For the last six months, my wife’s laptop has been in a state of agony. After the number «it turned off again!» passed the threshold of importunity that was comfortable for me, I decided to try my luck with the purchase of a textlist that was then on presale. Below is my review of a Chinese laptop with aliexpress.

I must say right away that I have never reviewed such devices, so I urge the sophisticated reader to treat the text as a detailed review.

Frankly, I have never considered all sorts of “chuvi-teklast-Ainols” there as a working device. But I had a certain amount of dollars accumulated on the balance of the stick, the girbest gave a symbolic discount, and I decided to try my luck, since the device specification and reviews of the previous model promised sane quality and sufficient performance for simple needs.


  • Microsoft Windows 10 OS
  • Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad Core 1.1GHz, up to 2.2GHz
  • Ultra-low-voltage platform and quad-core processing provide maximum high-efficiency power
  • Intel UHD Graphics 500 GPU
  • 13.3 inch FHD IPS Screen with 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 6GB DDR3 RAM for Advanced Multitasking
  • 128GB SSD Storage Capacity
  • Front Camera for Photos and Face-to-face Chat
    2.0MP front camera allows you to capture memorable moments or chat with friends
  • HDMI Output

Packaging and appearance

The packaging is extremely reliable, the photo speaks for itself. there was not the slightest damage, and I think that there is no chance of getting them.

The box from the netbook is a thick-walled fairly good shell.

Inside the Teclast F6 itself, under it is a compartment for the power supply and a small set of waste paper. In addition to the box, Teclast F6 is also wrapped in a film, the keys are covered with a rag, and a protective transport film is pasted on the screen.

Frankly speaking, at this stage I didn’t feel any budget or lack of branding there.

Charging with a thin pin, gives out 12v 2A, so technically, with an adapter, I believe that it is possible to power it from the machine network.

The device is really thin, 32x22x1.4cm, actually slightly larger than an A4 sheet. The case is aluminum, with a chamfer neatly removed to the “mirror”. Creaks, backlashes, visible/audible/perceivable jambs of manufacturing are not detected at this stage. Teclast F6 looks good. It’s clear that there are no design frills at all, well, it would be quite easy to screw up.

I note a pleasant trifle: the top and bottom covers are taken away with a transparent protective film.

Now let’s take a closer look. Of the connectors, there are a pair of USB 3.0 spaced on opposite sides, next to one of them there is also microHDMI, well, there is also a connector for micro SD. Immediately USB ports are closed with plugs. Unfortunately, they were not attached to the hull and were quickly lost. But if these connectors are always open on laptops, then there is nothing to regret.

What I didn’t like is that the charging and AUX connectors lie at a distance of a centimeter from each other. I don’t want to shove one into the other by mistake…

Despite its compact size, the keyboard is quite comfortable. I used a 14` laptop for 3-4 years, so I was generally comfortable. The wife, whom I deliberately limited in the choice of laptop and confronted the fact that from 15.6 she changes to a much more compact device, was, as expected, unhappy. But since she is constantly unhappy, this did not upset me at all.

Oh, yes, the clave is only in Latin, I decided it for 120r by buying a sticker in the CSN.

Nevertheless, I will note an obvious cant — DEL is located right next to the off / on button. I think that even a person calmly typing blindly and accustomed to his clave (well, that’s how I’m typing this text now) will have to deal with wrong clicks. Well, in principle, if you just look where you click, it will solve the problem.

Otherwise, everything is fine, the buttons are of a fairly comfortable size, the move is again comfortable and deep.

The touchpad is large and sensitive, for this month I did not reveal any jambs.

1080 screen with a good IPS matrix, in this regard, no complaints at all. For this size — more than sufficient resolution. Well, the color reproduction is good, now I am writing a review on a laptop with a Chinese matrix replaced with an unnamed one, the difference is clear and not in my favor.

Well, the last thing before performance tests is the bottom of the laptop. At the same time, I removed the lower part. I’m not ready to evaluate from the standpoint of maintainability, so I leave it to you. Since 6GB of memory is more than enough for me, the maximum why I can climb here is a potential change to an SSD with a more capacious one. Or maybe she won’t have to, she doesn’t need to hide the fat folder with the pron in the system files.

Teclast F6 in action

To put it bluntly, this is my first review of such a device, so for sure I will miss some necessary and important points — write in the comments.


  • Autonomy. At 50% brightness and sound, with Wi-Fi turned off, you can watch 1080 videos for about 5 and a half hours. Maybe a little more, I constantly missed this moment, in short, between 5.5 and 6 hours it is cut down. As for me — quite good.
  • Loading time. From pressing the button to the appearance of the desktop — 23-24 seconds. Yes, naked 10 is installed here. The default system language is English, but this can be switched in the settings. I think it’s worth noting that the package includes WordExcel.
  • Capacity. out of 120 GB, a little less is immediately available, but still enough for everyday purposes.

Common Tasks

Internet, movies — no problem at all. 4k videos on YouTube are played smoothly, I shot 4k on an action camera — with h264 it reproduces without twitching, which I did not expect at all. h265 is expectedly very bad, but here my far from weak laptop with the GTX850M shows no better.

Frankly, here I can only use the phrase “pleasantly surprised” worn out by many commercial reviews. It is, in fact, what it is. I expected that everything would be fine with surfing / YouTube, but I didn’t even imagine normal playback of 4k video.

But applications take longer to install than we would like. But, in general, quite bright.

I downloaded a utility similar to the old Windows system «computer performance». drove it away and saw this.


As a test, I decided to use the only game that I occasionally play — WoT.
There are no miracles — it is impossible to play comfortably above the minimum settings. But! at the minimum, somewhere around 40-45fps is, which was enough for me. I did not write a video with the built-in WoT tool, because I was not sure that this would not cause a performance drawdown, I shot it on camera. As such, there was no game, I just rode back and forth, twisted the sight so that you could evaluate the possibility of playing on this laptop.


The signal catches better than my current laptop, some kind of HP-Envy i7 (I don’t remember exactly, but it’s good). Through 2 brick walls, somewhere about 10 meters from the router, it shows 2 sticks, you can watch YouTube without problems, which is not possible with my laptop.

General impressions

This laptop from aliexpress fully copes with everything for which it was bought. The browser works smartly, without glitches. Pulls YouTube and individual video files up to 4k inclusive. I didn’t see any overheating. It is clear that it would be unreasonable and hemorrhoids to mount video on it or perform some resource-intensive tasks. Well, the class and size of this device still implies frankly domestic purposes, with which it copes with a bang.

If you lock it up, you can cut yourself into tanks at minimum wages.

There is enough autonomy, the screen is good.

Of the functional disadvantages — the neighborhood delete next to the shutdown button. I did not find anything more uncomfortable or buggy.

Well, one cannot discount some lottery in the reliability of such devices. I have read stories about the sudden death syndrome of all sorts of Chinese underbooks and tablets from b-class manufacturers. Teclast as a manufacturer, judging by the comments I have met, is not bad and I will hope that a month of trouble-free use of this laptop will be the first of a series.

  • You can buy this laptop from the review on aliexpress here
  • there is also a good range of laptops on banggood

Actually, I don’t know what else to add. I did not lose with the purchase, which I am glad about. If one of the readers is looking for an inexpensive compact netbook for everyday tasks, then this one may well be suitable. As well as some other, but it’s about Teclast


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