Smart wearable electronics are becoming more and more popular and more and more penetrating to the masses. Recently, their functionality is approximately the same, so almost any smart watch or bracelet has some basic functionality that is enough for most users. For example, I have enough notifications about calls / messages, an alarm clock and the clock itself. I’ve already played with the rest. But this does not mean at all that if I don’t need it, then others don’t need it. Let’s take a closer look at the smart watch Digma Smartline T7, which can do all of the above and much more than that.


  • Specifications
  • Packaging, appearance and equipment
  • Exploitation
  • Outcome


Model Digma Smartline T7
Type smart watch
OS support iOS 8.2 and above, Android 4.4 and above
Control type touch, electronic
Screen IPS 1.54″ resolution 240×240
Bluetooth version 5.0LE
Degree of protection IP67
Functions Fitness tracker, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitor, weather forecast, alarm clock, physical activity monitoring, voice call, blood oxygen level sensor, camera remote control, call and message notification, thermometer
Capsule size 38.6*44.1*12.1mm
The weight 57 g with bracelet, 39 g capsule

Packaging, appearance and equipment

The box of the device is compact, light and durable, with high-quality printing.

Basic knowledge about the device can be easily found out by twisting it in your hands. Color image, features and specifications in Russian, fully describe the capabilities of the watch. Inside, everything is neatly packed, the bracelet is disconnected.

The watch is made of metal, which is why it is pleasantly weighty. Personally, I am pleased to hold a heavy, but small thing in my hands, for example, a large ring that is not hollow, a processor, a good flashlight. There is something in this. The watch is a permanent wear item, so it will be weighed, some people are very sensitive to the weight on their hand. The classic shape is a rectangle with rounded corners. The general appearance is also classic, no matter what they invent, they always return to something familiar in the form of round or rectangular shapes. The front and most part is occupied by a square screen. Right end

The bracelet strap is silicone, black. The strap is the most common, I have already met a similar mount, but it is possible just like that, because there may be differences in the little things that you can only find with a caliper or with a head-on comparison. It can be attached to the watch in two ways: correctly and incorrectly. Correctly you need to fix so that the locks are of course inside.

The package also included instructions and a charging cable. It is magnetic, it holds well, but if it falls off the table, the watch will fly off.

The instruction is printed in detail and in Russian. From it you can fully learn about the functions and capabilities of the watch.


First of all, we charge the watch, since this can be done easily and simply, and most importantly, without pulling out the capsules from the bracelet. To work, we need the V-Band application, it is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Download, install and run. The good news is that the application does not need a separate account and just needs to link devices. After starting, we get to the main menu, which has 3 sections: statistics, device and profile.

The statistics show your steps, calories, heart rate, temperature, and more.

In the «Device» section, you can link the watch to your smartphone and set it up. You can choose a watch face, which notifications to show, set alarms, control the camera, and update the firmware. There is also the “Other Settings” submenu where you can set reminders to drink or move, set the time format to 12/24 hours, and also find the clock by sending a signal to them, as a result of which they will begin to vibrate and glow on the screen.

In the profile, you can fill in personal information and a goal in the form of a number of steps.

Those. we have a quite typical application for a smart watch or bracelet that collects statistics about your activity, sends notifications, as well as some other parameters and features. In addition to the application, it is possible to configure some settings from the watch itself.

For all the time of using there were no problems with losing the connection of the watch, once the application just hung and that’s it. This was the only case in 3 weeks.

The watch itself has rich functionality. The pressure, heart rate, and temperature sensors work well and are almost identical to medical devices. However, these smart watches are not smart watches and therefore cannot be used to determine the state of health. In the “tracking sleep, heart rate, pressure, temperature, notifications” mode, the watch lasted exactly a week, which was a kind of surprise for me, I expected 3-4 days. There is a function to activate the screen when you raise your hand, ie. if you raise your hand, they will show the time.

Magnetic charging is convenient, just hook it on and the charging process starts, which lasts about an hour and a half.

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A good budget watch with very rich functionality and good autonomy. The watch is comfortable to wear, the silicone strap does not rub, but does not breathe, so you should pay attention to hygiene. The accuracy of the vital sign sensors is very good and quite accurate in conveying the picture of health, which is confirmed by medical devices. However, you cannot fully rely on smart watches, not for that they are needed. In general, a solid device that can be a good gift for a person who wants to get acquainted with wearable electronics and begins to form his “Wishlist”.


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