Bluetooth headset New Bee LC B41: 3 weeks without recharging


Hello dear friends, and today our review will be devoted to a gadget that is not quite smart, but nevertheless very useful. Useful, and even I will say a necessary gadget if you drive — namely, a wireless Bluetooth headset from New Bee called B41. This is a Russian-language version of the headset, which means that we will not only hear but also understand all the prompts.


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Packaging and equipment


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Headset sensitivity: 120±3dB

Speaker impedance: 32 ohm

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth profiles: A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4, DI v1.3

Music/talk time: up to 24 hours

Standby time: 60 days.

Charging time: 3 hours

Battery: 250 mAh.

Working distance: up to 10 m (in open area)

Additionally: CVC 6.0 noise reduction, support for working with two devices (multipoint).

Headset weight: 15g

It is delivered in a small cardboard box with a schematic image of the goods and inscriptions already in Russian. A trifle, but nice. The back shows the model and color of the headset, the seller has black, white and gold.

Inside there is a small case for storing and carrying the headset, instructions and earplugs for sleeping or relaxing.

The instruction is multilingual, Russian is present.

Earplugs are packed in a cellophane bag with a gift inscription. A gift and a gift, it will be necessary for the sake of interest to somehow use them.

The case itself is small in size, namely 85 * 34 mm. On the top there is the logo of the manufacturer New Bee, the back is smooth. For ease of carrying and / or storage, a small fabric loop and a small metal carabiner attached to it are located on the side. Lightning is almost hidden.

We open our cover and see two compartments for the headset and its components. Let’s take a look at what we have in a fairly large set.

We have three earpieces. The main headband is black with a rather soft silicone earhook. The lower part, with a plastic ear-mount, rotates 360 degrees.

The other two earhooks are plastic and not as soft as the main earhook. Moreover, one of them also rotates the headset mount.

Also included are 3 interchangeable silicone ear pads, the fourth is already on the headset.

Thanks to the additional earpiece included in the kit, the headset can become almost full-fledged headphones, but keep in mind that only in MONO format, listening to music will not be comfortable, but hearing an interlocutor in a noisy workshop, or listening to an audiobook in the subway is just right. An additional earpiece is connected to the microUSB connector to recharge our headset — turning it into mono-headphones.

To recharge the built-in 250 mAh battery, the kit includes a small USB cord — microUSB.


The headset is made in black, glossy finish. Collects fingers, but not critical. The entire side face is essentially a single control button, and the manufacturer’s logo is also applied to it, a plastic edging painted to look like metal is right there. The button is pressed quite softly and with a barely audible click.

On the top of the headset volume rocker.

On the bottom is a physical on/off switch. And I’ll tell you this is a very big plus for the ease of use of the headset. Since basically you need to press / hold down the button and it is not visually visible whether the headset is on or not. Here everything is immediately visible and understandable.

On the front is the main microphone, and on the back is a microUSB connector for charging or connecting a second earphone.

Under the ear pad there is a small metal mesh, under which there is a rather loud speaker.

Also in the front is an LED indicating operation and pairing. At the time of charging, it lights up red — if there is still a charge (this procedure took me about 3 hours, as the manufacturer claims), after a full charge it lights up blue. If the headset is not paired, it will flash in different colors until it is paired with the phone. After pairing, the LED does not manifest itself in any way.

Functionality and features

Let’s start by pairing the device, it automatically goes into pairing mode if you forgot to turn on Bluetooth on my phone, or this is the first time you start the device. If this does not happen, hold the main button for more than 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing. Go to phone settings, turn on Bluetooth and search for devices. After a few minutes, the device will be found and paired, which is notified to us by a female voice in the headset — “Pairing” and “the phone is connected. Turning on and off sounds like “On” and “Off”, respectively.

Displayed in smartphone as LC-B41, SBC codec. The status of the headset charge is transmitted to the phone.

In general, due to the fact that this is the Russian version, the headset additionally voices all actions, the headset is turned on or off, and when a call comes in, it says “You are being called”. The number or name of the caller from the phone book, unfortunately, does not pronounce. If a notification comes in the application, then the sound of the application is played, which is also a plus. After turning off the headset and turning it on again, pairing with the phone occurs automatically, in about 5-6 seconds, as a female voice cheerfully informs us from the headset speaker.

With an incoming call, a short press on the main button — accept the call, long hold to reject the call.

In standby mode, double-clicking calls the last dialed number, and holding the button calls the smartphone’s voice assistant.

In music playback mode, single press the main button pause / play. Switching tracks occurs after a long press on the + or — volume buttons.

If there is a need to reset the headset to factory settings, put the headset into pairing mode and then hold down the two volume buttons for 2-3 seconds.

If after turning on the headset there was no pairing with a phone or PC, then after 5 minutes the headset will automatically turn off.

Conversation and autonomy

There is no second microphone for noise reduction, the noise from the street is heard by your interlocutor. But I will say for a month of using the headset, my interlocutor had a problem with audibility only once, namely, when a wild wind blew right in my face, and, accordingly, into the microphone of the headset. The rest of the time, there were no complaints from the interlocutors, but I can be heard well and efficiently, as well as quite loudly.

But I will make a separate emphasis on autonomy, I did not part with this headset for 3 weeks, making more than 1 hour — one and a half calls a day, and only in the middle of the fourth week I heard in my ear that it needed a charge. And it turned off 3 hours after the first warning.

The first two days were a little unusual, but thanks to the soft temple and very gentle ear cushion, I did not experience any discomfort. And after a couple of days, you don’t notice it at all behind your ear.

For simultaneous operation of two devices, you must first connect the headset to phone 1, after a successful connection, turn off Bluetooth on it. If the connection is made for the first time, then put the headset into pairing mode and pair it with the phone m phone. In this case, if a sound is played or a conversation is made on phone 1, and a new call comes to phone 2, then we hear a sound notification about this, and with the accept / reject button we can switch to a new call from phone 2. In this case, the call on the first phone will be dropped , so do not forget to say goodbye to the interlocutor =_).

It connects both to a smartphone and without problems to Windows with a Bluetooth module, and no additional drivers are needed, just turn on the pairing mode and find our headset. And thanks to the ability to work with two Bluetooth devices, you can hold a conference in Windows, and at the same time switch to telephone conversations from your smartphone. In addition, it controls the Windows player, and even YouTube music, you can pause / play, which I was a little surprised.

A sample of sound from a phone on the street, a sound from a phone in a car, and a sound sample from a laptop in an office — HERE

Video review


Headset New Bee LC-B41 – AliExpress

Headset New Bee M50 – AliExpress


I will say this, for the money, an excellent headset option for daily work. The main pluses are the super-autonomy of work from a single charge. I’ll also take it as a plus, it’s a very comfortable and soft fit on my ear, it doesn’t cause any discomfort for me during the day. Quite normal sound quality and voice transmission, and voice prompts in Russian are also a plus. I also liked the physical on / off button, you don’t have to press the main control button for 10 seconds to turn it on or just check if the headset is paired now. The ability to work with two devices is and works, but I do not use it. The only disadvantages I can attribute is that when you connect a second earphone, the stereo sound does not become, but with an eye to the budget price of the headset, I did not expect this, as well as the lack of a second speaker for noise reduction. Well, do not forget to include a fairly good spare set as a plus, starting from ear pads and ending with additional temples.


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