the owner of the smart watch Apple Watch Series 7 told reporters about the explosion
gadget after overheating.

He said that while using the watch, the gadget began to get very hot.
Later it turned out that the back cover of the device had burst, and a notification appeared
that the device needs to be turned off. According to the owner of the gadget, after
of what happened, he decided to report the problem to the technical support of the company, but he was constantly redirected to different
specialists. Later, Apple nevertheless registered a user complaint and
gave only one recommendation — do not touch the device until it is contacted

day the watch started to overheat again, and due to the high temperature inside
device screen began to crack and collapse. The owner of the device decided
take a picture of his watch, but as soon as he took it in his hands it exploded. Man
fortunately did not receive any injuries, only the sofa was damaged by the explosion (and
hours, of course). The owner of the watch nevertheless decided to go to the hospital to
exclude lead poisoning, which he feared.

After all
of what happened, the man again turned to technical support — he was informed that his
priority issue. But, nevertheless, after that he received from the company
a non-disclosure document with a request to sign it. Outraged by this situation
the owner of the exploded Apple Watch Series 7 decided to appeal to journalists
9to5Mac and openly share what happened.


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