A fairly common occurrence is turning off auto-brightness by the system in order to save a percentage of the battery charge in a smartphone. This is certainly a useful feature, but it can cause other difficulties … For example, you go outside on a sunny day and do not see anything on the display. It would be necessary to add brightness manually, only you have to act “by touch”, like a blind man. In such cases, the «solar mode» in the new MIUI firmware from Xiaomi will come in handy.

This function allows you to adjust the brightness of the display even when auto brightness is disabled. In the case when the smartphone’s sensors «feel» strong sunlight, the system sets the display brightness to maximum, regardless of whether the auto-brightness mode is activated or not.

How to activate «solar mode» on Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco smartphones

To activate this mode on Xiaomi smartphones and sub-brand smartphones, you need to:

1) Go: «Settings» -> «Display» -> «Brightness level»
2) Enable the option «Day mode» or «Sunshine mode»

After enabling this setting (even if auto-brightness is disabled), the smartphone will automatically set the maximum display brightness when exposed to the sun.


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