Bright, stylish, youthful! Review of inexpensive smart watches Kumi M1

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Today I have a review of inexpensive smart watches Kumi M1. Those who are tired or do not like monochromatic colors can take a look at this model, which received a standard set of functions, good interface optimization, the ability to talk on the phone through its own speaker and microphone, as well as bright, stylish and not boring colors.


  • Brand/Model: KUMI M1
  • Screen size: touch 1.28″ 240*240 px
  • BT version: 5.0
  • Battery: 320 mAh
  • Battery life: 7-10 days
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Application: DaFit
  • Main functions: pedometer, sleep, blood oxygen, pulse, pressure, automatic heart rate monitoring
  • Sports modes: walking, running, cycling, jump rope, badminton, basketball, football, swimming
  • Dimensions with strap: 262*49*15mm, strap width 22mm
  • Protection: IP67

I note right away that the watch is designed for a youth audience looking at the world with optimism or people who want to add color to everyday life.

The commercial design of the packaging quite pretends to be a gift look. A bright dust jacket informs that the watch strap can be ordered either white and blue or white and red, or rather bright red. This color of the gadget is clearly not suitable for a suit in the office, but it will distinguish the owner from everyday life. Characteristics in text and graphic versions are indicated at the bottom of the cover and cardboard box.

In our case, the strap is white and blue (or cornflower blue). In addition to the watch, a charging cable with a magnetic block and documentation, there was a bag of silica gel inside to eliminate moisture.

The watch is large, but now many people like it — fashion is fashion. In addition to the colors, the soft strap 22 mm wide is decorated with inscriptions. The openings for the fastener tongue are covered with thin membranes. To fasten the strap, you need to pierce the membrane, which, after unfastening, takes its original place and the holes are not visible again. The total length of the strap with the watch is 262 mm and the watch will easily sit on a large hand.

Not devoid of decor and the bezel of the watch. On the corresponding side there is a groove highlighted in color, in our case in white and blue. Minute markers are applied along the edge of the screen, and in the case of an arrow dial, they add convenience.

The side of the watch also looks unusual. Firstly, the case height is 15 mm, which is not small. Secondly, a carbon texture is applied to the case. And thirdly, the eyelets of the watch case are embossed and with the same carbon in the recesses. All watch controls are tied to the touch screen and the only massive button on the right. Microphone openings are located on the sides of it. Yes, this watch allows you to talk on the phone via bluetooth from a distance of 30-50 cm. The quality is quite acceptable.

The speaker is located on the left side of the body and allows not only to hear the caller, but also listen to music from the phone. The quality, of course, is not Hi-End +, approximately like on the phone itself.

Everything is simple from below — sensors and contacts for charging.

Charging the subject lasts a couple of hours and from time to time is accompanied by the inclusion of a screen with a message about the process.

The clock with a quiet zoom is turned on and the user is greeted with the first of four dials sewn into memory. You can select by long holding and scrolling the screen. There is no need to get upset — the application has a large number of watch faces for every taste.

The design and architecture of the watch interface has recently become a kind of standard in a series of inexpensive models. Here, the developers tried to optimize the location of the options and it seems that the format turned out to be successful, having migrated to different hours from different brands.

With a swipe from the top, we pull out the quick settings menu. There are five icons here and the first, with the image of glasses, turns on the cinema mode by significantly reducing the screen brightness and turning off the vibration. The desired brightness is adjusted by touching the next icon. There are only five levels. Also, with the icon with a shaking phone, we turn off the vibration manually.

By tapping on the weather icon (it works after linking the watch to the phone with the DaFit application installed), we will find out the weather for the current day, and by tapping again, the forecast for several days ahead.

The gear icon opens the settings screens and many features. There are four screens in total and on the first one you can set three alarms or start a countdown timer up to two hours.

On the next screen, there is again the opportunity to change the brightness, but the graphics are different here. You can enable or disable the option to talk on the phone after hours, i.e. The microphone and speaker of the watch will not be activated when you are talking on the phone. And here the inclusion of the screen by a wave of the hand is activated.

The next screen is self-explanatory.

The translation of individual menu items is slightly crooked, here the developers are in no hurry to make changes. So on the last screen of quick settings, the “On” item shows the model, firmware version and Mac address of the watch.

A swipe from the bottom of the watch face opens messages and notifications from applications coming to the phone. The watch memory can store five messages with a maximum length of 137 characters. Moreover, the letters s, b, d, e, x, which are difficult for some hours, are displayed correctly here.

The right swipe on the dial opens monitors, sports functions, call control functions, camera and player. Here we can agree with the logic. These functions are collected for convenience in one place.

There are no complaints about the pedometer — it counts, like everyone else, plus or minus a couple of steps. Monitors for pulse, pressure, oxygen content in the blood at the table measure all this, or rather give readings that are very similar to the average ones from previously conducted ones. The watch is inexpensive and here they did not bother with it. At the table, etc. It makes no sense to take measurements, and with other watches, reviews of which can be found in my profile, the readings agree with a slight difference.

Sports modes follow. There are eight of them here. Few, but the main ones are there. The pulse is calculated, the calories burned when choosing a bike, skipping rope and swimming. In other modes, the number of steps is also added.

You can answer, end or reject calls for hours just like a regular headset. But you can also make calls from them. Moreover, several numbers can be stored in their memory or dial a number on the virtual keyboard.

Next is the screen for measuring blood pressure, oxygen content in the blood. Trigger by touching numeric values.

Next is the weather screen and camera and player controls.

It remains to swipe to the left of the dial. Here, in the form of icons, all the functions of the clock are collected. We pull a little to the side, up, down and small side icons increase, occupying central positions. This began to occur not so long ago, and at first it is unusual, but after a couple of days you get used to it and do not experience any inconvenience.

Personally, I like this interface organization. There is no random arrangement of functions, mass repetition in unexpected places. Everything is logical and optimally convenient.

Together with the phone, the watch works through the DaFit application. It is not the most mega informative, but stable, without lags, crashes, has been used by watch manufacturers for a long time and everywhere.

Since the watch is essentially also a headset, the application will first offer to connect the watch via bluetooth, like regular headphones, speakers, etc. This must be done, otherwise there will be no talk in hours.

Next, after finding and linking the watch, the initial settings screen opens. Here you can also change the default screens or select additional ones.

You can select applications from which notifications will be sent to the watch. The choice is small, but there is. The “More” item is worth paying attention to — reminders are collected here, constant heart rate monitoring is turned on, a delay in turning off the screen from 5 to 20 seconds, etc., including purely feminine functions that are activated if the owner of the watch is female and in the “My profile” tab » floor respectively.

And the tab that the user accesses the most is the three-screen monitors tab.

Each screen can be expanded, you can see statistics for previous days, and you can also start measurements directly from the phone screen. This application provides such an opportunity. Without problems, the application also builds a training route.

The autonomy of the watch directly depends on the frequency of using its functions. If you often order the construction of a training route, set the screen off to 20 seconds, turn on constant heart rate monitoring, talk on the phone, then a maximum of a couple of days. If you use all this from time to time, then five days will last. If you use it only as a watch and turn off the screen on with a wave of your hand, you can charge it once every nine days. But here the energy consumption was reduced to a minimum. It takes a couple of hours to charge.

The last point is IP67 protection. I can’t say how much 67 here, but you can wash your hands and take a shower. The speaker coughs, the water dries up and you can talk, listen to music — the clock is functioning.

Bottom line — for an inexpensive smart watch is very good. You can blame, for example, for the inability to automatically determine the types of training, but this is already in more expensive models. Here we have a simple, stable, optimized platform and software. A bright screen is installed here, it is possible to talk on the phone through the watch, the watch is not afraid of water and dust. The M1 model works with the DaFit application directly from which you can start measurements, which is not implemented in all smartwatch applications. And of course, it is worth noting the design. The model is focused on the youth audience and stands out with a bright, stylish appearance.

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