Kumi GW16T: an almost perfect inexpensive smart watch

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It looks like watch manufacturers have finally come to the conclusion that the interfaces of many smart watches are littered to the point of impossibility. Constant repetitions of the same menu items, some completely unnecessary options, etc. Today in the review is an inexpensive smart watch Kumi GW16T, devoid of these shortcomings. The clock works stably, the menu contains only the most necessary items, which greatly simplifies the life of users.


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  • Interface
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  • Conclusions and conclusion

Brand/Model: Kumi GW16T;
Screen: touch 1.3 inch, IPS, 240*240 px;
Control: screen + button;
Bluetooth version: 5.0;
Battery / autonomy: 220 mAh / 7 days;
Protection: IP67;
Monitoring: pedometer, pulse, pressure, oxygen, constant pulse monitoring;
Sports modes: 8;
Application: DaFit;
Other functions: notifications, alarms, weather, breathing exercises, stopwatch


The watch comes in a small, neat box with a super cover. There is not a lot of printing, but it is made by the holographic method and therefore looks interesting, quite like a gift. Details of the watch are listed on the back, and the watch is stowed in an inlay without a strap. Of course he is. So it just saves space in the box, and it becomes more compact.

Includes watch, separate strap, charging station and documentation.


The strap installs without problems and third-party tools. The watch is big enough. However, due to the lack of pretentiousness, the tendencies towards «G-shock» look simple and elegant. I would say even very close to the classics. The 22 mm wide silicone strap is equipped with two trench coats in case of a not very large hand. The maximum circumference of the wrist can reach 255 mm.

The watch case is made of metal and painted black. Moreover, the top and bottom edges are glossy, and the side surface is matte. The slanted edge glass is made in almost the same diameter as the watch case. Decorative marks are applied along the edge, which do not spoil the appearance of the watch at all. On the right, protected from accidental clicks, there is a single button. Its task is to turn on, turn off the screen and return from the menu sub-items.

It would seem that the case height of 11.2 mm is not small enough, but visually it is not. Rather large, but thin watch.

The lower glossy cover in this model is also made of metal and painted black. Sensors traditionally take center stage.

I am not a big fan of large watches, but even on my hand, the Kumi GW16T does not look like an alarm clock. Simple, stylish and modern.

The watch can be inserted into the charging station only in one position — an eye for a button is made in the grips on the right. Poor contact with the station is excluded and after an hour and a half the battery will definitely be charged.


The diameter of the watch screen is significantly smaller than the diameter of the glass, but against the background of good brightness and viewing angles, you don’t have to look closely at the dials, you can see everything without problems. There are three dials in the watch, but there are many more of them in the application and you can always find something interesting. To change the preset screen, you need to hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds, and then select the desired one with a swipe to the side.

Why did I call the watch almost perfect? Until recently, manufacturers tried to push everything possible into their interface by duplicating individual items in different places of the interface. Plus the same in the application. Yes, from the point of view of demonstrating the possibilities, this is cool and technologically advanced, but it is absolutely devoid of practical meaning. As a user, I want to get a clear, simple gadget with the necessary functionality without a bunch of options for sub-items of the same thing. And just like that, the GW16T almost completely corresponds to my idea of ​​​​a smart watch for everyday use at home and during training. As they say, nothing more.

With a swipe from above, we get access to turning on the vibration, adjusting the screen brightness and conditional settings.

Conditional because, as such, they are not here — everything is in the application. Here is a timer, or rather a stopwatch, information about the watch under the heading «Release», reset, shutdown and a QR code for downloading the application. Everything! And the watch is almost perfect due to small translation inaccuracies, but their price levels this trifle.

With a swipe on the left, we can view messages and notifications from applications. The list of them in the application is not as rich as in the KU2 Plus model, but the implementation is much better. After all, even long messages and notifications are read.

Swipe on the right directs us to the list of sports modes. There are eight of them here. These are walking, running, cycling, jump rope, badminton, basketball, football and swimming. No curling etc. – only the most popular ones, including swimming. With IP67 protection, the watch survives water treatments without negative consequences for itself.

Pedometer, pulse, pressure, oxygen content, sleep monitors are called up by swiping from bottom to top. Here is the weather with a forecast for four days, control of the player, camera and breathing exercises.

A pedometer for a hundred steps gives an error of 1-3 steps, which is completely within the accuracy of more expensive and famous models. The pulse, pressure and oxygen level at the table are measured, the engineers did not bother with this. But on the arm, these parameters are measured no worse than other gadgets, including BlitzWolf BW-AT2C and HONOR Band.

The weather widget works stably and even shows the forecast for four days. The only thing that was slightly under-rotated is the translation of the days of the week in the forecast, but this is not particularly critical.

Controlling the player does not raise questions, and the camera can be controlled both by touching and by waving your hand. It always works clearly.

And the last function in the watch, which I have not seen before in inexpensive models, is breathing exercises. It is necessary to take a deep breath and exhale measuredly for 8 seconds. Helps restore breathing and ventilate the lungs.


They did not experiment with the application and took advantage of the already proven DaFit. The application is well translated and allows you to start measurements from the phone screen. It seems to be a trifle, but some watches and bracelets that have come across recently, or rather their applications, do not offer such a function — only from a gadget on hand.

The clock is found immediately and the first thing the application offers is to go through the settings. The first thing in the list of items are dials and there are a lot of them. Choose from what is.

The next step is to set up notifications. The list is not rich, but if you include Others, then notifications come from Telegram, VKontakte, Aliexpress and other applications. Three alarm clocks can be set.

The main clock settings are collected in the More tab. It was here, having cleared the watch interface, that they brought out options that are used once and practically do not look into them anymore. It also checks for software updates and activates continuous heart rate monitoring. At the same time, there is one more widget on the main screen of the application.

On the main screen of the application, there is a pedometer, sleep monitors, heart rate, which appears in case of activation of continuous monitoring of heart rate, pressure, oxygen and building a training track.

Almost every bookmark can display indicator statistics in the form of a graph or calendar for the day, week and month.

Measurements can be launched with a button on the widget, and in this regard, DaFit is one of the most successful applications.

There are no difficulties when building a track. The route is built correctly, without walking through the buildings on the way. Well, in the last tab «My Profile» the user sets his data and goals.

Conclusions and conclusion

Summing up, I can say that this model from KUMI turned out to be successful. Considering the number of watches and bracelets I’ve had to deal with, the GW16T really deserves a high rating. Apparently, I was not alone in thinking about the excessive clogging of interfaces with a lot of unnecessary, duplicated options. KUMI paid attention to this and made the watch as comfortable as possible. The interface turned out to be logically built and simple. We also successfully chose the DaFit application. A bunch of application — the clock works stably, without lags, freezes and crashes. Restrained, as close as possible to the classic design makes the GW16T a gadget for every day. At the same time, you often don’t have to charge them — one charge with constant heart rate monitoring turned on and using other functions in the mode from time to time is enough for a week. Minor translation inaccuracies with a low price of the watch, stable operation and IP67 protection do not count.

You can find out the current price of Kumi GW16T here


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