Kieslect Lady Watch L11 review: a smart fitness watch for loved ones

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The demand for women’s watches with fitness functions in society appeared a long time ago, because not every woman wants to wear a watch in a unisex design or in a purely sporty style. Well, a fitness bracelet under the dress looks completely out of place. Therefore, Kieslect decided to release an exclusively female model, which with its whole appearance shows what Lady Watch means. The model turned out to be interesting and at the same time inexpensive, because in terms of functions it is a very simple fitness watch for every day, similar to Mi Band 6 or Huawei Band 6 bracelets. To be more specific, the watch can: notifications and calls to the screen, a sleep tracker and pedometer, alarm clock, 9 sports modes, as well as measurement of pulse and blood oxygen saturation (including 24/7). And of course, a lot of beautiful watch faces, including the ability to use your photo as a background image.

Before moving on to the review itself, I want to make a remark that my wife was testing the watch and I will describe the impressions of use from her words.

To begin with, let’s figure out what kind of brand Kieslect is. It is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, along with other popular brands such as Mijia, Yunmai or Black Shark. Of course, this is not a complete list of brands that are part of the large MI team, so I’ll just leave a link to the official website where you can see the full list. I am writing this only to understand that this is not a no-name manufacturer, but a well-established brand. The second thing you need to know is that the Kieslect Lady Watch L11 watch is a global version of the Imilab W11L watch (under this name they are sold in China) and in fact they do not differ from each other. Here is a story like that of the same Xiaomi and Poco smartphones, when they come out under different brands for different markets.

Well, now that we have dealt with the formalities a little, let’s get acquainted with the device and, first of all, I suggest studying the technical characteristics:

  • Screen: IPS 1.09″ with a resolution of 240 × 240
  • Processor: Realtek 8762C
  • Heart rate sensor: VC32S
  • Battery: 180mAh
  • Protection: IP68
  • Dimensions: 46.9×40.5×11.4 mm

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We are greeted by a small cute box with a picture of a clock on the front.

On the back there is a QR code for downloading the GloryFit application, as well as the main technical characteristics.

The watch comes with a magnetic charging cable and an instruction manual in English.

The case is made of aluminum alloy and painted in pale pink, the strap has a slightly different shade and is more like a “powdery” one. Touch control, on the right side is the only physical button that is used to lock the screen and action «back».

The screen is round and protected by tempered glass with an oleophobic coating.

The physical dimensions of the screen are smaller than the watch case, so there is a significant bezel around the screen. If you choose light dials, then it will be more striking.

On the inside are magnetized contacts for recharging and an optical sensor.

For measurements, the principle of plethysmography is used, for which 2 groups of LEDs are provided that shine through the skin. The green ones are responsible for the pulse, and the red ones are responsible for measuring the oxygen saturation of the blood.

The strap is interchangeable with a width of 18 mm and is very easy to change. There were fears that due to the light color, the strap might stain or darken at the point of contact with clothing, but so far everything is in order, for 3 weeks — no changes. But sooner or later this will most likely happen, so it’s better to order a couple of spares right away, for example, here you can choose from 32 different colors.

The strap is soft and pleasant to the skin, it looks good on the hand. Classic clasp with rose gold plating.

The watch looks neat on the hand. Depending on the event, you can choose the appropriate dial. There are analog dials with an animated second hand, and informative digital ones with many options on the screen.

The minimalistic dials on a dark background look the most interesting. But in any case, this is a matter of taste and it will not be difficult to choose something interesting for yourself, because about 100 different options are available in the application.

Let’s look at the capabilities of the watch. Actually, the main screen is a watch, depending on the dial, it can display various information: steps, pulse, weather, etc. Above it is a screen with quick access to some functions. Here you can adjust the screen brightness, enable silent mode and go to settings. It also displays information about the remaining battery charge. Below the main screen are notifications that you received on your watch.

Notifications are displayed from predefined apps and can be up to 77 characters long. If the message is longer, then you can read it completely only on your smartphone. I note a very small font that cannot be enlarged.

To the right of the main screen are cards with the main functions. The first card shows daily progress: steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. Next come a heart rate monitor and an oximeter.

The readings are quite adequate, both in rest mode and in active mode during training. Through the application, you can enable round-the-clock tracking of indicators, which is useful not only for sports, but also for additional health monitoring. All collected statistics are then available in the application, in a convenient and visual form.

Next comes the activity card. In total, 9 sports programs are available: walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, jump rope, badminton, sports bike and squats. Depending on the program, different indicators can be measured, but in general it is always the heart rate, training time and the number of calories burned. If it is walking or running, then also the distance and number of steps. Information is displayed on the watch in a short form, more details will be available in the application.

Next comes a card with the readings of the last sleep, the full statistics, again, are in the application. And the last card to control the player. With the help of the clock, you can switch the track to the next or previous one, as well as pause it. This feature has proven itself when using TWS headphones when the smartphone is hidden in your pocket or in your purse.

To the left of the main screen, a menu with applications was placed, for the most part they simply duplicate the above, with the exception of a couple of sections: stopwatch and settings.

In the settings, you can adjust the brightness, turn on the loud signal on your smartphone to find it, and also reset the settings to factory settings or turn off the clock.

Let’s now take a look at the application’s features. The main screen shows the daily progress of activity (steps, distance, etc.), as well as statistics of the main indicators: pulse, blood oxygen and sleep.

All sections allow you to view statistics for a specific day, week or month. If the pulse is monitored around the clock, then you can see the cardiogram, as well as how much and in what state it was during the day. The minimum and maximum values ​​u200bu200bare indicated, and by clicking on the graph in the place of interest to you, you will find out what the pulse was at that time. The same applies to blood oxygen saturation, although here the measurement intervals are shorter. The most frequent, automatic measurement of blood oxygen saturation, takes place once every 10 minutes, but you can set it less often, for example, once every half an hour or 1 time per hour. Sleep indicators are read automatically, deep sleep and superficial sleep are recognized, as well as episodes of awakening.

In the next tab, you can see your workouts. The wife is into Pilates and fitness, so she simply turns on the Yoga program, which tracks her heart rate and counts calories burned. After training, you can look at the cardiogram. During the training itself, it will also not be superfluous to monitor the pulse in order to prevent its excessively high intensity. On the Internet, you can find information about what heart rate is better to follow for your age so that the training is as effective as possible, but it does not harm. If you like running, you can also see the track of your run on your smartphone. The data is not taken from the watch, but from the GPS module of your smartphone.

The next tab is used for settings. Here you can enable or disable 24/7 heart rate monitoring, set an interval for measuring blood oxygen saturation, set an alarm, set a scheduled do not disturb mode, and much more. Including setting up notifications from applications. By going to the appropriate item, you will see a list of applications, including Viber, Skype and WhatsApp. If the desired application is not in the list, then you can add it using Push notifications. So I added Telegram. That is, in fact, you can turn on notifications from absolutely any application that is installed on your smartphone.

Here you can change the dial. Several pieces are pre-installed in the watch (change with a long press on the main screen), the rest are available for installation from the application. The dials are universal, there are both analog and digital. There are animated ones. Many dials are purely feminine. Only about 100 pieces, there is plenty to choose from.

It is also possible to set any photo as a wallpaper and change the font color.

The last tab contains system settings and goals. I don’t want to repeat myself, because about a month ago, in the review of the Imilab W12 watch, I showed in detail all the sections and settings of the GloryFit application, if you are interested, you can see here.

Well, now I’ll tell you about my wife’s personal impressions of using the Kieslect L11 watch. In general, I liked the watch, primarily due to the design and color. In terms of functionality, there are also no special questions. Before that, she used Amazfit GTS 2 Mini with similar functionality, so there is something to compare with. There are no complaints about the overall quality of work: calls, notifications — everything comes in order. The only point is that this is not such a large coverage area. In the office where she works, the connection between the smartphone and the watch is lost already through 2 walls (a couple of cabinets), while Amazfit catches 3-4 cabinets at a distance. But within the declared 10 meters, everything is clear. In addition, if there was a disconnection, then when you enter the coverage area, the connection is restored automatically. In general, everything is fine here. As for the vibration, it is distinct and powerful, and notifications are hard to miss. There is a nuance about the alarm clock, it vibrates only 10 times, and if you do not wake up, then that’s it — there will be no re-triggering. In practice, this did not happen so that she would not wake up from 10 vibrations, but the very fact of the possibility of oversleeping is annoying. The screen is readable both indoors and outdoors. Water resistance is real, you can not remove it in the shower. As for autonomy, looking at the battery capacity of 180 mAh, we did not build any special illusions. With normal use, they last about a week. But if you turn on the constant measurement of pulse and oxygen in the blood, turn the brightness to the maximum and turn on the gesture to automatically turn on the screen, then they live exactly 4 days. But this is with just a huge number of calls and messages (work in the office). In general, I can state that the watch is worth its money and is an excellent alternative to popular fitness bracelets.

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