Pros and cons of Poco X3 Pro. User review of the people’s smartphone

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Today I will talk about the pros and cons of the Poco X3 Pro smartphone, which has a cool Snapdragon 860 processor, super fast UFS 3.1 memory and a capacious 5160 mAh battery. Finally, I got a smartphone with a 120 Hz IPS screen. This will be a user review listing subjective pluses and objective minuses, and not an advertising sheet, as during the start of sales.

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Video review is below. You can see the performance in games and the operation of the fingerprint scanner.


Screen 6.67″ IPS 120Hz 1080*2400. Touch 240 Hz. Protective glass Gorilla Glass 6.
CPU Snapdragon 860 7nm. Cores 1×2.96 GHz Kryo 485 Prime + 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 485 Gold + 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 485 Silver, LiquidCool technology 1.0
Videos accelerator Adreno 640
Memory 6 GB RAM, 128 GB UFS3.1 built-in
OS Android 11 MIUI 12.0.1
Battery 5160 mAh
fast charging 33 W
Camera 48 MP Sony IMX582, f/1.79, 8 MP f/2.2, 119˚ ultra wide, 2 MP f/2.4 macro, 2 MP f/2.4 depth. Front camera 20 MP, f/2.2
Notification indicator There is
Sensors NFC, infrared

Immediately on the box there is an EAC inscription, that is, the smartphone is intended for our region. Included is an unfilled warranty card and instructions in Russian. The film on the smartphone is also in Russian. They didn’t follow the lead of top brands and put in a 33W fast charge. Inside is a white type-c cable for charging and file transfer and a transparent silicone case. The 5160 mAh battery is charged quickly:

  • 10 minutes -20%
  • 25 minutes — 50%
  • 100% in 1 hour 8 minutes

The body of the smartphone is made of plastic. Gorilla Glass 6 is used to protect the screen. The display is 6.67″ in size with a resolution of 10080*2400. An IPS matrix with a frequency of 120 Hz is installed, but in the settings you can change it to 60 Hz to save battery power or set 90 Hz through a special application. 240Hz touch-to-touch, so games respond remarkably to touch. Brightness is 450 nits.

Viewing angles are good. On the street, the brightness of the screen is enough to see all the information. Glows a little brighter when automatic adjustment according to lighting is selected compared to manual. In the dark, reading from the screen is comfortable due to the really low brightness. The eyes do not go blind and do not get tired, but it is still harmful to read in the dark.

In my reviews, I check the quality of the screen for the presence of pulsation that is harmful to the eyes. I took measurements at the maximum, average and minimum allowable brightness level for the device and in all cases the ripple coefficient is normal. Additionally declared in accordance with the tüv rheinland certification: there is eye protection against blue screen radiation.

To navigate through the firmware of the smartphone, use the buttons below. In the settings, you can turn it off and replace it with gesture control.

The front camera shoots 1080p video at 30 frames. This is my first smartphone that has such a cutout in the screen itself, but after an hour I stopped paying attention to it. Under the grill is one of the stereo speakers. The speaker is loud and can be heard well both to you and to others. Therefore, you have to be quieter during a conversation. The notification indicator was placed extremely unsuccessfully. It is deep in the case and therefore, at large angles, it is simply invisible. The glow color is white.

On the left side is a tray for two nano sims or one nano sim and a memory card. Supports micro sd up to 1 TB. The Poco X3 Pro meets the IP53 standard of protection, so the tray is equipped with a rubber seal. On the opposite side, there is a volume rocker and a power button, which has a built-in fingerprint scanner. The scanner works quickly and there were no problems for the entire time of use. The operation of the scanner can be seen in the video review.

The back cover of the Poco X3 Pro is made of plastic and collects a lot of fingerprints. The manufacturer applied a huge catchy inscription Poco, which looks alien and out of place. The only way to get rid of it is to use a case. This is no longer the case in Poco F3 (catch promo code 5POSYD)

In the upper part there is a block of cameras, which protrudes well beyond the body. The main module is 48 MP. For macro and scene depth, 2MP modules and an 8MP wide-angle module of 119 degrees are used. The LED flash is normal, in the dark it allows you to illuminate well and take decent photos. Video in 4K shoots at 30 frames per second, but there are micro friezes. I’ll also add that on firmware 12.0.1, when shooting a concert during loud music, then solid cods are heard on playback. People with firmware from the EU and Indonesia regions say that this has already been fixed on their firmware 12.0.6. An example with video shooting in the video review.

At the top end to control the equipment, the manufacturer has placed an infrared port. At the bottom we have a type-c connector, an audio jack, a microphone and a second stereo speaker.

Operating system and performance

The smartphone is based on Android 11 and the proprietary shell MIUI 12. I have a Poco X3 Pro smartphone with Russian firmware and the current version is 12.0.1. At the time of writing this review, this is the latest current version. On the forum they say that updates in Russian firmware do not come so quickly, so it makes sense to unlock the bootloader and flash the smartphone to EU. As long as I stay as it is. I liked that the dark theme fully works. Many are interested in the possibility of recording a conversation. Yes, there is such a function in Poco X3 Pro, but it warns with a voice that the recording of the conversation has begun and both interlocutors hear it. Unnecessary applications in the form of casual games, Netflix and google movies can be removed. There is a radio and a large number of advertising, which you can try to turn off as much as possible in just a couple of minutes. There were no serious freezes and reboots for the entire time of using the smartphone. Applications load quickly and switching between active ones is instantaneous. I have a flash drive with a type-c connector and the phone detected it without problems.

I chose Poco X3 Pro not only because of the productive hardware, but also because of the 120 Hz IPS screen. But if you want to reduce battery consumption, you can always switch to 60 Hz in the settings. Through the SetEdit application, you can set a compromise of 90 Hz.

Iron for its price set really cool. Responsible for the performance Snapdragon 860, which is made on a 7 nm process technology. In Antutu version 9, it scores 557,000 points, and in 8.4 — 490,000. Adreno 640 is responsible for the graphics. I chose a model with 6 GB of RAM, but there is also 8 GB. The built-in memory here is fast UFS 3.1 with a capacity of 128 GB, and the speed characteristics can be seen below in the screenshots, but the reading is impressive. Wi-fi module is used dual-band. I tested it at 5GHz with my tariff plan up to 100 Mbps and gives an average of 83-85 Mbps. In the first reviews, people showed screenshots from the CPU throttling test, in which the Poco X3 Pro reset the processor frequencies due to heating, but everything was done smartly here. The throttling test must be run through the game accelerator. Then the productive mode starts and a normal picture without red slides is obtained.

There are security keys and widevine L1, so high-definition Netflix will start.

Photo and video opportunities

Poco X3 Pro became my main smartphone after Honor 9 and I like the camera. It conveys more details and displays colors more correctly. I tried to make more shots from everyday life in various conditions. The flash is good, it allows you to normally illuminate the frame in low light. The text photographs well. With a sufficient amount of daylight and artificial light, a lot of detail is obtained in the photo. If you are not going to crop on 60″ TVs, then it will suit you. 4K video records at 30 frames, and 1080 at 30 and 60. You can choose H264 or H265 codecs, which compresses the video more and weighs less. An example of video shooting can be viewed in the video review at the beginning of the article. On the frame with the swan, you can see that after the start of the recording, microfreezes appear, twitching of the frame. I hope this will be fixed with a firmware update. Another unpleasant situation is a crackling sound when playing a video that was recorded with loud background music. It also remains to wait for updates.

With flash in low light

Photo in total darkness.

Demonstration of a wide angle, standing in one place.

Multimedia, games, autonomy

If you are a gamer, then this smartphone is definitely for you. There is a 120 Hz screen and powerful hardware. Genshin Impact plays very comfortably after all the tablets that I had on the review. On ultra settings in the fields around 50 frames, but in the city 35-45 and sometimes it can drop lower. In tanks I set high settings and downloaded HD textures. I have never seen below 60 fps during the hottest battles. In PUBG mobile, it’s the same: you run on ultras and punish everyone in a row. I did not notice any serious frame failures — everything is fine. Recently got hooked on Call Of Duty. I used the settings Very high and the maximum number of frames per second. The game is moving fast. Everything is loaded momentarily without glitches. The Poco X3 Pro lacks strong heating of the case so that it cannot be held in hands.

On youtube through the official app, the video plays smoothly. Checked the work in 4K with HDR. When activating resolution with HDR, the difference is really visible and the colors become more saturated. IPTV launched through IPTV Pro. Channels go, switch. Didn’t notice any problems. To watch movies I use HD videobox in conjunction with Torrserve Matrix. I launch a torrent so as not to watch ads once again and enjoy watching. Examples can be viewed in the video review at the beginning of the article.

A full charge of the battery in my use is enough for 2 days for sure. At maximum brightness and a 120 Hz screen while watching youtube via 5 GHz wi-fi lasted almost 10 hours. In Call of Duty, everything is the same, but through 4G and an hour of play it took 18% of the battery charge. I did not notice a strong drop in charge overnight. The only thing is that the statistics on the use of applications shows incorrectly.

After using the smartphone with Aliexpress for a long time, I took out the following disadvantages of the Poco X3 Pro. First, poor water protection IP53. Secondly, the notification indicator is poorly visible at an angle. Application usage statistics are displayed incorrectly. I hope that with the release of updates they will fix the twitching picture when shooting video in 4K and the crackling in videos that were recorded against the background of loud music will disappear.

The pros of Poco X3 Pro for me personally are as follows. Cool IPS 120 Hz screen. AMOLED screens with PWM were not initially considered as the main smartphone. A capacious 5160 mAh battery charges in almost 1 hour. There is an audio jack, and for music lovers there is also HiRes on board. The stereo speakers are loud and sound good. And, of course, there is powerful productive hardware in the form of Snapdragon 860 and fast UFS 3.1 memory.

Neutral moments: weight, thickness, plastic back cover.

I think that up to $250 this is now the best smartphone with Aliexpress in mid-2021. It has strengths and weaknesses, which I hope will be fixed with the release of firmware updates. More reviews on interesting gadgets in my profile. Subscribe to telegram to always be the first to receive notifications about super discounts on goods from Aliexpress. If you have any questions, please ask and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.


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