You know, the idea to write another post has been ripening for a long time … … And it grew with each impartial attack on Linux from the main persons of the YouTube channel of the same name … But then, in one of their latest videos, they surfaced an advertising integration of Lenovo ideapad GAMING 3 Laptop. I like I took one myself a month ago.

There is no blue version in my city at all. So just black.

In the store, they offered me for 1200 eternally wooden ones to roll ANY operating system right on the spot. I don’t really like the imposition of SUCH services, which means a few mouse clicks on the next button (OS itself is not included in the price). But consultants are incredibly lucky, because the wife asked me not to poke them into the terms of their own offer, and the show with GENTOO did not take place.

We finish with the lyrics, move on to practice:

As I understand it, this is the top configuration possible for this line. Screen 120 hertz.

Penguin’s Choice

To be honest, I did not consider the camp of Archey and Fedor with RH, because. I am much more familiar with the Debian branch, and for a home device this is critical, because. I want to use the device and not waste time on unforeseen situations. Here I ran into the following problem: The WiFi and Bluetooth module is too fresh. It just doesn’t work on long-term support versions of distributions (they are more stable, but less recent). Clearly, we follow the path of least resistance, install the latest Ubuntu 21.04

Installation and first start

Thanks to the (Read in that whisper) ssd, the system installed in less time than I could pour myself a cup of tea. The video driver was picked up right away (do not forget to allow the installation of non-free drivers in the installer), all wireless interfaces too. But the fly in the ointment fell here. Two spoons:

  • The screen brightness refuses to be adjusted, it is always maximum.
  • Economy mode does not work. Iron is always ready for exploits.

These two problems have a negative impact on autonomy. On the other hand, this is a gaming laptop, and two hours should be enough to run from one outlet to another. Yes, and it will probably be fixed at 21.10. In general, you don’t look like a couple with this. (It weighs, by the way, 2 kg WITHOUT a power supply)


The top cover passes the Apple test. What can not be said about the touchpad. It is impossible to play with it, and during sweaty rinks we often get a false alarm due to the position of the left hand. So F10 will help you. The bluish backlight has 3 levels: Off, medium, maximum. In my opinion, the average level is good in all situations.

The keys have a pleasant stroke and do not stick. they have a different problem, like the whole laptop. HE IS VERY MARKED. There will always be prints on it (unless you are a dried-up animated corpse). A small number of USB ports will not please fans of hardcore simulators. You cannot connect a lot of peripherals without hubs. About the noise of the cooling system, I would argue, but maybe it’s just that my house is too quiet.

But he has requirements for the location. This is not a typewriter. During gaming sessions, it heats up quite noticeably, and you can’t hold it on your knees. + to everything, keeping it on your knees will block the only intake port, which will adversely affect cooling. By the way, I do not advise touching the power supply after a couple of hours of playing if you have delicate skin … It is very hot.

The screen is good… until it comes to dark scenes. There are highlights in the corners, but if you play something bright and cheerful, then there will be no problems. The colors are quite rich and pleasing. Viewing angles are good too. I am not fond of photography, so I won’t name any super nuances. I like.


The game for which everything was started. The kind of game you can play forever. The game that unites and quarrels people. That game, for the continuation of which mobility is required so that the teammates do not go anywhere. The game that most other titles bow their heads to. A game worthy of the best gaming hardware:

Flawless picture and performance. HOM 3.

Well, something more mainstream. Images can be opened in full size by clicking on them.

World of Warcraft

Works through Vulkan + Wine (I didn’t pick anything myself. Installation is automatic through Lutris)

Ardenweald walks from 65 to 100
Oribos does not walk … practically
Stormwind from 95
Up to 120 as advertised
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Works through Vulkan. Native Linux version on Steam.

Everything is the same, but according to the game itself
League of Legends

Works through Vulkan + Wine (I didn’t pick anything myself. Installation is automatic through Lutris)

With a lock on 120 frames. The matrix still won’t give out any more.
The video driver counter is at the top left. Game counter top right.
Age of Empires 2: DE

Compatibility Tool — Steam PROTON

PROTON 5.0 Dancing around 45 frames. (if you look closely in the upper left corner you can see)
PROTON Experimental. Around 55 frames.

Doesn’t work at all. Anti-cheat freaks out and does not allow the system to do its job.

Genshin impact

The same problem. on the login screen it gives 120 frames, and then you get nothing, except for the departure from the server.


Yes, there will be no particular conclusions. I got a gaming laptop that can run most games without crazy DRMs and anti-cheats. Yes, and saved 10k on a Windows license. There is also the thought that Gaben (with his portable) does not need so much to negotiate with game developers. Yes, not even with game developers, but with DRM developers. And there is only one deal. Their defenses should not hysteria on WINE. All agreement.


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