If you have a freezer, or if you want to preserve your hunting or fishing, then a vacuum sealer is just what you need. It isolates food from bacteria, increasing shelf life. The vacuum unit does not allow the smells of stored products (tea and spices) to mix. Clothes packed in a vacuum cleaner take up dramatically less space.

Laimeng is the most popular vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress. 16,000 orders is proof that he is really good! I bought it a few months ago and now I’ll show you what it can do..

Packaging and appearance

Reliable good packaging, delivered quickly.

Together with the vacuum cleaner, I ordered another set of bags and rolls. Taking a vacuum cleaner without them is an empty business, the complete ones are enough only to understand how the vacuum cleaner works

The kit includes everything you need. The vacuum cleaner itself, the cable to it, a trial set of bags, a hose and a plug, a manual

The vacuum cleaner itself is made of plastic and metal. The design is not bad, visually and to the touch the vacuum cleaner does not give the impression of being cheap. Everything looks neatly put together. There are no visible gaps, casting and assembly defects. The plastic doesn’t stink. In general, everything is collected neatly.

All control comes down to 4 buttons. From left to right:

  1. dry-moist food. Dry and wet food.
  2. seal, sealing the package without evacuation.
  3. vac seal, sealing the package with vacuuming. the main button that you will use most often
  4. stop interrupts all ongoing operations.

Also on top there is a slot in which a handle with a blade fixed inside the vacuum cleaner goes. You use it to cut off the excess part from the package to be sealed.

Inside the vacuum cleaner there is also a small “nipple” sticking up, on which a complete flexible hose is put on. It is used either with a stopper to vacuum seal an open bottle of wine or juice. Or separately when it comes to special bags for clothes with a valve for air suction. A handy thing, by the way, you can buy it here. You will be very surprised to see how little space your jacket or pack of T-shirts can take up if you vacuum them up in a bag like this. This operation is started with a small round button vac next to the «nipple»

Immediately you see the buttons of the spring-loaded latches of the cover sticking out on the sides. For vacuuming, it is necessary that the lid fits snugly against the base. Accordingly, when you close the lid, you need to press firmly, both latches on the sides will go into the grooves and you can start working. To open, you need to press both of these buttons and the lid will open.

Vacuum in operation

The vacuum was bought for peppers and beets, but the wife decided to start with onions, too much greenery was left to throw it away. Let it be sweet young greens, but in winter there will be no difference in the soup.

We take a package, pour onions, put in a vacuum cleaner and close.

Then all you have to do is press the button VAC SEAL and that’s it, click on the gif and see.

That’s how it was

And that’s how it happened.

General impressions

The Laimeng vacuum cleaner showed its best side. It is easy to use, for several months of use there were no complaints. The vacuumer is needed to remove the air from their package and solder the last, simplest operations, which he copes with with a bang.

Summer greens from the garden are gradually processed and sent to the freezer to please the wallet and stomach in winter. The only thing worth adjusting to, with the same beetroot, the vacuum pump sucked the juice released from it with might and main. However, she did too. Bulgarian pepper, which costs insanely much in winter, we also froze.

In addition to my specific case of “vacuumer + freezer”, the vacuumer will keep food for a shorter period just in the refrigerator, the same meat, for example, which was bought more than expected, but I don’t want to freeze it.

Well, the last plus is the vacuuming of products before traveling. You can vacuum any sublimates or even just sliced ​​​​bread or sandwiches, they will be stored any longer than in a regular bag or film.

If you have an auto-refrigerator (here is an overview of one fat auto-refrigerator, with a thermal imager and spending the night in a steam room), then by loading vacuumed products into it, you can add an extra few days to the freshness of the products you take with you. Why, you can even evacuate with you on the road if you have a solar generator (see review). It is quite possible that this option will seem interesting to fishermen or hunters (or maybe not — write).

In short, Laimeng is the most popular vacuum cleaner with Aliexpress. And deservedly popular. I bought it last winter and summer-autumn, when harvesting all sorts of garden trophies, it proved to be worthy. You can, of course, find cheaper options. I decided not to give up a penny and just choose a vacuum cleaner with good reviews on aliexpress. Chose, bought, told — then decide for yourself.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy a Laimeng vacuum cleaner in the official store on Aliexpress

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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