Multitool — mechanical set
common household tools, which is distinguished by its compactness and
small cost. Of course, he is unlikely to be able to compare with full-fledged
toolkits, but will become a non-alternative solution in cases where
when it is not possible to take a whole arsenal with you: tourism, outdoor recreation,
bike rides and more. The compactness of such assistants allows
always keep them handy. In this article, we have selected 10 models for you.
multitools that differ in their functions, size and cost,
however, in all cases, they have excellent value for money.

10. Ledong

Budget multitool consisting of 10 separate tools. The model is designed primarily for cyclists and has in its set 2 types of screwdrivers, hexagons and a squeeze for the chain — in general, everything that is needed for repairing a bicycle in the field. The multitool itself is quite compact, and its weight does not exceed 200 g. The stainless steel at the base of the tools has the necessary strength and perfectly withstands all loads, however, with prolonged use, individual elements begin to play, which is quickly corrected by self-tightening the bolts.

9. TWS

A compact multitool designed for everyday tasks. There is a knife, and an opener, and a grinding surface, and even pliers — a total of 13 tools. Each individual element is also made of 420 stainless steel, which is considered the “golden” mean, as it does not break under heavy loads, but does not bend at the slightest impact. Knives do not need to be sharpened for a long time. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the convenient portable case that comes with the kit.

8.Personal Cares

One of the few budget models with an interesting thematic design in the form of a bicycle star / snowflake. A set of tools is also designed for lovers of cycling. There are 2 types of screwdrivers, several of the most common sizes of hexagons, as well as a bottle opener — except that there is no squeeze, but for such a cost it is not critical. Of the advantages, the absence of moving elements can be noted, which, on the one hand, makes the tool less compact, and on the other hand, eliminates the possibility of backlash or any breakdowns. Available in 3 interesting colors: black, silver, and multicolor gradient.

7. Swiss+Tech

Multitool from a higher price segment with advanced functionality. On the product page, we can choose a compact knife with several additional tools, or a full-fledged multi-tool in the form of pliers, which includes 16 more practical stainless steel elements. The handles here come with the addition of lead elements, which is considered not very safe, but this does not affect the effectiveness. The model is completely universal, so it is perfect for both home and outdoor recreation or other activities.


One of the few full-size multi-tools with acceptable quality for this price. The seller indicates that the tool is more suitable for fishermen, but its arsenal speaks of its versatility: there are as many as 13 auxiliary tools, as well as 11 more bits in the form of screwdrivers and polyhedrons. The advantage is a stylish design with comfortable handles. The quality of the material is acceptable, although the multitool can hardly endure heavy loads, so it is recommended to use it with care.


One of the most popular models on Aliexpress in its category. The Universal Assistant consists of 14 auxiliary tools. The same 420th steel is used as the main material. Of the advantages here is the choice of colors and sizes of the multitool. The package also includes a tactical case for easy carrying, which does not allow water to pass through, which means it is suitable for use in the field. One of the best options if you do not want to spend money, but want to get a versatile and more or less high-quality device.


A multitool with an extremely interesting idea — the model is made in the form of a men’s accessory (bracelet), each link of which contains 1 or 2 tools. The bracelet can be easily removed and does not cause discomfort when worn. In total, the stylish multitool has 29 tools, and each link can be removed and replaced with another (you can order individual links on the same Aliexpress). Due to its originality and quality, the multitool can easily be a good solution for a gift to a loved one.


Representative of a more premium segment. The model cannot be distinguished by a wider set of tools (although there are 18 of them here) or an interesting bundle — it’s just a reliable and high-quality multi-tool that will last many times longer with constant use. The tools do not play, and pulling them up is not difficult. The steel is also strong enough, so the knife and other cutting elements do not need constant sharpening.

2. Ganzo

Also not the cheapest multitool in our selection, but the price is fully consistent with the quality, because here, taking into account the additional bits in the kit, there are as many as 26 tools for a variety of tasks. In addition to a comfortable handle, high-quality material and excellent assembly (which is rare even for this price range), the tool comes in the original packaging with a carrying case, as well as instructions. The only serious disadvantage is the delivery: it is carried out only from China and in most cases it takes a long time, however, if you need the tool not quite urgently, then it makes sense to wait.

1. Flagship

The leader of our selection was this multitool from the Chinese company NexTool. With its relatively low cost, the model differs from other premium solutions only in a reduced number of tools, or rather, the absence of bits in the form of screwdrivers and polyhedrons. Otherwise, the quality of materials and assembly, functionality, resistance to stress, as well as tactile sensations from work remain at the highest level. Many other models after unpacking may require additional lubrication, tuning and other improvements. Here, the multitool is in full readiness immediately after receipt. Delivery, by the way, can be carried out from a Russian warehouse, so you won’t have to wait long.

In some cases, a multitool can become an indispensable and very effective assistant, replacing dozens of bulky tools. I tried to pick up the most different, but high-quality models so that you can find something that fits your parameters.

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