I purchased the bag for a 14″ CHUWI HeroBook Pro laptop, a review of which I published a couple of days ago (who missed it, you can read it here). The bag turned out to be very cool and I liked it so much that I decided to tell you about it. Moreover, it is sold in different sizes and, in fact, you can pick it up for any laptop.

Video version of the review

The cost varies from $8.86 to $14.49 depending on the size and configuration. Explore prices

There are also quite a few colors, I chose dark gray.

There is an option just with a handle or with a shoulder strap. If you plan to travel frequently on foot, then it will be more convenient to carry a bag on your shoulder. I decided to take without a belt.

Well, here’s what I got in reality.

Handles can be hidden in pockets and then the bag takes the form of a folder. In addition to a laptop, you can also carry some papers and documents in it.

The fabric is dense and resistant to wear — oxford. It also has water repellent properties.

Compared to 14″1 inch CHUWI HeroBoor Pro.

Inside the main compartment is soft velor lining, the laptop will not be scratched.

It easily fits inside, there is still a little headroom on the sides and a pretty decent headroom on top.

There are additional pockets with Velcro and zippers.

For example, an e-book or smartphone will fit in the front pocket.

The small pocket can be used for keys or headphones.

At the top is a long but shallow zippered pocket that can be used to store a ballpoint pen.

Actually, the places where the carrying handles are hidden are also pockets, and with depth to the very base.

On the back there is another large zippered pocket.

It without problems in width includes an A4 sheet.

The quality of the fittings is normal, the zipper works softly and does not wedge.

Everything is stitched, the threads do not stick out.

The lining in the pockets is the most standard. From experience, it is she who is the weak point in Chinese backpacks and bags.

In general, the bag for the money is excellent and thoughtful, it fits perfectly for a laptop.

There are already more than 1400 orders on the product page and 96% of positive reviews. Negative feedback is mainly due to the fact that the product did not reach the buyer or an error occurred (wrong size or color). Regarding the quality of the product, there are no complaints from other buyers.

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