A handy tool for those who grow a lot of plants at home or in a greenhouse, when you are already tired of processing by hand, and a 20-liter bag is still redundant


The box went well during delivery, by some miracle everything inside turned out to be intact

The set includes a container made of elastic plastic, atomizer, charging cable, instructions and three spare o-rings. The degree of spraying is adjusted by turning the nozzle, the activation button is in its usual place. There are two operating modes: liquid supply while the button is pressed and constant supply when double-pressed, switched off by a short press

At the back is a charge indicator and a microUSB connector for charging, covered with a silicone plug.

At the base there is a sealing gum that prevents liquid from flowing out of the tank, a valve is placed in the center to equalize the pressure inside the tank. A filter with small holes is installed at the end of the intake tube, which additionally plays the role of a weight

An o-ring is installed on the outlet tube, which prevents leakage through the thread. Three more rings are included in the kit in case the first one frays. The spray mechanism is classic, there are two holes on the sides through which liquid is supplied and exits under pressure through the nozzle

The volume of the container is one liter, 900 ml of them are allocated for the base, and 100 ml for reagents, so that you can quickly select the desired concentration of the solution from 2 to 8%

If the nozzle is fully screwed on, the spray is uniform, fine, without “spitting”

In 30 seconds, the pump pumps 100 ml of liquid, that is, the performance is 200 ml / min

To test autonomy, I fully charged the battery, poured a liter of water and let the pump rest for a couple of minutes between refills. The initial results upset me a little, because. the first division of the indicator went out after one liter, the second after two more, I thought the battery would last 5-6 liters. But then the atomizer got a second wind and the third division went out right after pumping out 9.5 liters. The last bar began to flash, and the engine sound became lower, and the performance dropped to 170ml / min, hinting that 10 liters is most likely the ceiling.

But no, I had to fill up about 10 more times, for a total of more than 19 liters before the engine stopped.

The charge current was 300 mAh, 1100 mAh flooded, most likely the battery capacity is about 1200 mAh

For those who are not enough pictures and animation, I found a short video


As I wrote above, this sprayer should appeal to those who have several pots of flowers on each window at home or a small greenhouse in the area, where you can’t drag a satchel, but you can’t shake the lever with your hands. The capacity for a compact device is normal, there are notches for calculating the concentration, one charge is enough to spray almost 20 liters of liquid. The only negative is the lack of stabilization and, as a result, a stupid charging indicator, because. the subject on the last flashing division is able to work as much as on the first three.

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