The biggest sale of the year is a great time to upgrade your TV to 4K and save on it. Let’s take a look at popular 4K smart TVs with good discounts and fast delivery.

TCL 55p615 is the most popular 4K TV

2000 orders with great reviews. TCL is a solid Chinese brand.

This 55″ 4K model boasts Android P-based firmware, 4K support, WiFi 2.4g Bluetooth 5.0

On board 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of permanent memory, that is, enough to install many applications.

By the way, this TV has the ability to download its application to a smartphone and use it as a control panel.

With the promotional code DBSS5000 and a coupon (we take it under the price), the price tag will be 27990r.

Xiaomi TV

This TV boasts only 32 inches diagonal (which is also appropriate for a kitchen or cottage). But this is Xiaomi with full support for all the functions familiar to smart TVs. The memory here is 1 + 8, and you can’t run 4K without a prefix.

With the seller’s coupon and promo code 1111SHOUT, the price tag should drop to 17400 rubles.

Samsung ue50tu7100uxru

If the TV for you is only Samsung, then here is a good and popular smart TV with a large diagonal and 4K resolution. It is worth noting the extremely thin bezels around the screen and the declared support for the HDR10 + standard!

It is built on the basis of the native Samsung Tizen OS, carries on board more than enough 2GB of RAM for the TV (there is no data on permanent memory) and allows you to count on the combination of excellent picture and reliability familiar to Samsung. Of course, everything else is there — Wi-Fi, bluetooth, applications

With promo code 1111FORU the price will be 36800r

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55

A more powerful and advanced version of the above TV. Here you get 55 diagonal, 2 + 8GB of memory and the ability to watch 4K without a set-top box.

Everything else is the same. Good rich colors, bluetooth \ wi-fi, applications are the standard for modern smart TV.

With a seller’s coupon for 10000 rubles and promo code 1111FORU, the price tag should be 36800 rubles

Oled TV 65 «LG oled65gxrl . Everything to the maximum: price, discount, diagonal

Exceptionally expensive, thin, functional and large TV, which at the 11.11 sale will be able to snatch at a huge discount (a quick search shows that it is not exaggerated). If you’re looking for the ultimate, then this is it.

65″ diagonal, 4K@120P decoder, 10bit, 10bit (of course), parental control, AirPlay 2, 100Hz screen refresh rate, HDR, atmospheric backlight,. For this price you get the maximum possible. The sound is powerful. Subwoofer: 20W, 10W per channel)

OLED screen gives maximum color vibrancy.

On sale, it will drop in price from 281754 to 184990 + you can use the promotional code 1111FUN for 4200 rubles.

I hope this collection has helped you save some money. And … rest your eyes


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