Hi all. Today we will look at very unusual, I would even say piece goods that can be purchased on AliExpress. Just recently, I talked about excavators, and now we will analyze the possibility of purchasing a tractor from the well-known AliExpress marketplace. So, we are looking at 10 diesel tractors from AliExpress for suburban construction and business. Go.

Tractor OKEAH 90 HP


One of the most popular tractors on AliExpress opens the selection, which has 90 horsepower and all-wheel drive. The machine is suitable for full-fledged construction work. This tractor can be additionally equipped with a plow, as well as a front or rear bucket for leveling and excavating the site. There is a full pressurized cabin that allows you to work in any weather. The cabin, including the doors, is completely transparent, which provides excellent visibility during work. The curb weight of the machine is 3 tons.

Tractor SYNBON 40HP


Agricultural tractor 40 horsepower. Despite the lack of a cab, the tractor is suitable for construction work. The machine can be retrofitted with a bucket with an arrow, a plow and other additional equipment, which is purchased separately. The weight of the tractor is 1.5 tons, so it can be used as a grader for leveling the area and removing the top of the soil. The car runs on diesel fuel.

Tractor OKEAH 50 HP


Next is another interesting but more affordable cab tractor that has 50 horsepower. The machine is equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine LD4L100 and all-wheel drive. There’s also power steering, pressurized cab and LED headlights. Both front and rear, additional equipment can be connected to the tractor, which may include a bucket, plow, cultivator, snow plow and many others. Equipment weight of the machine starts from 1.6 tons.

Tractor AOS404 35 HP


Very interesting agricultural tractor, made in a modern design. The machine is equipped with a four-stroke LD4L22 engine with 35 horsepower, has all-wheel drive and a two-way hydraulic system, which allows you to connect moving elements both front and rear. Additional options include the presence of a full-fledged cabin and a hydraulic steering wheel. Tractor weight starts from 1.4 tons.

Tractor OKEAH 80 HP


A more powerful intermediate solution for construction and summer cottages. The 80 horsepower tractor is essentially an analogue of the first presented, but has a slightly less efficient diesel engine. In the basic version, the tractor is presented without a roof, but if necessary, you can install a full-fledged closed cab. The machine has the ability to connect a bucket and other working elements both in front and behind. The weight of the tractor is 2.4 tons.

Tractor SYNBON 25HP


Tractor for 25 horsepower with one of the most unusual bodies. The machine has an elongated front part, in which the power unit is located. The tractor has four-wheel drive and the possibility of mounting additional equipment in front and behind. There is no roof, so you will have to work only in good weather or do it yourself. The weight of the machine is 1.4 tons.

Tractor OKEAH 12HP


And this is perhaps one of the smallest and cheapest tractors that can be ordered on AliExpress. The machine, due to its small dimensions, is perfect for working on an already formed site. The tractor is equipped with a 12 horsepower engine. All working tools can be installed at the rear. So, for example, a tractor is equipped with a plow, bucket or cultivator. The tractor is equipped with power steering and LED optics. The device weighs approximately 610 kilograms.

Tractor OKEAH 15 HP


Another small tractor with 15 horsepower. Despite its small size, the tractor has the ability to additionally connect a plow or cultivator. However, the installation of there is no equipment on the front of the machine. The mini-tractor looks more like a garden lawn mower, but it has full-fledged optics and even power steering. Curb weight — 800 kilograms.

Tractor OKEAH 200 HP


Perhaps the most complete tractor for 200 horsepower completes the selection. The body of the power machine is made in a more modern European style. Naturally, there is the possibility of connecting a bucket and other tools both in front and behind. The cab with all-round visibility allows you to easily work with all additional equipment. The cab has heating, hydraulic booster, full-fledged optics and rear running lights. The total weight of the tractor is just under 2.9 tons.

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