Philips TAUT 102 BK wireless headphones. The only thing that fits small ears. In the review, photos, characteristics, opinion after operation.

Previously, I published a review of a Bluetooth headset for my wife (you can read it at the link). As a result, these seemingly attractive «nuts» became a gift.


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The headset from China did not fit, the look on the female ear is not attractive. Urgently went to the local chain store «DNS». From the offers on the showcase of goods, I liked these little headphones. Size played a major role in the choice. April 2021 price $230.


Type of acoustic design closed
Emitter membrane diameter 6 mm
Minimum repeatable frequency 20 Hz
Maximum playback frequency 20,000 Hz
Resistance 16 ohm
Number of emitters on each side 1
Emitter type dynamic
Microphone eat
Bluetooth version 5.0
Wireless range 10 m
Headphone battery capacity 40 mAh
Case battery capacity 320 mAh

In the original box is a black oval case. On the front is an indicator of four lamps that glow depending on the level of charge. The case itself is pleasant to the touch, weighs 26 grams with headphones inside. It looks like a strong plastic, the parts fit snugly together. The case snaps into place with a characteristic dull sound. Inside there are two headphone jacks «L» and «R». The headphones themselves are also in black, they are attracted to the connectors by a magnet, so there is no need to adjust anything, they fly tightly into the case themselves. On the back of the case there is a socket for the charging cable.


Each headphone has one button. The device is turned on by pressing the buttons for 3 seconds. Then find on the phone bluetooth called «Philips UT102». Next, pairing occurs within a couple of seconds, hear the word «connected». Of the declared 2.5 hours, in fact the headphones are enough for 1.5 hours of operation. Not much compared to a mono headset. The case itself charges in an hour, and the headphones in 15 minutes. The charge of the case is enough for 3-4 cycles. There is no noise reduction, in addition to the voice of the interlocutor, you hear everything that happens around, so we will attribute this to the minuses. The headphones sound good, and the closed acoustic type isolates from the outside world. The device in the auricle sits tightly and does not fall out no matter how hard you try.


So, the headphones perform the function, they work with a bang. The earphones are small compared to all the ones in the DNS storefront. The sound is clear and the fit is tight. Suitable for playing sports with pleasant music. Purchased for comfortable communication on the phone, but they do not cope with this task. Due to the lack of noise reduction. No, not that there are extra noises, but because you can hear the sounds around the interlocutor. More annoying is the frequent discharge of the headphones. There may be problems with this model, but there is nothing to compare with yet. All good. Leave additions in the comments.

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