Prestigio collaborated with Clevetura for a year on a notebook project based on TouchOnKeys™ technology. This is the world’s first laptop with a huge touchpad built into the keys. It will go on sale this year.

In the process of creating new items, developments from the patent portfolio of Clevetura LLC were used. Especially for this model, Clevetura has developed a unique second generation TouchOnKeys™ keyboard module with an improved touch function. More than 10 patent applications have been filed to protect this technology.

Ivan Malmygo, Head of Prestigio Consumer:
“This is not our first project with Clevetura. Previous TouchOnKeys™ projects, the Click&Touch and Click&Touch 2 multimedia keyboards, received Red Dot Design Awards in 2020 and 2021. These products have already successfully entered the markets of Europe and Japan. We are pleased with our collaboration and continue our fruitful cooperation.”

Mike Krupenkov, CEO of Clevetura:
“The TouchOnKeys™ laptop experience is more efficient than conventional laptops because you don’t have to constantly move your hand to a separate touchpad. Less distractions, more efficiency. There is no need to adapt and change habits — gestures in TouchOnKeys ™ are the same as on the touchpad. I am sure that the user will appreciate the new Prestigio model, the world’s first laptop without a separate touchpad, because it is no longer needed.

The new powerful 14″ laptop powered by Intel processor is a premium model for those who follow trends and prefer the most technological devices. The laptop can be used for work, study or entertainment. But most importantly, it’s a completely unique experience.
At the heart of the notebook is TouchOnKeys™ technology, which complements the keyboard with touchpad functionality. Thus, the touchpad no longer takes up a separate place and becomes much larger, taking up almost the entire area of ​​​​the keyboard. Work becomes more comfortable: all input devices in one place, right at your fingertips.

The built-in touchpad automatically switches between typing and touch modes, thanks to smart gesture recognition technology. At the same time, the keys have a scissor mechanism with a comfortable stroke of 1.2 mm, and pressing is felt like on a conventional keyboard.
Using the touchpad-keyboard, you can move the cursor and objects on the screen, scroll pages, resize them, control the volume and brightness of the screen. Adjustable backlighting of the keys helps to adapt to any lighting.

The model is expected to go on sale in September 2021.


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