In this publication, you can get acquainted with the functionality and appearance of the Haylou Solar LS05 smart watch. We also look at their appearance and what happened to them in almost a year of use. In the review, you can find the answer to how much the battery sank, as well as which parts are completely worn out and require replacement. And in the end, summing up, we will try to answer the question of whether this model is relevant for purchase in 2022.

Brief specifications

  • Model: Haylou Solar LS05
  • Display type: TFT
  • Screen Diagonal: 1.27 inch
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Moisture protection class: IP68
  • Battery capacity: 340mAh
  • Watch Diameter: 45.3mm
  • Watch Thickness: 11.4mm
  • Watch weight with strap: 54 grams
  • Interface language: English

Packaging and equipment

The watch comes in a fairly presentable cardboard box. The outside of the package is well-printed, and the back side has Chinese and English concise specifications. The main packaging is made of black cardboard, inside of which there is a special insert made of foam rubber. This tab is designed to protect the watch during storage and transportation.

The package includes the watch itself, an elastic strap, a charging cable, and an instruction in English. Also, at the time of the order, the seller applied a protective glass, but it was of extremely poor quality, and I did not glue it.

In the photo you see already replaced straps. The complete ones, unfortunately, lasted a little more than six months and were visually worn out, so I had to order new ones. The straps are available in a wide range on Aliexpress, but I purchased them from a local store because the price difference was not significant. And this is exactly the only part of the watch that had to be replaced. During this time, I did nothing more with the clock. And I didn’t even buy a protective glass.

The charging cable has a length of about 50 centimeters, which is enough for comfortable charging, we should also note a high-quality USB connector and a good magnetic connector. But the wire itself is clearly cheap and, to be honest, I did not think that it would last so long. The braid is not elastic, which is why I assumed it would break quickly, but at the moment there are no problems with the cable.

Also, if you are interested, you can read the attached instructions in the photo below.


In my subjective opinion, the watch has an up-to-date appearance even after a while after the presentation. They are simple and stylish, also worth noting is the metal case in gray color. The case is quite thin and pleasant to the touch. There is nothing superfluous on the front side of the watch, only the bezel of the case and a slightly recessed display. The recesses of the display are only a few tenths of a millimeter, which is why I did not purchase a protective glass so that it would not stick out of the metal rim.

On the reverse side of the watch there is a cover made of high-quality plastic, which is fixed to the main part of the case with four screws, you can also see two contacts for magnetic charging and a heart rate sensor. Looking ahead, I will say that to save energy, the heart rate sensor only works when the watch is on the wrist. If you turn on the measurement of the pulse, and remove the watch, the sensor turns off after a few seconds.

You can also observe a slight detachment of the outer coating around the heart rate monitor. However, it does not progress and most likely formed when the watch accidentally fell into sea salt water. But perhaps this is just one of the signs of wear, at least it does not affect the functionality or feel when wearing the watch.

There is a screen lock button on one of the sides of the watch, and you can also turn off the watch by long pressing this button.

The straps, both basic and purchased by me, have a quick-release design, which is very convenient and allows you to change the color of the straps if desired.

The watch sits well on the hand, the strap does not press, and when worn in extreme heat, the hand does not fog up, provided that the strap is slightly loosened. As for me, the watch on the wrist looks much more expensive than its actual value.

Dimensions and weight

Despite the metal case, the watch has a relatively small weight, which is 36 grams without a strap, and 51 grams with a strap.

At the same time, the actual thickness of the watch is 11.2 mm, and its diameter is 45.5 mm. It should also be noted that the width between the edges of the strap fasteners is 49.4 millimeters.

Application functionality

The watch works in conjunction with a special application that can be downloaded by scanning the QR code from the instructions, there is an application for Android and iOS. Without installing the application, it is impossible to correctly synchronize the watch with a smartphone. After installing the application, you need to go through a short registration, then connect the watch to your smartphone and proceed to the settings.

Below are all the possible settings that are available from the application. Of the useful, it is worth highlighting the ability to turn on the backlight activation function when raising the wrist, as well as the ability to activate the receipt of notifications of incoming calls. It is also possible to activate the function of receiving notifications from all instant messengers or any other application of your choice. Another useful feature is the ability to turn off automatic heart rate measurement, which greatly saves battery power.

The application also has three main menus: the first is the main menu, which displays all the relevant information, in the second menu you can turn on geolocation and record your movements on foot or by bike on the map. And in the last menu, you can make changes to your profile settings in the application.

Watch functionality

The base screen of the watch displays the time, date, weather forecast pulled up from a smartphone, as well as measured parameters such as heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled.

Scrolling through the main menu of the watch, you can view your daily activity in more detail, force your heart rate, see sleep statistics, weather, and activate a function that helps restore breathing.

All of the above functions can be opened through the so-called small menu, to open this menu you need to swipe the screen up. However, other functions of the watch open from the small menu, among which it is worth highlighting the ability to select one of 12 sports modes, as well as the ability to switch the music played on the smartphone.

In the «more» section, you can turn on a stopwatch or a timer set for a specific time. Also from this subsection, you can enable the search function for a connected smartphone.

In the «Setting» subsection, you can select one of the 5 main types of screens, as well as adjust the brightness. If desired, from this subsection, you can turn off or completely reset the clock.

Also, if you swipe the main screen of the watch down, you can get into the settings menu, as well as quickly adjust the screen brightness and activate the smartphone search function.

As I said earlier, absolutely any messages and notifications from a smartphone can be displayed on the watch. When a new notification or message appears, the watch briefly vibrates and displays a message on the main screen, then the screen goes blank and the notification can be found in the «Notice» section.

When there is an incoming call to the smartphone, the watch starts to vibrate constantly, and the name of the contact or number from which the call comes in lights up on the screen. However, the clock functionality only allows you to reject the call if necessary.

Autonomy and battery

The battery of the watch was surprising, at the time of purchase, the watch on a single charge could work for about a month with the automatic heart rate measurement function turned off. If the heart rate monitor was switched to automatic mode, then the new watch could work for about 3 weeks. Now the battery has “dipped” and after a year of use, the numbers have decreased by about one week in both heart rate measurement modes. Despite the fact that the battery «dipped», I still think that this is a pretty good autonomy.

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Despite the fact that this is a rather old watch model, I still like it. I consider the model relevant for purchase even in 2022. The watch has a stylish appearance and good functionality. Also in the review I forgot to mention the case, which has good moisture protection. Another indisputable advantage of the model is its low price. Well, that’s probably all, thank you for your attention. More interesting reviews can be found in my blog site.


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