I present to your attention a children’s drawing tablet in a rainbow color, and not only drawing, but can also be used as a large notebook.

Through the use of technology, this tablet can replace paper. And at the time of drawing, you can use not only the stylus, which is included in the kit, but even with your fingers. Erasing is carried out electrically, namely with a CR2032 battery, which is included in the kit. In general, an excellent solution, since it is just a tablet (board) with the only function — to draw and write.

Product link: https://www.jd.ru/600489611.html

Now there is a promotion for this tablet and it will last until March 7, Moscow time. When ordering from $ 20, you get a $ 8 discount, so the price becomes quite adequate, and in addition to the tablet, they also give free Huawei Honor Monster headphones for $ 29.99 to the first 1000 lucky ones

Delivery from Russia, so the parcel arrives instantly. The package was average, it didn’t seem to be wrinkled, but it wouldn’t hurt to pack it better.

reverse side with specifications. Perhaps someday they will be in English.
Inside we are waiting for a plastic box with a tablet, a stylus and an elastic band for attaching the stylus. Well, a small instruction and a warranty card.
Juicy carrot color.

The dimensions really resemble plywood: 25×17 cm, thickness 0.6 cm.
From the control 1 button and the slider to block this button.

As mentioned above, erasing occurs magically from the battery. Battery included.

The stylus is thin, perfect for both adult and children’s hands. At the end, like a marker, there is a tip, the same plastic.
Let’s start drawing. Simple figures can be drawn with children’s fingers. One thing is bad, drawings cannot be saved. The drawings are rosy.
Tried to fill all the space. An indisputable plus can also be considered that there are simply no viewing angles. The image is visible from any angle.
Erase an unsuccessfully drawn line from the screen will not work. The entire screen is erased.
Disassembly. Yes, we got to it. I have already seen several reviews on this tablet, but everyone is afraid to disassemble it. There is nothing difficult. All on plastic clasps.
The screen is attached to the board under 2 pieces of foam. Apparently glued, did not break.
Payment without jambs. soldering is good.
Management is built on DC-DC XL6007E1.


+ You can grab a little cheaper during the sale until March 7 + a gift in the form of headphones

+ bright design

+ functionality

+ light and compact


— no drawings saved

— no stylus holder


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