Onyx Boox continues
delight with their new products: today a 7.8-inch reader with
Nova Air 2 stylus, which perfectly performs not only the role of a book, but also a notebook.
The novelty received an update of the hardware and software platform.

It has a lightweight and durable magnesium alloy body with a thickness of only 6.3 mm. 7.8 inch
The E Ink Carta Plus display recognizes both finger and stylus touches. With help
the latter, you can draw, make notes directly in the text, edit
documents, as well as automatically converting handwritten text into printed text. Backlight
Flicker-free MOON Light 2 allows you to adjust the color temperature, and
SNOW Field technology significantly reduces the number of artifacts in partial
update. Thanks to the use of software dithering, the user sees non-standard
16, but 256 shades of gray, which greatly affects the quality of the illustrations. Screen
covered with Asahi protective glass.

the platform is built on an 8-core Snapdragon processor
662 (2 GHz) with 3 GB of RAM: the interface does not slow down, but opening
even «heavy» files takes no more than 5 s. Built-in memory here 32
GB and no microSD support.
Of the wireless interfaces, there is a dual-band Wi-Fi 5 module, as well as Bluetooth
5.0. Built-in stereo speakers let you listen to audiobooks and
The microphone allows you to take voice notes. USB Type-C port supports
OTG function. The built-in 2000 mAh battery will last for several weeks of use.

The software supports not only most popular text formats, but
and with comics, images and audio files. The Split View function gives
the ability to display two applications simultaneously on one screen. The Neo Reader 3.0 utility allows you to translate words and
snippets of text, convert text to speech, look up definitions in Wiktionary
and much more. The local operating system is based on Android 11,
therefore, the user has access to an almost endless database of applications from

in a white case is already available at a price of $320. Separately, you can
purchase a branded magnetic case in three colors: silver, green or


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