In China
presented a new interesting device called Huawei Tag from Huawei.

Many already
by name, it became clear that the new device has become an analogue of the popular Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag. Such a device
will help the owner in finding various lost items. The novelty has
IP68 protection and NFC module, in order to quickly pair with

light and compact — its thickness is only 5.6 millimeters, and weighs
device six grams. Huawei Tag has support for search technology in
near field, the maximum signal volume should be 92 dB. Device
operates on a single battery, which, presumably, can last a whole
tracker year.

new items in China will begin very soon — July 30 this year. One tracker
can be purchased for $ 15, and a set that will include 4 of these
devices will cost $45. The leather keychain will not be included in
Huawei Tag kit, but you can buy it separately for $10.


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