Unfortunately, the world has changed drastically over the past couple of years, and some industries have grown stronger as a result. Among them, of course, online work, online education.

Many brands were forced to actively rebuild and adjust, and, in fact, with what they had, in order to remain interesting, useful and in demand. Among them is, of course, Neolab with its Smartpen line of accessories.

In general, traditionally, I want to tell you one story.

Smart Class Kit

Somewhere towards the end of the outgoing year, an interesting novelty appeared in the Neo assortment. As I already said, it was assembled almost from ready-made material, so, in fact, a well-known, sought-after set is waiting for us in the box, which was slightly expanded with accessories and slightly “cut” with software.

Waiting for you inside

Neosmartpen DIMO smart pen, A4 notepad, metal tablet, paper “control panel”, anti-slip Velcro and two replaceable rods: classic and metal, battery.

The centerpiece of the set remains the NeoSmartpen DIMO smart pen — this is the youngest model in the current range, and by and large it is well known to users.

It has a number of interesting solutions, among which it seems to me especially convenient that it runs on an AAA battery, and not on a built-in battery, that is, if it runs out during operation, you can simply replace the battery.

In general, this is just a good illustration of how rapid changes and easy repositioning gave the market a new product with virtually no new iron developments. Good case!

But if nothing has changed, you ask, why talk about it?

In fact, there are several features that are closed to this particular set. Firstly, this is a set right away, it works out of the box, you don’t need to buy additional notebooks, because one of them is already in the kit. Moreover, he is quite plump, so for some time he will definitely be enough.

Secondly, it adds features coded for the Paper Tube app, which is streamed as an app for online lessons. These features are associated with a “tablet”, or functional sheet, which has not been seen before and is not found / sold separately.

How it works

To begin with, I would like to recall the classic version. Strictly speaking, I even recorded something like unpacking, where some things may seem more visual.

So, the classic version is that the pen recognizes its proprietary markup, which is applied to sheets of paper, and fixes, remembers and saves everything written in the application. The scanner is conveniently integrated under the rod, so it does not cause any unnatural movements.

A kind of trick is that the sheets have their own specific order, which the pen also remembers. That is, all records are formed in your applications sequentially, so it will not be possible to clear the same sheet for further work. On the one hand: this is logical, because most likely, if you write something, then it is important for you, and you would like to understand where it is. On the other hand, there are also critics of such a system. For some of them, it was once proposed to print templates for free (and this still works).

Others, perhaps, may be interested in the functional sheet, about which a few words below.

Few words

In this edition, the pen has two complete refills: a regular refill, a ballpoint refill, and a metal refill, sort of like a stylus.

They differ in tips and in that one leaves traces of ink on paper, and the second does not =) In general, do not confuse. The metal rod just closes the need to work with a functional sheet.

Looking ahead, an ordinary rod, of course, will also write on it, verified. But he will leave traces, and this will greatly violate the aesthetics. So…

Firstly, this sheet is an opportunity to work without paper. And this is well suited just for some online lectures and demonstrations. Let’s say you need to supplement some slide with a visual comment — please.

Secondly, this sheet has a control panel, with which you can perform certain functions without touching the smartphone, so that it does not look like in my photo, simply by bringing the rod to the “button”.

This is quite an interesting and entertaining experience, which, however, requires some getting used to. But the place where you want to draw something is determined by the point on the display, that is, you understand where you will make a mark.


Everything is more or less simple here. Neo has always had a few pen apps developed, but one of them has been overshadowed anyway. The Paper Tube (PaperTube) application is not accidentally in tune with video hosting. It was created just so that you could record some of your videos, along the way commenting on something with text. It looks like this.

You are allotted here in the lower left corner, and in the center there is a space for notes. You can record by clicking on the central red button on top, or on a special sign on the functional sheet. Then the application will ask if it is necessary to save the record, show how much it weighs.

In general, I recorded a lecture, uploaded it all. The work is done.

The new version of the product, Smart Class Kit, offers two options for working with this application. Both are accessible from the home screen.

And here everything is literally «epic». Go left — notebook — you can work using only a paper notebook. Right — material — you can choose any picture from the gallery (even a white sheet) to use a metal functional sheet. In general — room for maneuver.

But not only

Traditionally, the DIMO pen, like everyone else, supports work in the main application — Neo Studio. Here you can also draw, save, and so on. The only thing is that the ability to use the functional panel has been cut.

And, finally, it is worth adding that now the pens also work with a PC, right online. A special website Gridaboard has been created for this purpose. The pen is connected directly to the device:

After that, you will need a sheet of paper notebook to keep notes.

A small summary

  • As for me, this is an interesting product, including as a case. When production stopped, there were interruptions with components, many were unavailable or sick, Neo made a creative move, worked hard, packed up, finished a little software, released flat metal sheets, launched advertising and — voila!
  • Positioning — to match the time when the lion’s share of our workers, educational activities takes place online — is very logical. A couple of «indulgences» for those who do not like to buy notebooks — please. And the output is a new project, in a good prestigious box as a gift.
  • Here, in Russia, smart pens are traditionally associated with business accessories, so no one has forgotten about the former more, shall we say, stylish models, so the project did not come to the detriment.

For those who want to see the entire range of NeoSmartpen (and this, by the way, is a good gift for the upcoming February 23), I recommend the official website. The Smart Class Kit is featured both there and on Ozon.

I thank you all for your attention, all the best!


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