The first Craob X laptop was born without any connectors for connecting various devices and even a power supply. The thickness of the case is about 7 mm, so the placement of the connectors would be quite problematic.

The Craob X concept laptop is based on the Intel Core i7-1280P processor, which is directly related to Alder Lake introduced earlier this year. The laptop is equipped with a 13.3-inch 4K frameless screen. The camera is accordingly built-in, but judging by the pictures it has a worse quality than the MacBook Pro.

Information about the amount of installed memory is revealed from the equipment. So the laptop received a productive RAM up to 32 GB of the LPDDR5 standard and up to 2 TB of internal PCIe Gen4 memory, which eliminates the need for additional external media. Data transfer can be carried out on the sixth generation Wi-Fi wireless interface.

To charge the built-in battery and connect external devices (memory cards, input devices), an external hub with a magnetic mount must be used. This device is installed on the outside of the lid or placed next to the laptop.


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