A smartwatch with a screen and many features for $28 sounds intriguing, but what can you really get for that kind of money? This is what the review will be about today. A friend asked me to order the Floveme E6 watch after watching YouTube reviews. The main requirement is notifications and calls to the screen, including from social networks. The rest is just a bonus. No sooner said than done, on Ali they were the cheapest, that’s why I ordered it there. Well, as a lover of gadgets, I delayed them for a couple of days after receiving them in order to test and then write a short review.

It is difficult to name the exact technical characteristics, because they differ somewhat in the description of different sellers. But I will point out what seems to me the most reliable (I noted controversial points with questions):

  • Display: diagonal 1.54″, resolution 240×240, IPS(?)
  • CPU: MTK6260A
  • Memory: 128Mb+64Mb, expandable with micro SD cards up to 32GB
  • networks: supports work with Micro SIM card in GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 networks
  • Bluetooth: Yes, version 3.0
  • Camera: 0.3 MP (?)
  • Battery: 300 mAh

There is no information on the box itself, only the image of the watch and the inscription Smart Wath. Before us is a typical noname manufacturer. On the front there is a note that we have a black version, you can also find silver ones on sale.

The kit included stupid instructions, a micro usb cable for charging and a watch. On the side of the box there is a sticker with the name of the model — Floveme E6

The look of the watch is attractive. The case is made of high-quality plastic, the screen is emphasized by a metallized overlay. They look cool and modern, and partly this is the merit of Apple Wath, the design from which was copied by the manufacturers of this watch.

There is also no information about the manufacturer and model on the cover, the general inscriptions are “Smart Watch” and “Portable Multimedia Box”. The last inscription is a little strange, in the style of Abibas and Nokla, but still you can’t see it

The back cover is removed and provides access to the slots and the battery. Micro SD memory card and SIM card slot. Outwardly, everything is neat, there is a sticker with the date of manufacture — in my case, January of this year. Fresh

Small removable lithium battery with a capacity of 300 mAh.

They look great on the hand, not too thick or bulky. The microphone is located on the left side, there is also a miro usb connector for charging.

Silicone strap. Sooooo soft and flexible, fastened on my thin arm at the penultimate hole. Those who have very thin hands may need to make an additional hole. For people with large hands, there will be no problems.

On the right side is the only physical button and camera.

There is no need to build illusions about the camera, the pictures taken with it look terrible even on the watch screen. In reality, there is not even 0.3 megapixels and the pictures come out with a resolution of 240×240. Here is an example:

Who did not understand — in the picture is a houseplant

The screen is square, with a resolution of 240×240. The brightness is high, you can see everything in the sun.

The screen is clearly not IPS. Regular TN matrix — when the vertical angle is changed, the image is illuminated (starting from about 40 degrees), there is no distortion horizontally or diagonally.

Management between screens is carried out using a swipe, the action is touch. There are two options for graphic design, I liked it in the form of colored tiles, and I’ll show it.

Let’s go through the menu:

1 screen

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Phone book
  • Call log
  • View notifications and messages from your smartphone
  • Smartphone camera remote control

2 screen

  • File manager
  • Gallery
  • settings
  • calendar
  • alarm clock (6 pieces)
  • calculator

3 screen

  • voice recorder
  • bluetooth connection settings
  • sim card menu
  • facebook
  • twitter

4 screen

  • photo shooting
  • player
  • Time Zones
  • sound mode settings
  • pedometer
  • sleep monitoring

5 screen

  • low activity reminder
  • Qr code to install BTNotification app
  • browser
  • menu style setting
  • camcorder

The watch can be used with or without a SIM card — paired with your smartphone using a bluetooth connection. First of all, I checked the option with a card — everything is like in a regular phone: you can make and receive calls, messages. You just need to talk «in hours.» It looks very strange and the only scenario I can imagine is in a car when my hands are full. The speaker volume is sufficient, the microphone is sensitive.

Some applications only work when a SIM card is installed, such as a browser. First you need to install this application, it is downloaded using GPRS and then you can already use it.

The browser is some kind of Chinese and of course terribly uncomfortable. It is difficult to imagine why it is needed at all on such a tiny screen. But a good half of such functions are just for the quantity and apparent sophistication of the device. In fact, I see only five or six useful pieces. The most important one is various notifications on the screen, and a card is not needed for its operation, so I removed the SIM card and connected the watch to my smartphone via bluetooth. To do this, you need to additionally install the application on your smartphone — BTNotification. This can be done by scanning the code or downloading it from the play store. After that, the clock works in tandem with the smartphone, redirecting notifications to it. This feature works great. All notifications work, Russian letters are displayed.

This also applies to calls — when incoming, they come to the clock. If desired, you can talk through the clock or switch to a smartphone. You can choose a melody, vibro or simultaneous mode. The vibration is very strong, you will definitely not miss the event. I liked the alarm clock with the help of vibration — it will wake you up only without raising the whole house to your ears.

Some may also find fitness features such as a pedometer, low activity reminder, and sleep monitoring useful. You need to start them manually, but the application can run in the background. The pedometer is useful and accurate, but sleep monitoring is complete nonsense. No graphs, no descriptions — just the inscription good in the morning, if you didn’t run crosses for half the night These functions are clearly secondary here.

Well, what kind of clock — without a clock. There are 5 watch faces available, 3 of which are quite decent. You can’t upload new ones, at least I didn’t find how to do it. Here are all the dials.

The clock works with intensive use for only 2 days, at least that’s how much I planted them. I may have tested them too hard and in normal use they will last longer, but I don’t think more than 3 days. When using a SIM card, the charge drains faster than via bluetooth.

That’s basically all that I managed to find out about Floveme E6 in a few days of testing. As for me, the correctly working function of notifications on the screen and calls already justifies the money spent on the watch, the rest is just a bonus. Most of all, the small autonomy was frustrating, but in such watches this is a ubiquitous phenomenon — the screen consumes a lot of energy.

In addition, I suggest watching the video version of the review

The cheapest price was on Ali — find out the current price

At the time of purchase, the cost was $28.49. Do not forget about EPN cashback, with the highest percentage — this will additionally help you return 10.5% of the funds spent on any purchase.


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