Smart bracelets are popular devices that are in demand among both athletes and average users. Smart bracelets help track the dynamics of physical exercises throughout the day, and such devices can also measure the pulse and oxygen content in the blood. And in this publication, I will review one interesting smart bracelet model in the budget price segment.

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Brief specifications

  • Heart rate measurement: yes
  • Measurement of O2 level in blood: yes
  • Ability to answer calls: yes
  • Sports modes: running, jumping rope, rocking the press.
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Dimensions: 15.6*48.5*19.7mm
  • Weight: 21.5g

The device comes in a regular inexpensive package made of thin cardboard, the package includes a silicone strap, a charging cable, instructions, and the smart bracelet itself. I note right away that the bracelet has a number of scratches in the photo, they arose during operation, since at the time of taking the photo, the bracelet was used for more than 6 months.

The instruction is printed in Chinese and English. But, in my opinion, it is practically not needed, except for the presence of a QR code for downloading a mobile application.

The charging cable is made in the form of a docking station into which the main module of the bracelet is inserted. It is worth noting that the device sits very tightly in the docking station, and if the main module of the bracelet is removed abruptly, the station may be damaged, so this procedure should be done carefully.

While charging, the display of the device shows the charge indicator, as well as the current time.

Also, it is worth adding that the device is very tightly inserted into the silicone bracelet, but unlike the charging dock, in this case this is a plus. The device module is fixed tightly and securely, and the bracelet itself is stretched, and nothing threatens its integrity.

It should be said right away that the bracelet allows you to answer calls, for this it is equipped with a speaker and a microphone. In this bracelet model, this function is fully functional, but despite the loud and clear speaker, the device does not have a very good microphone, and the interlocutor may not hear you well, especially in noisy places. However, this functionality can be used to quickly answer calls.

On the back of the device, in addition to the speaker, there are terminals for charging, as well as a sensor for taking heart rate readings.

The weight of the bracelet is only 21.5 grams, and the device also has the following overall dimensions: 15.6 * 48.5 * 19.7 millimeters.

The device does not have a touch screen, all manipulations are carried out using a single touch button. A short press on this button scrolls through the menu, and with a long press, you can select the desired item.

The main screen of the bracelet has two dials, one of which, in my opinion, is overly childish and uninformative.

The main menu of the device has the following sections: state, bpm, sports, message, more, dual mode.

In the «state» section, you can see the steps taken and the distance for the current day, and the burned calories are also displayed in this section.

In the «bpm» menu section, you can measure the current heart rate. Also, the device shows the approximate content of oxygen in the blood, and pressure. Pressure indicators are more of a marketing ploy, since such devices do not have the functionality to measure such parameters of the human body.

In the «sports» section, you can select one of the proposed modes to accurately fix the number of exercises performed.

The «message» section is responsible for displaying messages. You can configure the output of messages to the smart bracelet from the mobile application.

The «more» section has a number of additional features. It is possible to remotely activate the camera, but on my smartphone this function does not turn on unless the mobile application is first launched. There is also a phone search function, when activated, the smartphone emits a beep. This function can be launched from a smartphone, in which case, a smart bracelet will already emit a sound signal. The «theme» subsection is responsible for choosing the appearance of the main screen of the device.

The remaining subsections are responsible for resetting the settings and displaying a QR code with a link to the mobile application. And the last subsection of this menu is designed to completely turn off the power to the device.

The main menu section of the device called “dual mode” is responsible for enabling synchronization between the bracelet and smartphone.

Regarding the implementation of the functionality of the device, I want to note a fairly accurate measurement of the steps taken, as well as a measurement of the pulse with slight deviations in comparison with similar devices from the Xiaomi brand. Also worth noting is the presence of a loud and clear speaker.

In terms of autonomy, the device does not require charging for about 3-4 days, but this is without intensive use of the speaker. I will also highlight the display, which is of relatively low quality, but bright enough and does not make you look closely at it in daylight.

As for the mobile application, in my opinion, it is quite practical, convenient and has good functionality. In the main menu, you can view the dynamics for the current day, you can also set and perform various tasks to develop healthy habits. In the next section of the mobile application called “device”, you can make a number of settings for displaying notifications on the bracelet, you can also activate the function to turn on the display when you raise your hand, turn on the alarm clock, and much more.

In the «sports» section, you can turn on geolocation and the application will draw your route on the map, as well as display the distance traveled and the time it took to complete the route.

You can buy here Other budget models

Identical model in different packaging

Summing up, I want to say that this is an excellent budget model of a smart bracelet with quite good functionality. This copy has been used for more than six months and I have not identified any particular shortcomings. However, when buying, it is worth remembering that you are purchasing a device in the budget segment, and you should not set too high requirements for it. Well, that’s all, dear readers, thanks for your attention, if you have any questions, I can answer them in the comments.


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