GT3 smart watch review: a talking watch in the truest sense of the word

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Smart watches with a loud flashy name GT3 are equipped with the functionality of smart bracelets and fitness trackers, but they are capable of more. Functional watches have an elegant design, a capacious battery and touch controls with additional physical buttons, and these are not all the features that distinguish them from a wide variety of competitors.


  • Characteristics
  • Packaging and equipment
  • Appearance
  • Functionality and software
  • findings
  • Model: GT3
  • CPU: 8762C
  • Watch Diameter: 44mm
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Display: 1.28 inch full size touch screen 240*240 pixels
  • Strap: silica gel/metal
  • Battery: 250 mAh
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours
  • Standby time: 20 days
  • Charging type: magnetic
  • Waterproof class: IP67
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Application: Da Fit
  • Support: IOS 8.0 Android 4.0 and above
Packaging and equipment

The packaging is a white box made of thick cardboard with a picture of the watch itself, a mention of the main features and an indication of brief technical specifications on the reverse side. On the front part, an additional sticker indicates the color of the case, in this case it is black. It is also worth considering that inside there may be a complete set with a metal strap, like mine, and this should be chosen at the time of purchase.

You don’t have to worry about safety. The clock is additionally held in soft foam, and on the glass there is a shipping film with the image of one of the options for the desktop skin. The package includes, in addition to the watch itself, a wire with magnetic charging, instructions and metal straps. Most likely, the change in the composition from the silicone strap to the metal one is done manually before shipping.

Instruction in Chinese and English. In principle, pretty much everything is accurately and in detail indicated, including with pictures, so there should not be any difficulties. There is also a QR code for installing the software.

Cable with pad and magnetic fastening. The polarity of the magnets allows you to install in only one position. The length of the wire is slightly more than 0.5 meters, so placing the watch on charge only on a flat surface.

Metal bracelets are made of thin braided wire. Quite weighty and in the hands inspire confidence in good quality. The set includes special carabiners for installation on the watch. The material is magnetic, so it is not aluminum and its alloys. Apparently straps and bracelets are universal and interchangeable.


An ordinary classic watch in a glossy black case with a slightly prominent glass. The edge of the glass is processed and gives the impression of a solid body. Initially, a factory film imitating one of the desktop skins was applied from the factory. On the right side there are 2 physical control buttons. The buttons are very informative and work when pressed lightly, but during operation I did not notice any random ones.

Most of the control is taken over by a touch screen with excellent brightness, so even in sunny weather it does not dim, and the information displayed is clearly readable from different angles. Previously, I have not seen wonderful skins in black and white with animation in watches. They look quite specific, but attract the eyes of friends. The sensor is quite responsive and is triggered by a slight touch, while being quite accurate. Management quickly gets used, as well as remembering the location of the main functions.

Bracelets are mounted on metal carabiners and in any direction, which will be convenient for both left-handed and right-handed people. It does not take much time and replacement in the event of a breakdown is no more than 10 seconds. The bracelets are quite long, so they will fit any hand.

Sensors are located on the lower part, and during the reading of information they are highlighted in green. Next to the sensors is a contact pad with a magnetic mount. As mentioned above, installation is possible only in one position.

On the opposite side from the buttons, there are 2 holes through which the sound from the built-in speaker is heard, and the microphone itself looks through from the side of the opposite magnetic platform. The microphone is also located in the body of the watch and only a hole reveals its presence. Its location is correct and during a conversation it will be directed towards the owner of the gadget and protected from damage by bracelets.

And a small sample. There is no discomfort, the thickness of the watch is optimal and the clothes do not ride up, and in general you don’t cling to it for hours during operation.

Functionality and software

The control of the clock is quite familiar from other similar gadgets and you will have to use the touch screen to reach a certain point. The return back is carried out by the upper button, and the start of sports training is carried out by the lower one. Let’s briefly go over the controls.

A long hold on the desktop will cause a change in the preset desktop skins. There are 4 of them in total.

I especially liked the skins in black and white, reminiscent of the «ancient» Montana and the first electronic clock.

A swipe from the top launches a short settings menu where you can adjust the screen brightness, enter the full settings directly, turn on the silent mode or start the cinema mode (the screen and sound are automatically muted). Swipe up will launch a notification window in which you can not only see a summary, but also read SMS or text content in several lines.

Swipe to the right will launch the main window of installed applications. They are located in the video window with filled balls. At first, it is lost in the number of applications displayed, but over time, you quickly find the right one, because each window has an icon of the function being performed. This tile allows quick access to all the functions of the gadget.

Swipe to the left to access preset heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen monitors. In addition, there is also the quality of sleep and access to remote control of the camera and music player of the smartphone. A little further, access to phone functions opens with viewing the list of calls made or quick contacts (can be added in the application).

The watch supports the phone call function, without having its own SIM card slot, so the address book is borrowed from the smartphone. When you call, a message pops up on both the smartphone and the watch at the same time, the call can be answered or reset from the watch. During a conversation on the watch, the voice of the interlocutor is perfectly audible, but I can be heard if I hold the watch no further than half a meter from my mouth. Therefore, it turns out a kind of headset in the clock. Also, the watch can be used as a small portable speaker and listen to music directly through the built-in speaker. The volume is enough to surround yourself with a little musical accompaniment. During a call, Russian letters are displayed perfectly.

Starting workouts is possible from any window with a dedicated key. After the launch, several types of workouts are available with the ability to take a break and view the results achieved.

After installing the recommended software, for some reason I launched another consonant with it, namely FitPro. I connected the clock, checked the firmware and other necessary data, and oddly enough everything worked. Therefore, it suggests the widespread use of firmware and software from various manufacturers.

But the manufacturer recommends using DaFit, so we will use it. The connection is pretty standard and will require you to activate Bluethoot and determine your location. All these functions are necessary for the correct reading of information coming from the watch and building tracks when using sports functions. The working window is divided into 3 sub-items, which can be switched at the bottom of the window. In the first one, the achieved or measured parameters for the day are viewed. In the second, connection and direct configuration of the smart watch, and in the third, user setup and software update.

For clarity, I will show how the submenu of daily measurements will look like, which displays the steps taken per day, sleep, pulse, pressure monitoring, oxygen and the results of sports loads (including the construction of motion tracks). You can go to each of the points and examine the graphs depending on the time in detail. Distance travelled, calories burned and time elapsed. In the sleep item, the time frame for REM and deep sleep will be provided. The duration of sleep is determined with an accuracy of 10-15 minutes, tested during a short work break.

But in order for the display in the first submenu to be up-to-date and correctly filled in many graphs, you need to make the initial settings of the program and the clock itself. And the first thing to do is to enter the parameters of the person (height, weight, age and gender) who will use them. The duration of training is also set here, after overcoming which a corresponding notification appears on the watch and an update of the software installed on the smartphone.

The second submenu is perhaps the most relevant in terms of the settings made and the display of notifications on the watch. There are 4 standard skins built into the watch, but you can update them from the software and there are quite a few of them. In addition, if you do not like the proposed ones, then you can create your own unique shell with an image and output information. Editing the output of notifications is a rather relevant item, because the phone is not always at hand and running after each sound to it is not always convenient. The alarm clock can be set both from a smartphone and from the phone itself. Moreover, the alarm clock is created not only for the time and day of the week, but also for a specific date. After the selected favorite contact, they will be displayed in the watch and you will not have to go through the entire phone book to make a call. Unfortunately, according to my notes, only the English name of the subscriber is supported, with the Russian description only the phone number is displayed. In the MORE menu item, you can make a more in-depth setting indicating the location for displaying the temperature and other important settings.

Charging the battery takes only a little over 2 hours, I didn’t accurately detect it, since the charging current is quite small despite the power of the charger. Therefore, it is worth considering this if charging from mobile batteries. Not everyone supports such low currents. The autonomy of the watch is not large by the standards of the battery and when compared with famous brands, but not small either. With constant use, the battery is more than enough for a week without recharging.

Pretty relevant test with sausage. And I’ll take it too. As you can see, when setting the clock, the sensor does not detect a sausage product and does not take it for a person, therefore it offers to put it on the hand. Or maybe it’s not sausage at all?


Functional smart watch GT3 (with coupon and promo code) GT3BOBSTER will be a little cheaper) and are suitable for both a purposeful girl and a man in a business suit, but at the same time they are universal and everyone can use them. A wide variety of desktop skins will allow you to diversify the output of the information received, in addition, you can make the skin yourself. The watch plausibly takes measurements of the pedometer and heart rate, and also displays notifications coming to the connected smartphone. I liked the function of being able to talk at a distance from the smartphone, through the built-in speaker and microphone, although the use as a portable speaker is also relevant.


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