Troubles with cleaning the cat litter in the apartment are familiar to all owners of fluffy pets. Japanese company Popur has taken on this challenge by developing a smart, self-cleaning litter box. The Popur X5 model itself filters the filler and informs the owner on the mobile application about the fullness of the waste container.

The X5 automated toilet measures 59x54x46 cm, weighs 14 kg and is designed for cats up to 60 cm long. All parts are made of environmentally friendly and easy to clean materials. Various fill types are supported.

The power of the device is 24 W, there is a small dot screen, a WiFi module and a USB port.

Two versions of the tray are available with different containers for storing waste: with cardboard or polyethylene.

Video presentation of the model Popur X5:

The price of the device for pets is already known: the regular version starts at $279, and the Pro version with a sealed container starts at $329. Shipping to customers will begin this fall.


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