Today, the market is filled with smartwatches from trusted brands that have become reliable companions of people in modern life. But they cost a lot of money. I, as the owner of Amazfit GTR in the past and now Honor Watch GS Pro, got the opportunity to test a watch model from the famous Chinese brand Blitzwolf. And he was very surprised. For their more than budget cost, they can compete well with big-name brands. Of course, it is worthwhile to understand that for such a low cost, certain nuances await us, which we will need to come to terms with. I will describe all the nuances in detail below.

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12 main features of BW-AT2:

1. 1.3 inch touch screen + convenient button operation + sports wear-resistant body

2. Detachable strap, fits any strap with a size of 22mm

3. APP QR code on the watch, easy to download the APP without opening the instruction

4. 400mAh battery capacity

5. Custom watch faces

6. 7/24 heart rate tracking

7. Measurement of blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation

8. Real time weather

9. Convenient music control

10. Built-in game for children «Young bird»

11. GPS tracking with a smartphone (the watch itself does not have location sensors)

12. Movie Mode

Packaging and equipment

The watch comes in a dense box of white and green colors in the spirit of the design of the company Blitzwolf
The box immediately indicates the color of the watch and a QR code for visiting the manufacturer’s website
Specifications are listed on the back of the box.
Instructions and warranty included
As well as the original charging cable with magnets for fixing


Initially, protective films were glued on the display and on the back of the watch to preserve the appearance.

The watch has a recognizable case of older comrades and a silicone strap
The strap is durable with a good selection for any size of hand
The bezel is metal, with stripes and an arrow applied for no reason, as well as the signatures of the Down and Open buttons that are completely unnecessary here
The strap has 2 fixing rings, which is convenient
Control given to the touch screen and two plastic buttons
Nothing interesting on the back of the case

The strap included is 22 mm, with the possibility of replacement for absolutely any. It is strong and comfortable, has a metal buckle. Watch studs have a lever for quick replacement. On the reverse side there is a heart rate sensor, the model and assembly are painted

The green color is pleasant moderately saturated, true khaki. Looks great in the open sun

There are no assembly requirements. The watch evokes the feeling of a quality thing, the case is plastic with a metal bezel, everything is held on by torx screws. They look decent, sit tight on the hand, do not hang out, and do not cause discomfort.

How do they look on the hand

My hands are medium in size, but the watch does not look gigantic, it fits and looks good. At the same time, they are light, you almost do not feel them.


The watch has 4 standard dials

And also one dial is downloaded from the application, and there are about 200 of them

Swipe down from top to bottom to display the quick settings menu, where we can activate the CINEMA mode (dimmed brightness), adjust the brightness (5 steps), disable or enable vibration, see the weather in real time and go to settings

By clicking on the weather, we go to the weather screen, you can watch the weather online and a brief forecast for the week

When you click on the settings, we get into the list of all the features of the watch, there are standard stopwatches, countdowns, alarm clocks, plus there is a curious item — a pre-installed game for children.

If you need to keep a child occupied, you can let him control a bird that flies over obstacles.

The watch can remotely control the camera and player of the smartphone. Song titles are not transmitted in player mode

In terms of activity and health monitoring, the watch can offer continuous heart rate tracking.

Measurement of blood oxygen saturation, and the breath-hold test displays a percentage change, and, therefore, the watch actually measures this

Additionally, they are able to depict the possibility of measuring pressure. Of course, this function did not stand next to medical devices, and you should not trust it. The measurement is not correct. Translation clumsy

The watch also displays the quality of your sleep. It is worth noting that watching TV before going to bed also counts as sleep. So tracking is conditional.

It is also possible to track your activity step by step.

In the settings there is an opportunity to call a QR code to download the application

Translation of some paragraphs is frankly bad. And the fonts themselves are quite poor.

There is a sport mode with 8 activities

This mode uses the GPS of the phone, the watch cannot build any tracks.

The clock behaves predictably. No job requirements. The touch display works clearly, pressing everything you need, the vibration is quite felt, I did not miss a single call and the alarm clock wakes me up every day.

Of course, with an incoming call, the watch notifies you of the caller

With an incoming notification, you can read its text on the watch display

The display turned out to be quite decent, it can be seen in the sun, it is bright and the viewing angles are at the level.

I decided to check the declared capacity. The watch consumes 5V 0.09A when charging, charging takes 1.5-2 hours, during this time 396 mAh is poured

It is also worth clarifying that the watch can set 3 alarms, there is no smart alarm clock, from the watch itself you can only turn alarms on and off, the time is set through the application.

Step and heart rate tracking is on par with Amazfit, no complaints. Sausages will be able to measure the pulse)

Vibration is not configurable, you can’t put your own buzzer

The watch is good, tested by the pool and shower, they are not afraid of water. And also it is not a pity to use them in various active activities.

I did not notice disconnections, but there is no signal about the loss of communication either. The fact is that I don’t miss notifications. They work stably. Batteries last for 1.5 weeks with constant heart rate monitoring. Without it, about 2.5 weeks.

The Blitzwolf BW-AT2 works with a smartphone using the Dafit application, the application is raw, but it performs its functions.

I have owned the watch for about a month now and I want to say that, not taking into account the crooked translation, clumsy fonts and the lack of GPS, they can become quite a competitor to eminent amazfits and honors. This is a great opportunity to save money and not overpay for the brand. Yes, the development of the software and the quality of health and activity tracking may be lower, but they work at a very decent level.

In the video review, you can see the watch in more detail, from the brightness of the display to incoming calls, as well as animation and functionality.


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