Many more than once
may have heard that Apple plans to release a new product —
branded mixed reality helmet in the spring of 2023. Quite
it is possible that the helmet will not be released on time.

says Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is having problems with
some helmet programs. Due to the problems that have arisen, it is possible that the output
novelties can be transferred to the second half of the coming year.

Mixed Reality from Apple will run on xrOS (eXtended
reality). The device will be able to support not only virtual reality (VR),
but also augmented (AR). Based on the rumors that are circulating online,
it can be assumed that the helmet will have a Sony Micro-OLED screen, a large
the number of sensors and support for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade branded services. Price
for a helmet can be 2000-3000 US dollars.


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