Robots are becoming more and more dense in our reality every year. They can be entrusted with cleaning the house, and now the entertainment sector. An American robot development startup presented its Loona digital pet project at the crowdfunding platform.

Robot developer (Jianbo Yang) says the digital toy can become a family member. Loona resembles a playful puppy in both appearance and behavior. The robot welcomes the owner, plays, shows curiosity about new things, knows how to dance and pose for photos.

A large number of sensors are built into the robot, they provide more than 700 behaviors:

  • Four microphones

  • 3D-ToF camera with floor plan

  • Voice recognition module

  • Human face and hand recognition module

  • Fall prevention sensor

Six brushless motors are used to move the pet, and three powerful processors are used to process all external data. The built-in battery is charged through the C-type connector.

Loona has a mobile application to control, configure and monitor the house using the camera.

The cost of the Loona robot, for those who supported the project, will be $359. The price varies from the delivery set, it may include additional «smart» toys for the pet. Shipments to customers will begin next spring.


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