I have previously reviewed several portable laptop stands. The stand presented in today’s review differs from the previous ones in that it is intended for stationary use, as well as in that it has more ways to use it.

If suddenly someone does not know why such devices are needed, then, firstly, the stand allows you to raise the height of the laptop screen closer to eye level. And secondly, it improves the cooling of the laptop, as it increases the distance between the bottom of the laptop and the table. Well, if anyone is wondering how to print on a laptop placed high on a stand. In such cases, an external keyboard is usually used.


  • Manufacturer: Ugreen.
  • Model: LP339.
  • Stand material: Aluminum.
  • Anti-slip feet material: Silicone.
  • Compatible laptops: 13 to 17 inches.
  • Maximum load: 5kg
  • Stand weight: 1150 g.

Packaging and equipment

The stand comes in a large raw cardboard box. On the front side of the box is an outline image of the device, and on the reverse side you can find the specifications and contract data of the manufacturer. The design of the packaging looks simple — it does not really match the price and quality of the stand. There is nothing else in the box other than the stand. Which is basically logical. After all, it is not designed to be carried along with a laptop, so the case that comes with the more compact Ugreen stands is useless.


The stand looks solid. It will perfectly fit into any interior. The stand is made of high quality aluminum. The thickness of the metal panels is 3.6 mm. The design of the stand consists of two plates with a stand located between them. The rack is attached to the plates with hinges. Height adjustment is carried out due to the rotation of the lower hinge, and the upper hinge allows you to adjust the inclination of the working surface of the stand.

Top plate: Its size is 280x223x3.6 mm. There are curved protrusions on the front edge of the plate. They act as supports for the front end of the laptop. The height of the supports is 19 mm. The inside of the feet is covered with silicone insoles that protect the laptop from slipping and scratches. There are insoles similar in purpose to the working surface of the stand. There you can also find large ventilation slots designed to cool the laptop.

bottom plate: Its dimensions are 215x195x3.6 mm. On the reverse side of the plate are four L-shaped anti-slip insoles, as well as three fixing screws that hold the stand bases.

Rack: Its dimensions are 195x36x22 mm. The rack is made in the form of a rather monolithic piece of aluminum with a through hole. The hole allows you to reduce the weight of the part, and it also acts as a kind of organizer for wires — you can pull the keyboard and mouse cables through it so that they do not clutter up the table. Hole width 12.8 mm.


I use the stand with a Lenovo Legion 7 laptop. Laptop dimensions: 356x261x20-23 mm. Weight 2.5 kg. End supports securely hold the laptop, even if it is placed on a stand at a steep angle. Since this laptop has a rather large depth, the working surface of the stand is not enough to accommodate the back silicone paw of the laptop (see photo above). I don’t see a problem for myself. Firstly, a large ventilated area of ​​the stand allows you to cool the laptop well without lifting it with your paw. Secondly, wide silicone insoles on the stand protect the bottom of the laptop from scratches.

The stand is fixed in the desired position due to the rigidity of the hinges. It takes a lot of effort to get it right. But even a heavy laptop will not sit confidently on it. The disadvantage of this design is that if you adjust the stand too often, then over time the hinges can loosen. Then you have to remove the decorative circles on the hinges and tighten the fixing screw. Perhaps it would be more practical if the stand was adjusted using a design similar to that used in photo tripods (loosened the locking knob, easily adjusted the angle of inclination and twisted the knob). Well, the advantages of the design include a large range of adjustments and stepless.

Another feature of this Ugreen stand is that its height and tilt can be adjusted independently of each other. Therefore, the stand can be used not only with laptops and tablets, but also with monitors, various audio equipment, game consoles, projectors, etc.

The maximum height of the stand with a horizontal work surface is 180 mm. The maximum height of the high-angle stand is 330 mm. The hinges rotate 180 degrees. Therefore, the stand can be raised and tilted even more. But it won’t be safe


Ugreen LP309: Compatible with laptops up to 17 inches. It, like the reviewed stand, folds only in height. This design is more monolithic, but it does not allow you to make the size of the folded stand as compact as possible. Few tilt adjustments. But the stand can be slightly raised. And it is also most convenient when moving the laptop from place to place when it is on the stand.

Ugreen LP451: Compatible with laptops up to 17 inches. The most inexpensive. Lots of tilt adjustments. Compact dimensions. Well, spring-loaded supports also allow you to carry it from place to place with a laptop.

Ugreen X-Kit CM395: Compatible with laptops up to 15 inches. The most compact and technically the most advanced. The main advantage of this stand is that it is equipped with a docking station with USB ports, memory card slots and an HDMI connector.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Large range of tilt adjustment.
  • Large range of height adjustment.
  • Suitable for both small and large and heavy laptops.
  • The stand can be used with both laptops and tablets, as well as with a variety of other devices.
  • Quality materials and solid appearance.


  • Not a very comfortable adjustment.
  • For stationary use only.
  • The packaging does not match the price of the stand.

Find out the current price of the viewed stand Ugreen


A large degree of adjustment of the height and tilt of the stand will allow you to conveniently use the laptop in multi-monitor mode. Also, the stand will be useful for gamers, and when working at a coffee table. Total. Quite expensive, but high-quality stand with various usage scenarios.


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