A new series of tablets was announced by DIGMA, it was called Pro. The new tablet computers are head and shoulders above the company’s previous offerings. have a more technologically advanced screen, a more productive processor and a modern RAM / ROM of 8 and 256 GB, respectively.

The 10.4″ display with a resolution of 2000 * 1200 pixels is made using IPS technology, thanks to which it has excellent viewing angles and image saturation. The large, picture-perfect screen is great for watching videos, not least thanks to the four stereo speakers that deliver loud and immersive sound. In addition to video, the tablet is also suitable for games.

The smoothness of the gaming process is provided by an eight-core processor with a frequency of up to 2 GHz, combined with 8 gigabytes of RAM. This combination will allow you to easily launch and work in resource-intensive programs, such as photo and video editors. You can store your works of art on the built-in memory of 256 GB, or on a microSD memory card, for which there is a special slot that supports up to 128 GB.

For photo and video shooting, the cameras are 13 MP rear and 5 PM front. Wireless communications are represented by Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5 modules. Power is provided by a 6000 mAh battery, which is charged via USB Type-C, which is beloved by many.

Tablet under $300


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