingers, there is a pronounced relief of the sole. There is water protection.

These boots are suitable both for the city and will become excellent assistants in field conditions.

You can always take a small discount coupon from the seller, and the prices are quite affordable.

Leather boots HUMTTO

The shoes of this manufacturer resemble the previous version in style, but are more interesting and a little more expensive in cost.

There are many decent models in the store, and mostly they are hiking shoes. There are both fully waterproof trekking ones and those that will be comfortable in the city.

According to the link — an option with a size range of 39-46, these are boots both with lacing and with a modern system of quick fixation with a «lock».

There are also low models with insulation inside.

The upper of the shoe is made of genuine leather with water protection, there is a pronounced relief of the sole and a rubberized toe.

High leather boots for men DEKABR

The size range is 38-48, 9 insulated options are offered from black to khaki.

The seller indicates that the upper of the shoe is made of genuine leather (although the price, of course, is rather low for leather). The embossed sole will not allow you to slide on the ice in winter, and the soft plush will warm your feet.

A good budget option for a city with a huge number of orders and an excellent rating.

HAJINK simple budget boots

A chic option for its price — about 1000 rubles.

These are comfortable to wear, light and warm boots with a wide range of sizes — 35-48.

Suitable for both men and women.

Upper material — flock, with insulation inside and rubber sole.

Stucco driving boots

Original stylish shoes with a suede upper and an almost flat sole.

You can’t run through the slush in this one, your feet will immediately get wet, so they are more for driving or walking in “ennobled” places.

Size range — 38-46, colors — gray, black and light khaki.

There are models with and without insulation, the same cost.

High waterproof boots MIXIDELAI

At the link you will find both boots with classic lacing and ankle boots with an elastic band.

Available sizes — 36-46, colors — black, light brown, gray.

The top of the shoe is a split leather, inside there is a heater — plush (not on all models), the sole is rubber with a pronounced relief.

A good option for those who are looking for warm high boots — there are thousands of purchases and the maximum rating.

Don’t forget to take the discount coupon.

Tulldent safety boots

Size options — 36-46, at the link there are several models that differ in color and style.

Inside the sneakers there is a steel knob and a protective tab in the sole, which helps to avoid injuries. This is true when working with the risk of puncturing shoes or falling on the toe of a heavy object.

The upper is made of polyurethane, the lining is made of textile, and the sole is rubber.

Despite the presence of metal elements, the shoes are quite normal in weight.

I hope the selection has become useful and it was easy to find the right options.

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