I recently reviewed the Amazfit Bip U smartwatch, which features a bright 1.43” TFT display, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3, SpO2 monitoring, and an updated BioTracker™ 2 PPG sensor. And it seems that everything that is needed is present, but the lack of GPS monitoring sometimes baffled. At this point, the Bip U Pro version enters the market with GPS, Alexa voice assistant and geomagnetic sensor. Since I have already done a full review on Bip U, in the Pro version we will focus more on innovations.
So, the factory packaging of the two versions is not much different from each other.

The package is also standard.

The appearance has not changed significantly, except for the appearance of a microphone for using a voice assistant. Otherwise, it has a standard form factor and a bright 1.43” TFT display with a resolution of 320*302 pixels. If you look at the front of the watch, you can clearly see the presence of a black frame around the display and the manufacturer’s logo.

The screen itself is moderately bright, there is no light sensor, so the adjustment is only in manual mode (4 gradations are available). The autonomy of Amazfit Bip U Pro is approximately at the same level as the basic version of Bip U, namely 8-9% per day (heart rate monitoring is enabled every 10 minutes, continuous sleep monitoring, breathing tracking during sleep).

There are about 80 variations of interchangeable skins, so finding the optimal skin is not difficult.

The reverse side of the U Pro case has the same microphone hole and this is the only difference in the case between the regular version and the Pro. This microphone is required to call the Alexa voice assistant, which is not yet available in our region. But to check the performance, you can change the language of the phone and the language of the watch to English, as well as link an Amazon account in the Zepp menu. After all the manipulations, you can swipe to the right on the main watch screen and proceed to voice commands.

I never found a complete list of commands, but the voice assistant works, although I have to complete requests in English.

As for the BioTracker ™ 2 PPG sensor, I have already chewed it several times in reviews on Amazfit Bip U and in the entire Amazfit GTS line (1, 2, 2 mini, 2e). In short, steps, daytime and nighttime sleep, pulse — measure correctly. There are no problems with counting, as in the first line. The level of oxygen in the blood ± seems to be true.

Measurement just in case (left Bip U Pro, right YUWELL YX102):

  • oxygen saturation level — 95 and 97%.
  • pulse 70 — 70 beats / min.

Well, in conclusion, the work of GPS navigation in different sports modes. I tried using the full-time walking mode to understand the autonomy and after 8 hours the remaining charge is 62%. So a full charge of the watch battery will easily last for 20 hours of continuous operation.
What was a little frustrating was the inability to obtain data on the height and level of oxygen in the blood in automatic mode. It is clear that a barometer is needed to determine the height, but you can also take data from the positioning system. Or SpO2, why do I need it in my watch if I can’t understand the current state of the body during any activity?!

Otherwise, the Amazfit Bip U Pro smart watch is an improved version of the standard AMAZFIT Bip U watch. GPS performance has been proven and works generally tolerably, while in the building, the signal of course walks, but after finding the satellites, it tries to restore the path traveled (not always correct, but you can see that tries). Support for the Alexa voice assistant seems to be there, but it is not officially supported in our region, which means that you should not expect convenient operation. Otherwise, a decent watch with many activities, correct heart rate measurement, sleep monitoring and other goodies.

When using the TMALL100 coupon and the promo code from the product page, you can get a decent discount. The promotion is valid until 05/01/2021.

Also pay attention to the guide for the entire line of Amazfit GTS smartwatches (1st and 2nd generation) if you need more stylish and productive devices.


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