Hello everyone, it’s Medgadgets again, and we’re ready to tell you about another interesting high-tech gadget designed to keep track of your own health.

This time we will talk about the actual thing called DrinkMate, a breathalyzer that can be connected to a smartphone. Full-fledged shipments of the device began only at the end of 2015, although the Kickstarter campaign ended almost in August-September. He arrived already with an updated application, Russified, a serial box, and not the one that «shone» on the teasers, but in a complete set: with a «pouch» for carrying. We looked at how it all looks and how it works.

To begin with, traditionally about the kit. The gadget comes in an oblong plastic box, inside of which is the breathalyzer and accessories.

The device itself is a small, almost weightless cylinder, not exceeding 5 cm in length, and much smaller than a beer cap in diameter.

The device does not have its own built-in battery, which, on the one hand, is good, there was only one more device that needed to be charged. But at the same time, it is also obvious that DrinkMate will not work offline even without a smartphone.

How it works

DrinkMate belongs to the group of semiconductor-type breathalyzers, the sensor of which reacts to changes in conductivity under the influence of ethanol vapor. Such breathalyzers are criticized by many, despite a significant number of professional breathalyzers of this type, for example, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian: Hunter, Alkotest, Alkont:

However, their appearance, in my opinion, is another «plus» in favor of choosing DrinkMate as a working tool.

Such breathalyzers are criticized for a number of reasons, and many people question the accuracy of the device’s semiconductors, including «promising» errors in a sober person when he drinks kefir, smokes, «throws» cherry juice or kvass. And as a person who has not been drinking for a couple of years, I decided to test the DrinkMate in these conditions.

We must pay tribute that in each of the cases I received “by zeros”, despite the fact that even a similar semiconductor Chinese version — Hohoney “hedged” and counted me a couple of “BACs”.

By default, DrinkMate also considers “BAC”, however, units of measurement, as well as country and language, can be changed in the application settings. At the same time, if this is not done immediately, but in the process, then all measurements saved in the history will be automatically recalculated to the required value in the future.

Applications for IOS and Android are informative and serve as assistants. For example, they help with a short guide to action, practically eliminating your mistake. As soon as you start the software, you need to wait a few seconds for the sensor to warm up. It is also impossible to make several measurements at once in a row: it is necessary to allow the gadget to ventilate.

An error can “jump out” with incorrect breathing, uneven, short exhalation, or if the distance is too close. In the hint picture, the distance is clearly closer than recommended by the text — approx. 3 see:

If you “play” not by the rules, then you can get completely cosmic numbers, which, in terms of “ours”, is about 2 ppm …

If everything is done correctly, then the results are very similar and close to believable. I asked my wife to drink a small bottle of beer, and then take a measurement, which resulted in about 0.140 ppm, and this already seems to be true.

Automatically, as already mentioned, DrinkMate is set to «BAC», or «blood alcohol concentration», which corresponds to: 0.1% BAC = 1 ppm, For example, 80 mg% = 0.08% BAC = 0.80 ppm.

As a result, it is worth noting some of the advantages of this device:

  • The gadget is miniature, and this makes it convenient in terms of transportation: it fits perfectly in your pocket and is removed from there if necessary. In contrast to most, even the already mentioned models, DrinkMate is an almost weightless cylindrical “chip”.
  • The absence of a display and other pointers to the measuring device does not in any way give out a breathalyzer in it, which allows it to be used delicately and does not characterize a person in any way.
  • The absence of a battery eliminates the error due to a low battery.

The cost of DrinkMate at the time of publication is $330. In general, a good gift for February 23rd. Probably

Please note that they are connected to the DrinkMate smartphone using USB or Apple Lightening, and these are two different breathalyzers, which must be taken into account! One batch is for IOS, the other is for Android smartphones!

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health! Take care of yourself!


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